idk about this one. the first was probably better

ok but that line where tara goes “even when i’m at my worst, you always make me feel special. how do you do that?” and willow’s response is “magic” always devastates me so much because i know that tara’s going to look back on that and wonder if she can trust any of her time with willow. because the girl tara loved was soft and sweet and trustworthy and made tara feel like she could trust again, and if tara was so profoundly wrong about willow now, was she wrong about willow always??

which is why it always cuts me up inside to see willow manipulate tara’s mind because tara’s been messed with before. glory. tara’s probably got memories of confusion and fear and feeling lost and alone and willow was her comfort then, and now she’s finding out that the one person she thought was the first to understand her and the person she let herself be herself with is the person who’s betrayed her the most completely

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What's your opinion on Bluesey getting married? Tbh, I see it one of two ways and idk which way I like better/ which way is more canon for them. I either see them getting married really young, like within the first year of dating because they just know. OR I see them never getting married because Gansey and Blue both think it isn't necessary, they know they're in love who cares? However, I just saw that post about Gansey taking Blue's last name "Richard Sargent" and 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭

I think, in regards to canon, they probably won’t get married for a long time, if at all? Tbh, the biggest problem is that I can make a case for both sides of every decision when it comes to marriage for these two. Do they get married? Who proposes to whom? Who’s the Best Man? Who’s Maid of Honor? Do they even follow traditional wedding rituals? Does Gansey have a bunch of Welsh wedding traditions he’s always secretly hoped Blue’d be on board with? I don’t know and I wish I did!!

I think Gansey would like to be married, and after a while Blue would come around. They’d go a while without ever really talking about because they didn’t need to; they knew they would be together forever. However, a couple years pass and Gansey realizes he does want to get married and, you know, be official (not to mention the pressure from his parents to actually let them participate in a big moment of his life for once) and tbh, as much as Blue wants to deny it, she’d kinda like to have wedding! 

If Gansey proposes, it’s going to be planned out and fretted over for a month and meticulously orchestrated and it’s STILL going to get screwed up. Somehow, he and Blue end up on the slippery kitchen floor on top of each other, covered in various teas and flour and sprinkles, Gansey’s glasses askew and Blue’s hair falling out of its clips, Ronan and Adam laughing until they can’t stand, Chainsaw sitting on Gansey’s head nibbling at the frosting in his hair, and Gansey’s wedding ring out in the open in between the two way ahead of schedule.

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I keep reading in the notes in that cat ice cream post that people are…surprised people “talk to their parents like that” as in the one use of the word fuck

and like

I feel like either all y'all are still kids or don’t have great relationships with your parents if you can’t use the word fuck even once when talking to your own damn mom or dad who probably taught you those words in the first place

Idk maybe it’s a cultural thing

Recent convo with my mother about roommate issues:

“don’t be a bitch about it, just ask them nicely. They aren’t ready for the bitch.”
“They better get fuckin ready for the bitch.”

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Supergirl was never about the danvers sisters. karas relationships with cat, james, and monel always took priority in the story. you were quiet when alex was left out of all the crossovers, or when alex was only used as a prop for kara in s1 and had no arc or development of her own, or when alex got almost no screen time last episode, but now youre bitching "but what about the danvers sisters?" can you please stop acting like you give a shit about alex? your hypocrisy is showing. thanks.

Well, I mean, you’re right about one thing, to some degree. This pretty primarily a Kara Danvers-focused blog, so I tend not to blog as heavily on other issues the show has as much.

But I think maybe you need to work on your receipts-getting skillz because this blog started just the summer before season 2 and I talked a shit ton about how excited I was for the stuff incoming for Alex’s character.

But not about how she wasn’t in yet another crossover… hmmm…

Notice the trend? Positive stuff.

I try really hard not to be negative about Supergirl. But when I do end up complaining about it, it’s usually only the things that really grate me. And those things tend to be about Kara.

Yes, Alex didn’t have enough of her own storyline in season one. Yes, it’s ridiculous that she wasn’t included in any of the crossovers (When she has a brilliant voice…). Yes, Alex’s screen time was shit last episode (but I figured it’d be balanced with this episode that’s literally named “Alex” so I didn’t want to complain about an episode I was actually otherwise happy with for once). 

Like, I’m not pretending that Kara isn’t my priority in most cases. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong about this. Or that I don’t ‘give a shit’ about Alex Danvers.

But also, I’m officially pretty sure that I know Alex Danvers better than you. Because if she heard you saying that Kara’s primary relationship was with any of those people instead of her she’d probably beat you up??? Idk, just a thought.

Maybe you need a rewatch of season one? I recommend a rewatch. Not every storyline was about those two, but they were the heart of the show. It always came back around to them at the end of the day, eating, decompressing. 

