idk about u but i rly enjoyed this

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What kind of games do you like to PLAY?

I cycle through different games often, but at this very moment I’m playing a lot of:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Random Indie games? Like idk I rly enjoyed Furi, Undertale, love Devil Daggers, still need to play Inside….
  3. Overwatch
  4. Sometimes Warframe?
  5. Whatever random game my friend group is playing at the time (including Supreme Commander FA, Age of Empires II, Civ, Stellaris, Terraria)
  6. i love Dishonored
  7. overwathc

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idk if this has been asked already but does genji end up looking different after the incident (since he becomes a cyborg/robot in game) or just like whats your plan on it??? if thats cool to ask. (i rlly love your au specially the anime/gamer trio!)


next, okay i have a few questions about this  ill answer the other ones later!!

ok so genji loses his arms and legs and injures one of his eyes rly badly he can only see through the specially filtered lens!! his family is filthy RICH so they could afford all his surgeries which took forever (2 months) because they cant just amputate 4 limbs in 1 day with no break plus he had to get used to each one and stuff. also genji cant style his hair in his ‘cool punk’ way at the hospital and his roots get rly bad rofl

dva and lucio visits him everyday after class and they hang out at his bed the nurses couldn’t shoo them out so they just gave up and brought in an extra table and chairs so they could do homework and watch shitty anime together. also….. THIS IS HOW THEY FORCE-READ HOMESTUCK TO GENJI. HE COULDNT RUN FROM THEM….

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Once you get this, you have to publicly say 5 things you like about yourself and pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers! Non-negotiable, positivity is cool & you deserve to enjoy yourself ❤

aw thank u lovely!!! <3


  • i like my!! sense of humour idk i literally find a way to find anything funny!!
  • i like my eye colour i guess!! green eyes r kl! :)
  • im a bit of a bitch bt im very sincere n loyal to my friends!! n i alWAYS stand my ground i like that
  • im rly tiny n i like that too like i could wear 7 inch heels n my bf and tbh most people i know r still like a head taller
  • uhh i cant think of another 1 really idk!! prob my hair?? bc it has grown loads lately n that is good

if ur suffering a tad recently heres some things ive been doing that have helped keep my head above water ~so to speak

  • use a diary - ull be able to keep track of days, u can write down things u need to do that day (my personal fave is: use a tissue if u cry)
  • have a bag of sweets - (anything, i rly love he veggie percy pigs) they have sugar and will get ur appetite going (u may want a sandwich afterwards)
  • if u feel safe, go for a walk
  • talk to a friend u rly like, text them - about anything!! u dont have to mention how u feel
  • if ur feeling numb/apathetic - listen to music u know u once enjoyed or watch a film u have watched many many times
  • if u have class - make it a deal with urself eg. if i go to this class today i can sleep earlier (personal fave)
  • if ur on medication, put it in the diary to take it/have taken it - sense of achievement + ur being proactive!