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Other than Danny and Colleen what were things you really liked about Iron Fist?

Ah yes an ask that is going to force me to get my thoughts together. So here we go, and not in any particular order of how much I liked it. Probably won’t cover everything because I’ve only watched it once and it’s sort of a blur xD I’ll cover some main points though.

• this is gonna sound weird, but the colors. This show was a lot brighter/more vivid than the other shows (particularly dd/jj) and I just really love how they’ve used that in these shows because this really matches the show and idk I just love it

• Danny. Which I mean is obvious, but. It was just really refreshing to have a character who was more childlike and innocent and naive, who has a brighter look on things compared to the others, which I think was really needed. Danny was kind of an idiot sometimes and way too trusting but I really enjoyed watching him change from episode 1 to episode 13

• on a related note, I’m always so fascinated by the moral side of things, the arguments, the way people try to justify things and idk dude I think they did it really well here. Watching Danny, particularly as well struggle between thinking that he has to fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist but also really not wanting to be that??? Not the way he was taught, anyway, was great. And even just smaller things, like Colleen deciding to not kill Bakuto, even tho yeah in the moment she probably could have. I am v proud of her. And also on this note, Claire and that scene in the plane where she is just like “yeah you can never justify killing”. Loved that scene.

• finally getting more information about the Hand. Because in Daredevil s2, we honestly did not get a ton of information and in this show we got much more and saw a lot more of it and the different parts/groups of it and that was nice that it’s not just being left as some shadowy group that no one knows stuff about.

• might get yelled at for this, but the fight scenes?? I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they were unrealistic but guys, it’s a show about a character who has powers that make his fist light up. I think they get a little leniency here. I personally really enjoyed them.

• THE SOUNDTRACK. Cannot say enough good things about the soundtrack omg. I love how it’s vaguely like the daredevil ones but sort mashed with like. The Tron soundtrack I guess? But also with its own unique elements and almost a trippy quality sometimes and just guys I love this soundtrack. My favorite of all of them, now.

• The fact that, while I was not particularly fond of the Meachums, I couldn’t make myself hate them. Because that’s a problem I run into where the “villains” are always just not layered enough and just easy to hate. But while I didn’t love them, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their actions, their justifications, the way they work and think. I’m going to do a lot of analyzing when I watch the show again because I’m really impressed with them and how they were written.

• Colleen. Literally everything about her, but like. It wasn’t the Colleen I expected? Yeah she was tough and a colder (especially towards the beginning), but I really did not expect the sweeter and a lil softer Colleen that we got in the show. And I have exactly no complaints about it. Again, like with Danny, it was refreshing. I mean, she’s got issues but she’s not like a lot of the other female characters we’ve gotten so far in that she is kinder and softer and genuinely a good person at heart (again, she has issues, but) and I really loved that.

• this is kind of obvious, but Claire. She was a gem in this honestly. Probably my favorite appearance of her so far, since she’s been so developed now. She was hilarious but also knocked some sense into my stupid children. Also, Claire learning to fight gives me life okay.

• kind of said this earlier but want to say it again but just. How conflicted Danny is. How he’s torn between these two sides of himself, and choosing between what he was raised and taught to do and what he’s starting to believe is the actual right thing. and how he does not handle this super well, and it’s not easy for him. They wrote this really well in that he was honestly just a wreck. It got ugly sometimes. It wasn’t handled gracefully, it was messy and emotional and difficult and Danny could not have handled it on his own without Colleen and Claire. I really enjoy when they don’t try and force a character like this to deal with it and figure it out alone and I’m glad Claire was there to knock sense into him.

• Tiny note but like, all the references to characters. Daredevil, a couple times. Jessica. They even mentioned Karen and it was beautiful.

• Danny, Colleen, and Claire: the actual team up we all needed in life. Bless. All of their scenes together were great, and having Claire there to balance out the other two was wonderful. Would watch an entire show of these three working together, not gonna lie.

• Going sort of back up to what I said about the Meachums, I love that the people fighting against Danny in the show wasn’t just some creepy guy who out of the blue decided he had a problem with Danny. It was Harold, it was Ward and Joy, people he grew up with. It was Gao, it was Bakuto, it was even Davos and Colleen for a bit. Mostly people he trusted. Which made it more painful but idk I enjoyed it.

• How they handled all the stuff with Colleen. Personally think they did that well. And I’m so, so glad that they didn’t drag it out longer than necessary. It felt, pacing wise, like it worked really well. It didn’t drag it out, but it wasn’t too fast. The rain scene is always going to make me cry.