They didn’t have a storyline focused around them every episode, but the storylines, the major ones, were about them. 

The first couple were about Kara needing Alex’s faith, then we had the Alex killing Astra and eventually telling Kara storyline, Red K’s biggest emotional beats, the Black Mercy episode, and then the season finale was pretty much about them. When they were forced to fight in the beginning, how Kara wouldn’t be able to leave if she said goodbye to Alex, when they eventually did say goodbye. That was the climax of the episode, and thus the season. 

When Kara said goodbye to Alex and then Alex saved her.

Hell, it was kind of a problem for Alex because with every big story beat being about her and Kara’s relationship and with the small amount of story time given, her whole life was literally about Kara. And like, occasionally J’onn.

Also, I can’t believe you’re trying to tell me about Kara Danvers? Like which relationships are more important with her story??? I know Kara Danvers too well for this…

Alex is her number one. Her person. She’d sacrifice anyone on that list for her. Anyone in the show. She’d sacrifice her parents coming back from the dead to save Alex. Every time.

So yeah, I’m “bitching” about the Danvers Sisters. Because… they’re it. The core. That’s it for me.

I’d say the same damn thing if any of the people I ship Kara with said that they loved Kara as much as Alex does. Because they can’t. Not possible.

And if I could sacrifice screen time from any other character (barring James because that’d just be mean at this point, and Maggie because Alex really needs someone to support her outside of her relationship with Kara, in different ways that Kara can’t offer like “ride or die”) I’d do it, for more time between these two characters.

And if you want your ship to encompass the entirety of who Alex is, I think you need to reevaluate how much you care about Alex Danvers.

Because Kara is as much a part of her as Alex is a part of Kara, and trying to lessen that is like… painting Starry Night in black and white instead. Interesting concept, but it’s a no from me.

I drew like three more portraits today? how do I do this? why do I do this to myself? how am I still conscious after so much creative energy has been expended? how do I even have that much energy and motivation when I don’t have half of that normally?

scientists still aren’t sure

I apologize in advance for the crap photo quality and weird shadows–though these did turn out better than others I’ve taken photos of so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I will totally take requests if people wanna see some of their faves up here drawn by moi so ask away nerds

@garmacondrai idk if you’re in the Sherlock fandom or not but Loki is also here because idk he probably snuck into their flat and was like hello mortals 

stop me now

@smol-overlord I know you like the first boi on this post, idk about the others but that one I know

@meet-some-friends-of-mine @an-actual-elementale @eyeofthewolfe @firstfandomfangirl idk if you guys care about these bois or not but in case you felt like seeing some drawings made with 20% graphite 30% stress and 50% blood, sweat, and tears then here you go I guess

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Late to the party, but I did and still do really enjoy SAO as a show. Sure it's got flaws, but really though what show doesn't? But seriously, first half of season two was fucking brilliant. Loved every single episode of the GGO arc.

SAO was one of those shows that was really good until you’ve seen better shows 

You know what show doesn’t have flaws?

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SAO arc was enjoyable but idk about good tho. Needed to be fleshed out more.

ALO was….?????

GGO was okay. I thought it was dumb to introduce swords to a gun game just so that kirito can have no character development but ok

Mothers Rosario was probably the only arc I would consider good. 

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hey so my school (I'm in year 10 australia) has a GSA (gender sexuality alliance) and I thought it was pretty cool but then after going once I realised that a couple of their members were pretty acephobic and it was just really annoying me and I really just wanted to like join a group of people my age who didn't really care that I was ace because they'd had similar experiences but one of the leaders did seem pretty acephobic and idk what I should do

okay so there are two routes you can do this

the peaceful (and a bit boring, but safe) way: educate them calmly, bring a lot of research to the table & point out that they’re ignorant and not actually a GSA if they’re exclusionists

the other way: make posters or something and put them up all over the school about asexuality & all the information you can find

the first option probably would be better because I didn’t really think out the second too much



Before F, I used to have a crush on my history teacher. I had a blog about him too and that was like two years ago. I fell out of love with him because of many reasons and I realized it was better that way. One reason was because he was about to be a father for the first time and another reason was that having feelings for someone I don’t have a chance with was eating me alive. I also realized the friendship we have is much better and it means more than having those sleepless, kind of painful nights. My feelings for him vanished. Poof. Just like that. I deleted that blog after half a year and said to myself to never fall for a teacher again.

Little did I know that I would crush on another teacher a year later. I don’t understand myself (???).

My former tc still teaches me but now I just see him as a funny, nice and caring teacher I used to have a crush on.

