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Well. About Alpha and Omega...

I don’t want hate over this, but I actually loved as hell this episode.


I think we really need to understand the situation for each character at the moment. 

1) DEAN WAS, INDEED, STUPIDLY HAPPY THAT CAS RETURNED. About this. I know that we all wanted more about the feelings that Cas has and all the shit he’s been through, but I really think this will be an excellent material for season 12. But about Dean’s feelings, I think he gave it all to us:

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2) CAS REALLY LOVES DEAN. But… Real love, like, for real. I think it was pretty obvious. Dean told Cas what he needed to hear: He is wanted, he is loved and he has a family. The Winchesters are his family. And Cas felt better by the Impala’s conversation, that was obvious again. But man, I just wanna say… Das wanted to go with Dean. To die together. Like many times before:

Look. I think Destiel is a very delicate thing to the fandom, and the show in general. But I’ve gotta say, the character development AND the relationships development has been incredible AF. Obviously, with some cracks and stupidities, but in general, Destiel is the greatest love story ever told

Now, in the other hand:

3) FAMILY ISSUES. This season was filled with family issues and situations. And OMG WHAT A PLOT TWIST. Finally they understood: To solve things, you’ve gotta talk, man. This two (Chuck and Amara) were a perfect example for Sam and Dean. Why? Ok, first of all, when Dean was with Amara to kill them both, HE FIRST TALKED WITH HER TO SEE IF THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY. Why is this so important? DEAN LOOKED FOR AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION. He didn’t want to die. Omg, that’s kind of shocking, we all know that, lol. But THIS is what I call character development. Second of all, they started respecting the others’ decisions. How? Ok, you remember when Sam decided to have the Mark of Cain? Yes. Dean was shocked and hurt, BUT he didn’t arm a plan to sacrifice himself in order to save Sam. No, it was HIS decision. That’s why Dean, in 11x22, didn’t really looked as concerned as before about Cas. What Dean wanted (as he said in “The Vessel”) was to “bring that idiot home”. He wanted CAs close, he worries about him, but he understood that Cas decided to say yes to Lucifer. For him now, it doesn’t matter if he is not in favor of if he doesn’t know why, he just respects the others decisions.

4) Ok, idk ‘bout you, but that “goodbye” scene was incredible good. Funny, loving and a fucking chick flick, just what Dean loves. The SamDean scene was really touching, the Impala detail and all of their shit in general was on point. Now, THAT FREAKING DESTIEL SCENE, I’m sorry, but it was beautiful. That hug was amazing (also the talk they had at the Impala). Just beautiful.

4) The first thing Cas thinks always (and we know it’s ALWAYS) is DEAN. Dude, I’ve gotta say, I know that Destiel is endgame (well, that’s my head canon lol), but what I love about Cas feelings towards Dean is that… Thanks to him, the angel started to feel. Dude, this is way too beautiful. Maybe Dean doesn’t understand his feelings at all because he’s kinda messed up lol, but Cas knows. He’s the only thing that makes him worry. He could DIE for Dean. Idk ‘bout you, but this is the most Destiel we’ve ever had in any freaking finale. 

5) … Mary Winchester. 

6) Ok, I know I have to rant a little… SAM? Great cliffhanger. THAT was a fucking:

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I’ll end this with some extra gifs:

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