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Okay Nini goes from ‘Not even remembering he has a phone’ to 'Not even leaving his phone even when he sleeps or wakes up’
Then I could hear KxK shipperw in the distance yelling “Kstal is the reason!”
I’m just here thinking “He did get from 'I don’t want to eat with that hyung’ to 'Hyung let me gravitate all over you and call you my Jagi’… People can change and maybe he found the world of fanfiction and got hooked like us.”
But hey we all have our conclusions

remember that time someone made an entire new blog just so they could send me three hate messages and then forgot to put the last one on anon

The old man sat in his dark cell, starring at the bleak metal walls. He listened for any sounds, scrapes, voices, anything to keep his mind off of his imprisonment…. But nothing came and went. Not even so much as a fly. The man then starred at his hands. Bony, dry, flat, and rough. He sighed in a melancholy tone, now just gazing upon the cold floor.

“… I’m so… Alone…”

Sooo i know everyone’s happy and dandy on the boat and eating some bomb looking kebabs but what are the students who were murdered/ plotted and committed murder thinking about each other? Like I know the ending was rushed (not hating or defending what’s done is done) and the time-skips were fucked unspecific so we don’t know how the talks and hug-it-outs went… but damn I can’t help but think it must have been veery awkward when they woke up and had to face the one they murdered/were murdered by. Also I don’t even know what to do with the characters that died earliest and have to be caught up on like 60-80% of the story. Most of us can agree that it would have been ideal to see some sort of consequence for their past despair too.

And with them still acting like despairs for FF’s behalf, where are they going to go now? Back to JabberWock island(probably)? Or cruise around the world with their buddies on a military ship for however long(also awesome lol whuteva)? Are people going to be after them now? I just really wanted the gap between the waking up and to hope arc filled- preferably with angst, explanations, tears and more tears, so the ending wouldn’t look as shallow and easy as it did(?) I’m not complaining though, boat party ending is fun & fine.

I don’t know, I guess just seeing the 77th class (ryota included) happy and together, whatever the situation, is enough for me because these 3+ months have been an emotional roller coaster. 

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god my heart stopped in these 2 seconds

Yknow what kinda sucks? Nobody really knows me, or really takes the time to know me. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised but I notice other people’s little habits and ticks and what triggers different reactions in them, and I try to understand where they come from and why they act like that. But then I just feel like nobody really cares enough to notice those things about me.

Intoxicated || Open Starter 

Anna felt herself being picked up and then carried off to somewhere. She peeked one eye open and smiled through her hazy mind, recognising the man that carried her. Her brother’s best friend. The brunette hummed quietly, her drunk mind making her more relaxed than she could ever be in his presence, allowing her to snuggle up against his chest.

“Don’t go.’ Anna said softly after he placed her on her bed. She grabbed at his hand and held onto it, preventing him from leaving “Stay with me.” The young woman looked up at him with a bit of a seductive smile before a giggle escaped her “ The bed is big enough to share.”