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Mmmm ara can be completely different depending on who he’s around or who he’s not around

Bonus (more realistically):

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my list of awesome person (i’m going to use he she her him random only because idk if the person want the gender show :3 and i’m lazy coff coff)

@chronictale one of my best friend.  he is  just one of the most awesome person i meet not only his art:  he is a very good person for talk and we have like all in common.  he like  my favorite violinist,  he like the video  i link to him and we like the same comics and more we are mirror XD …this is a little scary sometime hahaha no he is awesome. and isn’t a  joke. so yeah pretty mirror XD …. XD   oh and before i forgot   his au is amazing but for now is slow down waiting news :3

@camilieroart   he is the best ship partner i’ve :3  and i call him lili eh eh :3  i can’t tell to much because he is a little jealous but he is adorable blush all time i talk with him XD…  near much near he is going to start his au so  let’s wait and his doodle are so funny just care he become angry if someone try to date me XD

@ravnicawatchwolf  is my uncle  yes we can say that XD.  he create nx design so if you want be angry with someone  XD you know who  assault hahah.   i like this guys can make awesome gif and  is much popular  in some game to  and sorry for all that anon ask they send you for my deck XD but that is what i’m ! we meet under a endertale page  with a pun war XD like 5 day of pun XD. well your nightmare is here for you eheh eh 

@xxmileikaivanaxx  is milei !!!! is impossible don’t know her and @deusn one of the most  nice guys i meet eh eh … this duo is the most cute on tumblr and i havent see enough fan art with this two ehj eh.  well  milei is the queen of the hug with a awesome au!!  and deusn is the knight !! one of the most  awesome o.c on tumblr for me ….well i love to much undyne sorry deusn XD

@z-artblog  and  now is my z bro time !  eh eh  he is a awesome artist  and not only! he have a beautiful sincere personality people   don’t like that but for me is one of the most respectable thing of him! but if we talk about his art…well i can’t my mouth fall XD  is  so good !!! not only the background but the draw to ! gif of background all is amazing !!!!!!!!!

@lazycb  i meet him only 1 month ago?  day more or not and we are friend !!! he say i answer your ask but i can only do a fast traditional art but is going to don’t be so great…*thunder* she make a  museum paint o.O something like ….you can remove your eyes now! i’m going to comment all his draw XD 

@lazy-cocoei my child :3  she is over busy this day  and  she grow  happy birthday again little bean  eh eh.. i love cheer her because  she have a great talent and well is a smoll bean so i’ve much time for cheer her :3…gj little child 

@mysterydog133 like lazy she is my puppy XD ahha idk why i do this XD….. she have a big talent and because she is young i think she is going to be one of the best artist! i’m so proud of all that draw ..why proud she is my puppy and she have an awesome au ! you should check it @undermind122  i want link the cocoei one to but she havent start it yet :p  soo good luck to all

… hand hurt and i’m  at 1/5 of all name sooo i do 10 name or near 10 name for time!


sketch dump of my two fav boys and a birb lol,,,,

i failed the coloring of Ilima’s cheeks, but who cares smh - i hadn’t drawn for a long time and i suddenly felt the need to draw something, so i ended up drawing three things and then my brain gave up on me ahhaha

anonymous asked:

Who do you most identify yourself as, and who do you aspire to be in the Potter universe ?(past, present, and future generations)

GREAT QUESTION! way to start! alrighty so

  • past: sirius black. loyalty in friendship is something i cherish highly, i have very bad coping methods, i’m way too extra™, and i could go on and on..
  • present: luna lovegood. befriends weird things, spends a lot of time alone, believes
  • future: scorpius malfoy. huge dork, loves libraries (idk omg ahha)

I would like to say that hiro’s embrassement is realistic when honey kissed him on the cheek because their culture are totally different. Honey was raised to greet everyone like that because that’s her culture , while hiro dosnt do this to greet anyone at all. When someone dose that to you , it suprises you alot at the point where you’re like: ‘do I do this back or ??’ So yea just wanted to say it was cool for the animators to add that small detail [drops mic and walks away ]

lotf avatar: the last airbender au holla

ralph is a waterbender bc swimming and his dad (who is probably chief of the water tribe). also if you go by the book, do you know how ironic it is for a waterbender to be heavily reliant on fire for survival?

i guess this makes jack a firebender but idk how this works in the context of the book HAHA but hey, ~*~jalph symbolisms~*~ and steamy waterbender/firebender fight fuck yeah

(also what if near the end ralph has to bloodbend jack to keep him from killing him like fUUCK thats basically ralphs “gateway” to savagery (bc controlling people isnt civilized) but at the same time if he did that earlier maybe he couldve saved some lives idk just ralph struggling w/ moral ambiguity)

roger’s deffo an earthbender (he keeps throwing rocks at people, he fricking dropped a boulder on piggy c’mon) (bloodbender!roger is hella cool tho, jsyk)

tbh simon’s rly in tune with nature he could make a hella gr8 (if hella short-lived) avatar. otherwise, i’m leaning towards airbender bc they’re wise and spiritual and all. (also simon’s gentle, passive personality - kinda like air - in contrast to earthbender!roger’s blunt, unyielding one)

i’m all for nonbender piggy (he can be like asami and be good with mechanical techie stuff idk commoners nonbenders represent yo!!) (piggy was meant to represent the “common man anyway so.) (or maybe ironically an airbender bc assmar idk)

i’m torn between earthbender/sandbender and airbender for maurice haha. like he’s lively and free-spirited so airbender could work, but he could also be like bolin, you know? maurice would deffo use the airscooter a lot and use the winds to mess up people’s hair

samneric are firebenders maybe (also twin flame sounds like a cool band or smth) (also if we go by the book then jack taking the twins = jack taking away one of ralphs way of making fire ahha idk)

bill is a waterbender who can’t even swim, this is law. (he’s v good at anything to do with ice tho; his glacial constructs - ice swords!!!!! - take really long to melt despite the climate)

robert is an earthbender who has cute mud fights w/ bill uwu

firebender!walter bc he’s sunny and bright and stuff B)

harold is also a firebender (also irony bc waterbender!bill is his best friend and fire & water are opposites HAHA)

some of the littluns like henry, johnny and percival are sandbenders bc sandcastles ok HAHA