Nothing else directly comes to mind right now because I kind of just got up and my brain isn’t awake, but. To sum it up it’s a show I thoroughly enjoyed with characters that hit me pretty personally sometimes, so that was fun. Personally, I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since Daredevil, which is my favorite show. I need to watch iron fist a couple more times, but I’m positive I enjoyed it more than JJ/LC.

I just. Really love this show, guys.

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I decided to do a quick little group thingy y’know, with some characters!

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Is anyone really shocked about this season, especially the half season for captain swan? Like I thought maybe we might get a proposal at the very end of season six and maybe a quick random wedding if the show was canceled. I did not forsee however:

-2 proposals
-The Killian and Snowing scenes of them being happy for them
-Emma being totally here for it
-Killian speaking his feelings and idk why but I loved the argument, I felt like it was necessary
-Wedding Planning (Especially that)
-A musical singing dancing wedding

Let me be honest for a moment
For me Naruto could’ve ended without pairings, period. And If a pairing was really that necessary (to continue the series, next gen) i would be less disappointed if sasuke had married karin
I would actually support it, at least i could respect karin, and she had much darker connections and really comprehended what sasuke had gone through (even though she idolized him just like sakura)
Naruto should’ve married the daughter of the ramen shop man, and Hinata could’ve stayed alone or married kiba then

- @methaphoriac yeaaah i know, I was seeing a bit of it yesterday and I felt all the nostalgia hit me hard. But idk? It’s just something that bothers me about the ending, and I’m watching to see what next gen comes up with, hopefully it will be an intriguing story (and boruto is really adorable and fun). I just wished it hadn’t been so rushed :/ (and yeah, Kishi is the only one with power on it but that’s my point)
Diego Luna Filmography Exploration Part 1 of ?

Y Tu Mama Tambien
VERY GOOD MOVIE. Weird though in ways I was not expecting and the fast talking voiceover reminded me a lot of Amelie even tho this voiceover was sad while the Amelie one was like ‘there was a fly and a dog ate the fly and then the dog got hit by a car and survived and traveled to Canada.’ But overall this was a MUCH sadder movie than I expected but I enjoyed Diego and Gael Garcia Bernal immensely (I have Rudo y Cursi from the library I’m watching that tomorrow). There was a humor throughout the film but also a deep thread of bittersweetness. Maribel Verdú as Luisa was stunning and wonderful if maybe a touch unrealistic(or maybe the most patient woman on the planet idk she puts up with a lot). Overall it felt like a snapshot of a culture that I do not know very well and it was wonderful to see that captured on film.
8/10 Charolastras.

Open Range
This is a very cheesy western. Very VERY cheesy which a lot more time spent on Kevin Costner’s angst and man pain than was remotely necessary. Diego Luna has a secondary role as a field-hand? A ranch-hand? He helps Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall herd the cows. And his name is Button…why yes you heard me right, BUTTON. As in 'cute as a…’ It’s a ridiculous name but I did recently watch a movie where three brothers were named Kid, Son, and Boy, I shit you not, so there are worse names I guess? Anyway BUTTON has some cute scenes with fellow herder man Mose, played by Abraham Benrubi(look him up you will certainly recognize him from things). Button is supposed to be 16, he acts like he’s 12 and after some cute pouting and a weird scene where he is cleaning his feet???? Some shit goes down and he ends up being kind of a damsel in distress. He’s injured and spends a hefty two thirds of movie unconscious. There’s good stuff in this movie kind of? Annette Benning is a nurse and she’s kind of a badass here and there. Michael Gambon is the villanous leader of the town who just fucking HATES cow herder people so obviously shootouts and such ensue, thats most of the plot. Be warned a dog gets killed in this movie so if that turns you off anything ever skip this. Honestly the movie is worth it for me just for this scene(I hate that they are condescending on his first language but his line delivery cracks me up)
5/10 weird feet cleaning scenes.

