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Nickname: gabby (since my real name is gabrielle)

Zodiac sign: libra

Height: 5'5″ (i’ve always wanted to be like, 5′7″ or 5′8″)

Last thing googled: kihyun and suga (even tho i don’t listen to monsta x - i was just curious to see pics of their friendship lmao and it’s sooo cute)

Favorite music artists: bts, banks, catfish and the bottlemen, tove lo, halsey, troye sivan, pvris, etc 

Song stuck in my head: playing with fire // blackpink 

Last movie watched: babies behind bars (it’s a documentary on nextfix about women who have children in prision. idk why i watched it, but it’s really eye opening and i even shed a tear or two… or a lot)

What are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a t-shirt

What do you post: i write stuff… sometimes, and cry about bts (i actually posted a fic for the first time in months yesterday to im v proud of myself)

Why did you choose your url: when i first created this account, my url was bangxwords (because i wanted to be a fic writer lol) but it seemed too… basic i guess, so i decided to change it to what it is now because baepsae is such a jam (and because i couldnt commit to one member)

Do you have any other blogs: i actually do lmao (it’s my first ever tumblr - aka where i try to be artsy and shit by posting nature pics and poetry)

What did your past relationship teach you: that boys are stupid lmao but no, really… i learned that you really have to be honest with your significant other. and communicate with them - don’t just suddenly stop talking to them without an explanation or become closed off. if they really care about you, they’ll be understanding. just be real. 

Favorite color: blueeeee

Average hours of sleep: like 6? (but my body needs like a minimum of 10 hours to function correctly, which is kind of bad)

Lucky number: i’m not a lucky person lol but the number i gravitate towards is 24 (because my birthday is on the 24th)

Favorite character: bishhhh i don’t even know; there’s so many. but i’ve always loved ariel from the little mermiad lol

How many blankets do you sleep with: three lmao (my duvet, a queen-sized throw blanket, and then another smaller throw blanket. and this is like, the whole year)

Dream job: a travel writer; i just wanna visit every country in the world, embrace different cultures, eat good food, meet cool people, take beautiful pictures, and write about it all (this is obviously not terribly realistic, but a girl can dream - can’t she?)

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Rebel (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Hi angel I love your writing,  I was gonna request something! could you do an imagine where y/n is a rebel and kind of cocky and she tries to get Liam out of his comfort zone? idk of this made sense but you can add whatever you want to it to make it longer! I didn’t really have any ideas I just wanted a rebel y/n.

 A/n: aww thank you! Also Paper Towns inspired the part where they do bad stuff.It’s basically the same as the scene with Margo and Q from Paper Towns.I had to watch the movies and videos to see what they were doing or talking about. Basically Paper Towns inspired. I hope you liked it x

 If you asked anyone what they thought of you, they would say that you’re a rebel, you’re cocky and you don’t listen to anyone. Well that’s true. You like to have fun and go out and do stuff that would get you in trouble, that’s why they call you a rebel. You also like to think that you’re the best one in your grade and you’re not gonna lie, but you’re kinda the prettiest one too.

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