idk but he looks like a prince im in love

i was tagged by the lovely @shayara thank u boo! 

Rules: post 10 characters I would kiss, then tag 10 blogs.

1. Matt Murdock (what a pretty face but what a beautiful ass he has)

2. Alex Summers (ngl i would do more than kiss him)

3. Hank McCoy (no not kelesy grammer but my boi hoult)

4. Barry Allen (what a cutie have you seen Ezra Miller in the trailer for JL, im going to be dead)

5. Scott Summers (but he isnt at daddy status for me like he is with @shayara and @tortxrra)

6. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot is gorgeous and i would die for her and Wonder Woman)

7. Clark Kent (what a fucking hunk)

8. Elliot Alderson (listen,,,,… this kid needs some love,,,,.. poor thing)

9. Bruce Wayne (i dont need to explain myself here just look at the man)

10. idk maybe Erik Lehnsherr

im tagging @smolkurt @okiemaybeinakinkyway @rax-writes @mrspetermaximoff @dpqssmdd and anyone else that wants to do this!