idk actually just words of frustration

So, everybody is all going crazy over Gabriel Reyes’ pre-Reaper voice, and, don’t get me wrong, it is damn sexy, but, I actually think his voice as Reaper is actually pretty sexy, too.

Am I the only one?

Bear with me. I’m going to try to put something into words which I have certainly experienced and I imagine other types of creators (artists, editors, gif makers, musicians, etc.) have as well. I mean, since this is a writing blog you’re gonna occasionally get some rambling thoughts on writing and creating as well as actual fics lol.

So obviously there’s a bit of emotion that goes into making something that will be shared with others. (I’ll speak in terms of writing just for simplicity, but as I stated above I’m not limiting it to that art form) When you write anything, whether it’s your idea or a prompt or whatever, you naturally feel that bit of nervousness about whether or not it will be well received. And obviously it’s a letdown anytime you don’t get quite the reaction you had been hoping for, so there’s already that to contend with at times. But the thing that stinks, and might be hard to imagine if you’ve never experienced it, is that there are even some negative emotions that creep in when something you write is well received. Despite the happiness, there’s also an accompanying pressure. You write the thing, share the thing, get praise for the thing, and then despite all that positivity your evil little brain starts feeding you worries. You might start thinking, “oh crap, I’ll never be able to do this again.” Like, you can’t help thinking that you’ve set a bar for yourself with each popular bit of writing and then it will make anything that’s not at that level seem even lousier lol! No lie, I have multiple times thought to myself, “yeah I should probably just stop now so I don’t ruin the good stuff I’ve already done.” How sad is that? Our brains shouldn’t do that to us…but they do lol. And let’s be honest, we do have some logical reason to have that fear. We’ve all watched the tv shows or movie franchises that have started off great but by the end everyone is feeling like someone should just put them out of their misery so they stop embarrassing themselves. And of course if I put myself in the place of a good writer telling me this, no doubt my reaction would always be, “that’s insane! You’re awesome, you should never stop writing!” But sadly, the writer just can’t help those kinds of feelings. So it’s kind of like there’s no 100% winning. Either you don’t get a good response for your creations and that sucks, or you do get a good response and end up fearing that you’ll never be able to make something similar happen again.

I’ll conclude this rambling by saying that I consider myself to be a pretty emotionally and mentally stable person. I’ve never dealt with anxiety, depression, or crippling self doubt. To give you an idea of me in general, people who know me personally have literally called me “stable mabel” lol. My point is that if I have experienced this type of feeling with my writing, I imagine that it can be really really difficult for any who do have some sort of emotional struggles in general. I think this is something that needs to be remembered about creators of any kind and it’s just another reason to be generally kind and understanding with one another. 

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Does jason use swear words often?? Like in canon or not idk can they use swears in RHATO?? Do you think any of the batfamily curse?

Just my headcanon but I think Jason probably swears the same amount that Bruce does (a lot when really frustrated), but Jason actually prefers to use really ridiculous and dramatic phrases even more often than actual profanity.

I mean let’s be real, Jason is a COMPLETE DRAMA QUEEN OK, like instead of the usual “shut the fuck up” he pulls out:


The worst part about writing in this day and age is that you can think something is great, something you have poured your soul into, and just because it gets a few likes you question if it is actually good. I have been really struggling lately with writers block, and getting my words out of my head. I think I and others can see it in my work. To say the least it is very upsetting. Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that out. I just am questioning if I should even post my poems anymore, if it is worth it. Then a part of me believes even if only one person sees it and can relate it is worth it. Idk I am just very frustrated with myself I think. 

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I know bisexual steve rogers will probably never happen in the mcu, but if it did wouldnt it be problematic to have a straight-as-a-ruler actor playing a bisexual character? Like idk if its different

I’d say it’s exactly the same as having a straight actor play a gay character. it’s frustrating as heck and obviously not ideal, but we get so little representation as it is that I’d say most of us don’t question it too much. I mean, whenever (if ever? has that happened?) a bisexual actor plays a bisexual character, it’s GREAT, but like just getting a decent portrayal of a bisexual person that’s not full of negative stereotypes or that actually just…says the word bisexual…is hard enough.