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So I get so angry and frustrated with healthy (BOTH physically and mentally) people are lazy. I just can’t stand it because they’re wasting that perfectly good body to sit on their asses and do nothing. Or even have not healthy people do stuff for them.

It makes me so mad because I would kill to have a working body so I could do all the things I’m dying to do. I’d kill to be able to work out and go on adventures and travel the world…and just exist happily in no pain. I would kill for that. I think about it every day.

And then here are these certain people who could do all that and more. But they’re sitting on their asses doing nothing. Too lazy to even walk down the street for something or take the trash out or whatever. It kills me. I just want to scream at them.

I know this isn’t the nicest opinion but it’s something I feel. It’s something that makes me cry and rage. I just want a working body so badly and they’re wasting theirs.

Family Values

@hplovecraftsuggestions is the cool fish step dad
@kunikidasuggestions Organized Dad!

@tanizakisuggestions Anxiety Brother 2k17. Unofficial little brother.
@naomisuggestions Touch her and face Tani and I 2k17

@eapoesuggestions Raccoon boyfriend? He’s so cute
@ranposuggestions “I deduce you love me, buy me candy” 

@odasakusuggestions He’s the other father to my son??

@yumenosuggestions Devil Child. Will curse you ho
@yuki-rinichiro Baking Child. “Want some SWEETS MUM?”

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Another iconic duo: Supercorp and gay tension

sure jan, but not the same level


Happy Birthday to ASTRO’s Beagle, Sanha!
5/6 of ASTRO Birthdays

so i sort of found this comic
go read it it’s about Cute Queer Kids
these characters belong to @eeriecrests so!!! go!!!! read the comic and indulge in the whole blog like I did

aaand the comic belongs to @littlestpersimmon