idk about you guys but i really like this one oops

i love when people make fake social media profiles for fictional characters and make their usernames like “thechosenone7” “ihatehandmedowns” “thebrightestwitchofmyage”

like it’s so funny to me because it doesn’t take their personalities into consideration, nor actual practicality when it comes to making a username

this is just my take but to me, harry’s the kind of person who’d just be miffed that “harry_p” is taken and just click the first suggested option so he’d end up with “harry_p543656”

ron would be that one kid who makes their username something to do with what they’re good at so he’d have put “chesswiz_123” at the age of like nine and just have to live with that forever

hermione would be no nonsense and straightforward and just have “hermionejgranger” and that would be that

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can u give us some amess hc's? i admire this group heh

headcannons? hmmm who’s in charge now shai

well I guess shai would be pretty stressed trying to handle all of us. I get the feeling ras and min would love causing trouble (sorry guys) and i’d probably get roped into it. It would be like scoups on the 95 line v app. 

I also feel like all of us would collectively tease each other about our (ew i hate typing this why) boyfriends/crushes. Like a member would make it painfully obvious that another member likes one of the guys and the first member would be like “shUT UP BEFORE I BURY YOU ALIVE Mmpppdghhgh” and they wouldnt be able to finish because the second member would cover up their lips. Idk if that made sense oops oh well

I have a feeling that I’d probably get really nervous before performances because I actually do get nervous before I have to go on stage even though I’m fine once I actually start performing. Shai would probably be the one I go to for strength in that concern, but I feel like ras would be totally chill and excited like!!!! Let’s go!!! and min would just shrug like “it’s the same thing we did yesterday why are you still freaking out” but then she’d be supportive because she’s just teasing. 

Idk if this is what you wanted but in general we would just be a bunch of memes that love each other^^

Kaistal (BONUS?)

This wasn’t really a request, but I like going through the reblogs of my posts and reading what you guys say in the tags and stuff and @kim-jignog said “somebody please make this a fic” on my Kaistal chat so idk. Here it is. You were probably joking, but I have a lot of time sometimes. Sorry if it is bad and sorry if this isn’t what you meant. Oops?


Kai had anticipated the reaction of the fans. He knew that when the EXO-Ls knew about his relationship, there would be a lot of heartbreak. Since he was prepared for this, he was more or less able to continue on with his normal life.

And that’s what he found himself doing, even though only one day had passed since the bomb had been dropped. He was getting ready to take a nap, EXO’s tasks having been completed that day WAY sooner than expected giving him time to do so. He liked to keep a water bottle by his side when be napped just in case he got thirsty so he wouldn’t have to get up, which was why he found himself searching the fridge for a nice, chilly bottle. Before he could enter his room, the promise land, he felt a light hand on his shoulder. He turned around and was met face to face (more like face to air) with Baekhyun.

“Hey, hyung,” Kai greeted Baekhyun.

Baekhyun smiled at him sweetly, “So, Jongin-ah, I hear that you’re dating,” Baekhyun said, somewhat ignoring the greeting. Kai resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Was Baekhyun about to be a little brat?

“I am,” Kai replied cautiously. Baekhyun looked from side to side, as if making sure the coast was clear, and then grabbed Kai’s arm, making Kai drop his water bottle in surprise. He began taking Kai to some unknown location.

“Hyung, what are y—” Kai began to protest. Before he could finish his sentence, Kai was thrown into a dark room, only lit by a laptop’s screen. It was Baekhyun’s room. Baekhyun closed the door behind them, not noticing Sehun walk up to the door. Sehun had come to ask Chanyeol, Baekhyun’s roommate, for a favor, but having seen Baekhyun drag Kai to his room in the dark, he decided that he should press his ear to the wall and let things play out instead.

“Baekhyun, what is happening?” Kai asked. He was really confused and mildly disoriented. Baekhyun still didn’t respond and instead wheeled out a projector from the closet.

“When did you get that?” Kai only got more confused as time went on. Baekhyun continued to ignore him, connecting the projector to his laptop and turning the projector on. After a few minutes, the wall opposite to them (which was empty) began showing the image on the laptop’s screen. It looked like a PowerPoint.

“What is this? Does that say, ‘What happens when you date’?” Kai still attempted to ask his questions despite Baekhyun not having answered the previous ones. Little did Kai know that Chanyeol had stepped out of the closet (where he had been hiding) and was now behind both Kai and Baekhyun.

“Yes,” Chanyeol’s deep voice answered. Kai almost shat himself when he heard him, but his initial fear became confusion once again.

“When did he get here?” Kai almost shouted, a hand over his heart to calm it.

“Don’t worry, lets just begin the presentation,” Baekhyun finally spoke up.

“Presentation?” Kai was going to scream if his hyungs kept confusing him like this.

The two ignored him as Baekhyun clicked the “Present” button. The title slide became full screen, but, since the title had already been established, Baekhyun clicked on to the next slide. Chanyeol began to read it.

“If you think that the fanfics will stop,” he began the slide.

“You are dead wrong,” Baekhyun finished. The two looked at Jongin who began to put the pieces together in his head. Kai turned to look at Baekhyun.

“Is this— This wouldn’t have to do with you and Teay—” Kai began.

“Yup,” Baekhyun nodded, his face still very serious. Kai glanced at Chanyeol who wore a matching expression.

“Is he here because of Chanbaek fanf—” Once again, Kai was cut of by Baekhyun’s agreement.

“Oh,” was all Kai could say.

“Yup,” the two replied in a whisper. The silence began to build up as the three engaged in a staring contest of sorts. Suddenly, the door opened behind them and Kyungsoo walked it. He took in the scene before him, read the slide, and the walked out, not bothering to close the door. Before any of the three could respond, Sehun walked passed the door and said,

“I wrote one.”

Chen followed, saying, “I read it.”

Suddenly, life wasn’t as normal.

I changed it a bit. Lol I hope you enjoyed, but it sucks a but

can i talk to you guys about this for a second

i’m just a little bit obsessed with this one shot of bucky

so as you know, this is from the scene where bucky’s in the bank vault and he starts to remember who he is. and this, here, is him remembering how they froze him between missions. but can i just????

this shot is so painfully indicative of bucky’s dissociation with his own memories, because he remembers being frozen, but you also see his hand, there, on the left, as though he’s watching it happen from the outside. AND YET his hand, despite being outside the cryochamber, is freezing, too – he doesn’t identify emotionally with what’s happening to him in the memory, but his body remembers what it feels like to be frozen, so he feels like he’s freezing even as he doesn’t quite recognize the person in the chamber as himself.

i just?????? really fucking love this. all that work in maybe a second of screentime. go d