idk anymore ;a;

DABS IN hi hello everyone ! I’m back , finally revamping this awful boy ! Who is he , you might ( not ) wonder ? Well well , he’s BETA CONCEPT ! OUMA KOKICHI , of course !  Absolutely disgusting , unstable & nasty , given an original name OUYE KOYOSHI + an original talent of the SHSL OCCULTIST ! Be careful , this boy does tons of shady stuff - FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK , AS THIS BLOG IS TRIGGER HEAVY ! If topics such as gore , torture & similar aren’t exactly your cup of tea , I suggest you avoid this blog . Anyway , LIKING / REBLOGGING this post if you’re interested in interacting would be very appreciated !

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I think you're as great as a chicken wing tbh. Miss you!

omfg im crying thank u!!!, and ps who dis bc i suck so bad at putting 2 and 2 together, i always end up with 5 omg please dont sue me i swear there’s like 3 people that popped into my head but if you are one of them (u most likely are) then i miss you too!!!!!!!!

Rhythm! New skeleton OC!! 

Yeah so like it says he is


-a musician(singer)




-composer(song writer)

-has stage fright 

-expressive through music

He enjoys playing the piano and guitar the most. Hope ya like him! 


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