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Ok but like as someone with Tourette’s I just gotta say I love Robbie’s twitches so fucking much
It’s obvious that Stefan, someone with Tourette’s, spent real thought into his character and his behaviors
You can watch lazytown and see that Robbie’s twitches act up in certain situations like when he’s stressed or exited, sometimes working in tandem with his ADHD.
Also his twitches aren’t the stereotypical “ swearing” or any other butt-of-the-joke condition, they are things many people with Tourette’s have like grunting and twitching and scratching and strange hand and face movements

So yea I love Stefan Karl I honestly can’t think of any more accurately portrayed Tourette’s syndrome in media, thank you plant dad❤️


Ok so this rant has been a long time comming. Recently Pat R, author of the amazing kingkiller chronicles ( a dnd inspired book series about a bard who goes on crazy adventures and makes bad decisions, if you haven’t read i would recommend ) released artwork for the cover of the first books 10 year publication anniversary and then was swamped with tweets regarding the 3rd book which has yet to be finished. Stuff like “idk about art wheres 3rd book” blah blah blah.

And honestly? Fuck off out the fandom if you think having a book in your hands instantly is more important than the quality of the book itself. I personally would wait 10 fucking years if it ment a book Pat was proud of and wasn’t a rushed mess.

Ive seen this happen to sooo many creators who are forced to sacrifice quality content for the sake of impatient fans who would probably slam the content apon release for being rushed and unfinished.

And dont tell me its not that hard to finish a book/comic/whatever bc have you ever tried?????? Like genuinely sat down and tried to write novels with interesting characters, plot and settings while also pumping them out as quickly as possible,AND juggle your other responsabilitys, you’d burn out with a half assed series.


@naenae00love you agree right? Im not yelling for no reason?

when i was twelveish i was watching cartoon network one day at maybe like… i wanna say 11am? it was a school day, it was spring, no breaks, all the little children were in school but i was skipping because i missed the bus

anyways an episode of camp lazlo came on. it was probably like… the second episode. i’d just seen the first the previous week while i was playing games and eating dinner. i knew it was new because there were ads for it every few fucking seconds on that god forsaken channel

anyways i watched it. i laughed, i was a kid and it was a cartoon and i had fun.

then about 3pm my 17 year old sibling gets home from school and a couple hours later i’m hearing a commercial for “the newest never before seen episode of camp lazlo!” followed my a preview clip that shows…. the exact episode i saw.

i say “i just watched that this morning” and my sibling says “no you didn’t, liar, they just said the one coming up is new.” i said “it aired this morning, i watched it, it’s about (blah blah i remembered it then but idk now) dont call me a liar” sib says “no shit you know what it’s about, it just showed it on the commercial”

so i wait til it airs and i speak along with the episode at parts, and dictate what happens next, and sib is telling me to shut up the whole time. i say “i saw it already, they probably aired it accidentally. dont call me a liar when i’m not lying.”

sib says “what ever! who cares! shut up! leave me alone!”

this didn’t have a point im just sharing. older siblings under 25 are dickheads

I bet you’re sitting here, thinking, thinking about him. Thinking about how he walks, talks, ruffles his hair; how his eyes are glossy and glisten nicely, how he smiles, or even how he hides his smile and emotions. You’re thinking of how he makes you smile,  how he makes you feel on top of the world. He brings out the best in you. 

He makes you smile a true smile, you don’t have to fake it;  it’s real.  You want to be the reason for his smile.
Maybe you are, he just won’t show it.
He gave you butterflies when you saw him, but after a while, they stopped- but sometimes they take you by surprise. 

He can take your breath away in seconds,  melt your heart with just the sound of his voice, and make you weak at your knees by standing by you. 

When he laughs you laugh, when he smiles you smile, his happiness being something you enjoy seeing. You want to feel his hands in yours, you want to feel the sweet shivers down your back as he hugs you from behind. You want to feel something that feels so out of reach/far away, but you keep trying to reach for it. 
Why? … Because it is something you wish for. 

