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My kink is Keith being appreciated for his own individual quirks, characteristics, hopes, dreams, wants, needs, achievements, and flaws that are unique to who he is instead of him being reduced to a blank slate that fans fill with how they think he should be or act like as one half of a ship.


PLAYLISTS for mitch, jonas, sidney, scratch, javier, and cliff! these are a few songs/bands i think the characters would listen to. some of them i admittedly didn’t actually listen to before adding to playlists (coughs, javier’s and cliff’s..) so i hope they’re not too?? awful?? sorry i just can’t listen to juggalo or country tunes oops. i’ll probably periodically be editing these

feel free to suggest other songs for them on my twitter!

mitch: metal, thrash, rock

jonas: indie/alternative, synth, 60s-80s

sidney: pop punk, alternative

scratch: punk rock, british rock (is that a genre who knows)

javier: juggalo music i dont?? know

cliff: yeehaw

mitch | jonas | sidney | scratch | javier | cliff


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017

Time for another Plisetsky headcanon! Ok imagine this:

Yuri’s grown up his whole life listening to whatever music other people had him listen to. I mean, his grandpa was playing classical music in the car. So he grows up listening to Prokofiev and Rachmaninov and Stravinsky at home. And he starts ice skating, and the music that surrounds him is whatever his coach and his choreographers want him to skate to. After a while, Yuri doesn’t even realize he doesn’t have his own taste in music.

But then Otabek screeches his way into his life. And suddenly Yuri is at a nightclub, and he really only came here to grab Otabek and go, but suddenly. Suddenly. There’s this BASS. And this WILD GUITAR. There’s freaking SCREAMING on the actual music track. And Yuri’s heart stops and then starts again. And the noise vibrates through him and he gives a full-body shudder and yes. THIS is what he loves. (“This song… is so friggin cool!”)

So basically my hc is that Otabek caused Yuri’s musical awakening and that’s so special. fight me.