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OMFGHGD seriously your pj au is killing me, i spend the other night reading it and im so in love with the characters and their personalities, i was wondering if u could please write a kiss scene, i mean it doesnt have to be a kiss on the lips but idk jimin kissing jungkook on the cheek or jungkook kissing jimin on his forehead? I love u author nim~

((writing pjau is so hard now that jungkook is so lovey dovey with jimin nowadays aiya how to write tsundere kook now))

“you…didn’t…win…” jimin pants as he collapses to the ground, chest heaving. 

jungkook smirks, sliding his sword back in its sheath. “but i’m still standing.” 

“fuck you.”

“children of nike don’t like losing even in practice matches, jiminnie.” he squats down next to jimin. “you fight well for a child of aphrodite.”

jimin rolls his eyes. “carry me to bed?”

jungkook recoils. “carry yourself,” he mutters, moving away, and jimin rolls his eyes internally this time at the red blooming on jungkook’s cheeks. stupid boy. 

jimin brings out his best puppy eyes. “i’m tired,” he whines. “my legs can’t move.”

jungkook purses his lips. “i guess…it can’t be helped…” jimin grins, sitting up, and wiggling his fingers. jungkook rolls his eyes but crouches next to him and jimin squeals, throwing his arms around jungkook’s neck, jungkook’s arms wrapping under his legs to hold him as he stands up. 

they walk towards the aphrodite cabin in comfortable silence, the night warm and gentle around them. when jungkook gets to the door, he turns to jimin. 

“hey, we’re here.”

he’s met with silence. instead, jimin nuzzles closer, breath tickling at jungkook’s neck. jungkook sighs. 

“you’re really asleep?”

silence again. 

without hands, jungkook knocks his foot against the door. there’s a moment before there’s a pitter pattering of steps and a tiny aphrodite girl comes to open the door. 

she grins when she sees jungkook who purses his mouth in a ‘shh’ motion and tilts his head at her sleeping brother on his back. she nods and steps back to let jungkook in. he immediately makes for jimin’s bed, having been here multiple times, and carefully lays jimin down. 

jimin doesn’t stir and jungkook tucks his blankets around him. 

“you must really be asleep,” jungkook says quietly. “you’re not even complaining about not showering before bed.”

jimin doesn’t reply, only curls up more in the sheets. 

jungkook looks around quickly. there’s no one in sight and the lights are off with only a sliver of moonlight coming in through the window. 

“good night, jiminnie,” jungkook murmurs, leaning down to press a kiss to jimin’s forehead. “sweet dreams.”

with that, he leaves. 

in his sleep, jimin smiles.