The Terminal
This was more of a rewatch but its what made Diego Luna stick in my memory to begin with and like…this whole movie is like a cup of hot cocoa(the kind with the tiny marshmallows). It’s very cute and easy and almost comforting in its sweetness. The basic plot(for those who perhaps weren’t alive back in 2004) Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski and he hails from the fictional Eastern European country of Krakhozia(the rest of the world is the same btw this takes place in 2004 New York there’s just a tiny made up Eastern European country). And after he lands in New York with a mission to keep a family promise, Krakhozia undergoes some sort of revolution and his country is no longer recognized as a country or something? Basically his visa and passport won’t work. They can’t send him back to his country or let him into ours so he ends up living in the airport and cute shit happens. In the year 2017 this film maybe has a few minor problems. Just the general way women are written and discussed and even sweet, sweet Diego wants to break Zoe Saldana like a 'wild stallion.’ The bulk of his storyline is that he is in love with Zoe Saldana who playes Delores Torres, a security person who stamps visas and papers and things and also she’s a Trekkie ahaha this was 5 years before the first Star Trek reboot film. They put that detail in just because Saldana is a Trekkie which is great. Stanley Tucci is still my favorite and he is great in this film as the head of the airport guy who cannot stand the presence of Viktor in his precious airport. Catherine Zeta Jones is kind of a love interest for Viktor and it’s pretty contrived. Also thanks to subtitles I now know that Viktor speaks Bulgarian but there’s a scene where he is able to very easily communicate with a dude speaking Russian…I have a feeling that would not work not all. But in the end it’s a cute and charming Steven Speilberg film, so an easy recommendation for anybody else making this journey into Luna’s filmography. His role is a secondary one but he remains fairly present throughout and is very cute, even in a terrible orange jumpsuit.
8/10 fictional Eastern European countries

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
The crown jewel of Diego Luna’s filmography before Rogue One. I’m sorry I can’t hear your objections over how much I love this GARBAGE MOVIE. It’s terrible. Literally the worst and Diego Luna is so cute and charming in it please watch it immediately. Laugh at the weird postcards to Havana opening that’s so cheesy it should be removed from the history of cinema. Enjoy the whitebread love interest that’s supposed to be ANY KIND OF COMPETITION to Diego Luna’s Javier Suarez. A Cuban boy whose brother really cares about the Cuban revolution that’s happening (because this takes place in the 1950s and that was a thing that was happening), meanwhile Diego Luna just wants to DANCE. And I say let him. Watching Luna wiggle his little butt, and also dance quite competently was an unparalleled delight. Don’t expect this movie, set during the Cuban Revolution that led to Fidel Castro taking power, to have ANY OPINIONS ABOUT THAT THING…because OH LOOK ANOTHER DANCE MONTAGE. The fact that all these character’s lives will get precipitously worse after this movie ends is not even an after thought, let’s all dance to MYA INSTEAD. This movie is meant to take place during the 1950s but the soundtrack is Mya, Jazze Pha, Christina Aguilera, and The Black Eyed Peas and it’s hilarious (it does have some time and location appropriate music but they do their big dance number to MYA I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN). This movie is from 2004 but it DEFINITELY has that 90s feel to it. Not to mention the weird/dumb moments the movie just doesn’t care to deal with. There’s a sequence where Diego Luna and The Girl(played by Romola Garai from The Hour and good BBC shit) get accosted by the cops and she gets away but HE DOESN’T. Is she worried about her new love interest at all and whether he survived that run in with the cops? NOPE TIME FOR A CUTE DANCE PRACTICE MONTAGE. Then he SHOWS UP with a small bruise on his face and he too ENJOYS HER CUTE DANCE PRACTICE…this movie is terrible please watch it. The plot is literally nothing. Patrick Swayze ACTUALLY SHOWS UP FOR AN EXTENDED CAMEO WHICH IS HILARIOUS. What happened to Baby? Is she still in a corner? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. January Jones and John Slattery from Mad Men are in this which is a funny connection. Romola Garai has been good in things since this movie but there are certain scenes where she comes off as wooden or blank. After you’ve watched it feel free to send me an ask about how much you enjoyed this trash experience.
9/10 Cute dance montages(ignoring all political and social ramifications of these real life events)

And for those who are more familiar with his Spanish language work feel free to give me recommendations. I know he’s directed one or two films so those are tentatively on the list. Right now I’m just picking based on Rotten Tomatoes scores and only half of his work from Mexico even has a score.


April 17
Black shirt and navy shoes??? Blech! O well at least I’m p cute 😝

Yesterday was a core sesh plus a benchmark run for my program. Pretty boring, lots of obliques stuff, though at the end of my workout I felt SUPER lightheaded like thought I was gonna pass out kinda lightheaded. Idk why, my lunch was very big and healthy, and I had had like 3 full 32 oz waters by that time… whatever, I guess, it just screwed up my balance for my thread the needles a lot lol. Benchmark run felt easy, though I really pushed myself for the three minutes so that the cooldown felt necessary. Ended up tacking on another 1.5 miles for a total of a little less than 3. It feels weird not to run more than a mile and a half now haha so I took the time to stretch my legs a bit. Seems like the warmups from that video I watched are helping to keep my ankle pain to a minimum!

