idk brain not working tonight

percyyoulittleshit  asked:

new neighbors AU

im assuming percabeth because it’s us and duh

im thinking human au after college mid-twenties. it’s kind of a shitty apartment block where mostly everything is falling apart and you develop some pretty good DIY skills after the first week because the landlord is awful at getting stuff done.

and they literally bump into each other as meeting, when annabeth is moving in and she drops the box she is carrying and books go everywhere. and percy winds up helping her move in. he gives her the run down of the place: the elevator breaks down if you go higher than the third floor (they are on the fourth); if you want anything to get done call the landlord on a tuesday afternoon; the best sushi place in the city is down the street; where the closest subway is; don’t use the third dryer on the right in the laundry room unless you want to stain all your clothes green; don’t have a shower between 6 and 8am or 7 and 11pm unless you’re willing to have a cold one; and if you get locked out of you’re apartment, don’t buzz apartment 22 ‘cause he get’s real mad

does that happen to you often?

more often than you’d think. Mr Lack stopped charging me after the third time i needed a new key. Anyway, my point is buzz for apartment 43

why? do they answer?

yeah, i do. i mean, i will

you’re a good neighbour then?

i’m okay

okay is good