idk actually just words of frustration

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mildly angsty headcanon: Micc is an angry crier and Benji's is overwhelmed™, gets flustered and Micc always calms down watching him trip over himself to make Micc feel better ? idk like....i just imagine angry crying frustrated Micc having a meltdown yelling "I'm the best there is!" or something and Benji's just concerned x3 fksflssfl ?? Hopefully that's not off character for them, it's my only headcanon so far XD struggled to fit it into the word count and had to shorten it down.


That’s not off character at all! They’re both angry criers actually so this is just. ON POINT. LOL. I can imagine Benji being overwhelmed af (since he’s usually the one crying in situations) skdjfsdf omg this is such a lovely and semi-heartbreaking headcanon im !! love ❤❤❤ thank you for sending this in. it gives me LIFE 

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Does jason use swear words often?? Like in canon or not idk can they use swears in RHATO?? Do you think any of the batfamily curse?

Just my headcanon but I think Jason probably swears the same amount that Bruce does (a lot when really frustrated), but Jason actually prefers to use really ridiculous and dramatic phrases even more often than actual profanity.

I mean let’s be real, Jason is a COMPLETE DRAMA QUEEN OK, like instead of the usual “shut the fuck up” he pulls out:


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I know bisexual steve rogers will probably never happen in the mcu, but if it did wouldnt it be problematic to have a straight-as-a-ruler actor playing a bisexual character? Like idk if its different

I’d say it’s exactly the same as having a straight actor play a gay character. it’s frustrating as heck and obviously not ideal, but we get so little representation as it is that I’d say most of us don’t question it too much. I mean, whenever (if ever? has that happened?) a bisexual actor plays a bisexual character, it’s GREAT, but like just getting a decent portrayal of a bisexual person that’s not full of negative stereotypes or that actually just…says the word bisexual…is hard enough.