idk bout a name

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why was osomatsu crying
because he was oso sad

why cant jyushimatsu eat oranges with his long sleeves
because they’re too jyushi

why was karamatsu upset in episode 5
because he thought his brothers didnt kara bout him

why doesnt ichimatsu like being covered in cat hair
because it makes him really ichi

why is todomatsu probably the most busy of the sextuplets
because he has a lot todo

why didn’t choromatsu order tres leches at a spanish bakery
because he wanted a choro instead


You finally agree to talk to Taehyung

Caught Cheating Series:
Part 1 :: Jimin and Yoongi
Part 2 :: Namjoon and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Taehyung
Part 4 :: Hoseok

Road to Recovery Series:
Part 1 :: Yoongi and Namjoon
Part 2 :: Jimin and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Hoseok
Part 4 :: Taehyung

Make-Up Series:
Part 1 :: Jimin and Jungkook
Part 2 :: Yoongi and Taehyung
Part 3 :: Seokjin and Namjoon
Part 4 :: Hoseok

Break-Up Series:
Part 1 :: Seokjin and Jimin
Part 2 :: Namjoon and Jungkook
Part 3 :: Hoseok and Taehyung
Part 4 :: Yoongi

Now all we’ve got left is break up and make up series~ I wonder who I’ll do first… >:) Get ready, y’all~

Weeeee here u guys go haha just a little AU i’ve been thinking about. It has Volpina’s name so?? avoid if u don’t want to know it I guess.
  • Au where Mari and Lila (is that her name???????) become good friends but Lila dogs on LB to Mari all the time. 
  • At first Mari tries to defend LB’s actions but Lila always shoots them down and soon Mari is like, “Oh, yeah, I guess she does kinda suck when you put it that way…” And so she starts to believe the bad things people say about her. 
  •  One day Lila and Alya get into it over LB and Mari just stays quiet, and like the whole class is arguing against Lila. Even Adrien joins in but Mari is just silent. So finally people turn to look at Mari and get her opinion and she squirms a bit under pressure but ends up agreeing with Lila. 
  • “I’m… I’m with Lila on this one. Ladybug doesn’t do as much good as she should.” And the class is in shock with Lila grinning smugly. Mari grabs her things despite it being like the beginning of the day and walks/runs out. 
  •  The class erupts again when she leaves but Nino is like “why’s she acting like that, she’d always stick up for LB” and so he leaves too and tries to follow her, stopping Adrien from coming because he doesn’t want him in trouble with his dad. 
  • Anyways, Nino tries to follow Mari and he loses her because she ran, but finds her like crying in the park. And he goes over to her and she freaks because she didn’t want anyone to see her like this. He asks her what’s wrong and she doesn’t want to tell him, she can’t tell him. She just shakes her head no, but he’s her friend and even crushed on her before, so he sits and asks again. 
  • This time a sob comes through and she grabs onto Nino and like hugs him a ton and spills the beans - how she’s Ladybug and how she couldn’t tell people, how Lila tore down any pride she felt in being LB without knowing she was doing so, and how Mari couldn’t help but see LB the way Lila does. 
  • Nino absolutely tears into that and puts aside his shock and curiosity to help Mari come to terms with being a hero, because that’s what she is, and Paris needs her. 
  • He builds her confidence back up and she stops crying eventually and she hugs him one more time (not that she ever stopped) and then they go back to class and find the argument still raging on. 
  • It clearly upsets Mari and Nino sees it so he rips into everyone because she’s not some perfect hero, and she’s not some awful hero either. 
  • Ladybug has faults, but everyone does, and he’s like, “You dudes need to go back to primary school because if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it at all. And if you do have something nice to say, don’t blow it outta proportion. You dudes didn’t even go help Mari cause you were caught up in that dumb argument, man." 
  • And like the whole class is silent and stunned and then Adrien pipes up and agrees wholeheartedly with Nino and says, "Yeah, LB is really cool and a great leader, but she can also make mistakes, which is honestly really great because it makes her human. It makes her more relatable too, for sure!" 
  • He gives Nino and Mari a smile and claps her on the back, telling her he would have come too but Nino didn’t want him getting in trouble.
  • Mari gives him a small smile and then like Alya and Lila both are apologizing to Mari and she accepts the apologies, of course. When things settle down Mari squeezes Nino’s hand and offers him the biggest and most genuine smile he’s ever seen and if he weren’t already dating Alya (because they totally are dating) then he’d fall for Mari all over again. Still, his couple-status doesn’t stop his heart from fluttering every time he sees his amazing friend smile and just be happy.
  • Adrien feels it too because he saw that smile, and it was that day he started to fall for Marinette Dupain-Cheng. 
  • Oh yeah right also Nino keeps Mari’s secret and helps her out when he can, because after figuring it out she stops hiding her feelings from him and so he becomes her support system along with Tikki, whom he gets along with swimmingly by the way.

 This was long sorry lol

my favorite villain of all times has to be the dude from miraculous ladybug. like ive only seen a few episodes so far but like he canonically just? stands in complete and utter darkness? he jsut fukcing stands there waiting for someone to have strong negative feelings so he can control them?? like hes literally always just in the exact same spot?? he never actually does anything??? i love it