Last night I also had an adventure cooking fresh Italian sausage for the first time by myself. It ended up being very good, but it took forever lol and it was pretty greasy on my plate so I didn’t get a good picture. So instead, here’s my beautiful salad from Sunday night, which I ate partially bc I felt guilty about the rolled ice cream I got with Ani earlier 😅

Another HIIT class tonight, OrangeTheory! I really still like RippedPHL, so it needs to be able to top that one. It’s not on ClassPass, but I got a free class just because I signed up to get one online 😌 it’s amazing how many things are free if you ask!

Core workout
3x each
20 reps toe touches
20 reps plank leg lifts
15 reps wood chops, alt. sides, 8#
60 reps heel touches
15 reps side plank hip-ups, alt. sides
30 reps slow bicycle crunches
30 reps alternating leg lifts
15 reps dumbbell side bends, alt. sides, 15#
10 reps thread the needle, alt. sides

1.49 mi
10'03" min / mi

1.18 mi
9'57" min / mi

Listening to: “Light My Body Up” by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne

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So you're Brazilian right? Do u live in Brazil or is just heritage

Yup I’m Brazilian, and yeah I live in Brazil, I just learned English ‘cause (I got really envy of the attention one girl received on my class ‘cause she knew a bit of English and I felt lesser for not knowing any) I felt it was a necessary language to learn and all, ya know… Also I like to watch videos/movies/music about stuff without people knowing about what I’m watching, it feels great to have that kind of privacy idk haha

I say, instead of 13 reasons why, which was just too graphic in parts where *I* felt it wasn’t necessary, and didn’t leave me feeling any sort of… Idk, fulfillment?

Watch the anime, Orange! It’s beautiful, and you cry happy tears! And it’s so much less triggering!

Like hella hella less!

And a formerly depressed person, Orange left me feeling good. If I had watched 13 reasons in a bad place… it would not have been a great time

Everyone watch orange!

trustworthyperson replied to your post:“i want to care about oblivion gates, i really do. but theyre so…”:

I loved them when they were straightforward, really memorable environment. Then it felt great to get back to Mundus

It blew me away when I finally stepped into Gore Land when I’d been playing Skyrim, and then the experience felt more like sitting at a dentist’s office.

However, they do kinda marr the landscape. Like the hooker shack where the lady gang stripped and robbed married men? I was so mad. So I closed it. The one behind The Inn of Ill-Omen? That one is staying.

Idk the first gate was nice but the second, third and the rest feel like a chore. A long straight walk with dozens of same enemies swarming you. Im glad only a small bunch of them is necessary to complete, and not all.

I actually finished most of quests (i found) before starting the main quest so i just teleport from place to place now. Have only seen, what, 5-6 gates other than questy ones? Beat 3 of them?

Anyway they’re so annoying im seriously thinking about scrapping next planned walkthrough. Like, Dragon Age’s deep roads level of annoying.

Vent Time:

He really felt it was necessary to send this message with obvious nasty undertones when he could have JUST blocked me. He sent this message with the intention to hurt and/or be rude because I faved his profile?? I mean I guess that just shows what kind of person he is but I really didn’t need him to insult my intelligence especially when I didn’t even look at his profile, I only clicked favorite which he could see because just like you can view who favorites you, you can also see who viewed you soooo?

Idk I know this won’t be the last rude message I receive just for being black and plus size, but it just really rubbed me the wrong way that he called me uneducated. No sir, I’ve been in school for 2 years, going to be in school for another 10 to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology and uggh call me fat and black all you want but don’t disregard my education because for some reason you’re so pissed that I liked your fucking profile even though that’s all I did.

I didn’t send him a message, I didn’t ask to see his pictures, and I certainly didn’t give him permission to view mine. I simply liked his profile, a profile that I admittedly didn’t read which I’ll say is my fault, but still is it really that big of a deal when ALL I DID WAS LIKE IT?

Moral of the story my feelings got hurt and I needed to vent so that I would stop thinking about it. And always read a guys profile otherwise he’ll feel the need to call you stupid because you’re not his type.