An Alternative to the saltyfan!Steve storyline. Bucky’s show set in Brooklyn in the 30s brings in a smol angry Irish teen named Steve.  ‘Accidentally’. They also accidentally make a number of Cap allusions. It’s skirting the lines of defamation of character, there’s a cease and desist order, a potential lawsuit, and Brooklyn 30s ratings go waaay up.

show!Steve is written off, but the idea has now charmed itself a fandom.

And Steve is vaguely aware all of this is happening.  He watched an episode of Brooklyn 30, said ‘yeah that’s me’ and thought that would be the end of it.  Then he hears people are creating fanworks, probably via someone tweeting him a fic, and he looks at this with half-squinty eyes.  He figures out how to filter his name so he can see them all.

There’s a lot more there than to Brooklyn 30.  And, out of curiosity and maybe his self destructive streak, Steve starts reading fic.  Skimming.  He’s always been aware of how the public sees Captain America, but reading his characterization as Captain America is really, really unsettling.  It makes him nauseated and frustrated to the point of tears.

But, the small shining points are the ones based on queer-coded smol angry Irish teen Steve from Brooklyn 30.  They’re the only ones even close to getting him.

He reads all of them.  Reads about 30s Steve and Bucky’s character falling in love. Reads about current Steve and Bucky’s character (modernized) falling in love. Reads about Steve and Bucky Barnes falling in love.

And sex. there’s a lot of sex.

Does he start writing them? idk probably yes. He probably indignantly wants some accurate characterization out there, because Brooklyn 30 stuff might be better but it’s still not perfect.

At first they’re probably stilted and kind of strange self-inserts putting 30sSteve back into the Brooklyn 30 world.  They read a lot like friendship.

Then they grow into something more.  It happens over time, almost naturally.  Steve is writing an argument scene and suddenly smol angry Steve is kissing Bucky’s character.  

Steve goes flush all over, his brain realigning. 

Then comes the interview with Bucky Barnes, who normally laughs off questions about his character and Steve Rogers getting together with an added ‘you know, I think it’s nice. And it’s really flattering that *character name* has the kind of personality that people want to match with someone like Steve Rogers.’ BUT THEN someone asks what he thinks about ‘speculation’ of Cap and Bucky, heavily suggesting Captain America’s disapproval.

“I’d fuck Captain America, of course I would.  Who wouldn’t? But I think it’s important to recognize that beneath the Cap persona is Steve Rogers, that scrappy Brooklyn kid angry at injustices and the world and himself for not being enough to fix it.   So whatever you think of Captain America and whether or not he’d fuck a guy, you should probably be careful about telling Steve Rogers what he won’t do, or he might just do it to prove you wrong.  Works out well for me,” he shrugs for the interviewer and the camera, but there’s a fiery kind of anger to his expression.

Steve is asked to react to this.  Of course he is.  He relishes the opportunity to respond to Bucky Barnes publicly, because he can’t help but love him a little.  

“You’re right,” Steve responds to the interviewer’s suggestion that Bucky is wrong, smiling widely. “He is wrong, I would never have sex with anyone to prove a point, especially not Bucky Barnes.  I’d have sex with Bucky for pleasure.”

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Bleach 682 Liveblog

I sat here for all of 0.2 seconds trying to come up with a witty and/or insightful opening section to this like I have done in previous liveblogs, but you know what I’m too damn antsy about Bleach these days I don’t have the patience anymore. Let’s cut straight 2 the discussion shall we spoilers under the cut

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i used to be really hesitant to draw characters even a little fat like they had to be the Good Curvy kind of fat or like, they had to be minor or weird characters bc of COURSE you can’t make any of the powerful, confident, canonically ‘’’’beautiful’’’’ characters fat haha! I remember havin a conversation w the-slug-princess abt like, naruto characters, bc it was easy to hc characters like Hinata as fat, bc she is shy and self-conscious, so of course it was easy to empathize and project traits like being overweight onto her, like, look, she wears a big sweatshirt just like you used to all through highschool, she could totally be (a LITTLE, bc of course, she a Physically Active ninja) overweight, but it would never occur to anyone to make, say, Sakura fat bc well, she is strong, and a main character! and especially not Ino, since one of her traits is explicitly that she is beautiful! it seems silly to be like, and I never thought about it that way, but I never thought about it that way. and I’ve probably said this before but it really makes me feel better about myself when say, people tell me they love how I draw Ysera, because that was one of the first times I was like, she’s my favorite and there’s no reason she can’t be fat. There’s no reason any character can’t be fat. 

ALRIGHT So I’ve wondered about this a lot and the recent Haikyuu!! extra has made me believe even more that Oikawa– who likes referring to most people with nicknames– probably only uses -chan for those he considers rivals (Ushiwaka-chan, Tobio-chan, Chibi-chan) or challenging teammates (Kyouken-chan, Kunimi-chan; idk Oikawa seemed a lil pointed about how he wasn’t giving it his all that one time)?? 

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