I bet you wish for all of this, more than anything.  He’s your wish on a falling star,  he’s your wish keeping you happy.  He’s the one who doesn’t know any of this, but you desperately want to tell him, but you can’t.  

You wish you could grab him and tell him, or just straight out ask him his feelings. But, You’re too scared,  you are scared he doesn’t feel or want the same thing, and this - this is what frightens you the most. 

i need to like… say something about this trend i keep seeing. i feel like i say this a LOT actually on nearly all my blogs but it can’t be said enough tbh.

so like -seinfield voice- what’s the deal with all the tragic abuse stories?

and no, not like.. “haha that’s not a thing that happens” because i’m sure we each of us could say “oh but it does, here is how it happened to ME” and it would be varying degrees of abuse.. going from emotional to verbal to physical and even sexual. like i get that, i know that is a thing, trust me.

what i DONT get is how it seems to be used as The Trend that Gives Your Character A Plot or Makes Them Interesting.

Like if you remove that and your character is boring as fuck then even with it your character is boring as fuck. like ????? abuse plots/pasts/bios/whatever can be used in a way that works and a way that doesn’t make using it a gross trend or fetish or something either???

like ok if ur gonna tell me ur character is anna jo whitelastname here (bc lbr, YALL, the amt of bland white girls that this pertains to is out of fucking control. this is COMING from a white girl.) and she had the perfect parents until one day randomly they were not perfect and either they abandoned her or like, began to “show their true selves” like ???? like wtf??? and then u never explain it u just constantly write “and then they were gone! and they just had to go! it was just the way it was!”  you are not writing a background character very well. you give a background character THAT much crazy story in your muse’s story then u need to explain some shit and motives and explore that and if not…

man it feels not only tropey as FUCK but like you didn’t even try? you just wanted to put as many tropey events for “abuse” as u could to justify why your bambi whitegirl is the way she is? and the way she is… is typically STILL very boring or if not boring .. wildly illogical as to where she goes next.

like i’ve seen it go from bambi whitegirl FINALLY stops being scared and lives on her own and she goes to school and that’s it!! that’s the end of the bio, welcome to her life of… going to school??? serving coffee maybe? being cute but flinches every time u touch her???


and it’s weird and it’s gross and it’s just fucking boring. dude what is the DEAL with this? can we please stop writing these OCs that are nothing but a white bread and processed cheese sandwich of abuse tropes? let’s learn to craft a background character that can remain as such until necessary that doesn’t invalidate or make weird our muse’s stories. let’s learn to not rely on having our muses get beaten or talked shit to or what the fuck ever just to give them a hump of a plot that you can say you walked over as if you just climbed mt everest.

i mean, shit, you could leave that out and keep the BORING shit and still make that interesting bc writers do all the time??? i mean??? seinfield=a story about nothing but it’s funny as shit. most dumb sitcoms manage this and can be interesting while still doing mundane things. it is possible but the crutch of abuse as a storyline or the whole THING behind your muse is getting fucking old. yall we can do better.

I realized it was a dream. And I ran as fast as I could to you, sitting on the couch, and I kissed you as you dissolved into nothingness while I slowly woke. I wanted you so badly I couldn’t breathe. I knew it would be the only time I kissed you fully, so I licked your mouth open and tried to take every minuscule part of you that I could. Perhaps it was because of the nights I stayed awake, thinking of your lips and your smile, praying to any God that one day, we’d kiss. Or perhaps it’s because missing you burns, and in my dreams, you’re as cool as water, soothing and flowing. I wept as you evaporated. I sobbed deeply.

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To go along with that other anon who wanted more platonic relationships in YA, there aren't even really any healthy, deep or believable romances. I honestly can't think of any. It's all just infatuation and 'oh i would risk my life for him, he makes me burn inside blah blah blah'. Idk what that says about a genre when a majority of authors in it can't even get their target themes right.

Mm, that’s very true. It’s always instalove based on looks or just incredibly toxic and gross. Where’s my slow burn friends-to-lovers deep beautiful love gdi

You can call her “pretty” but
another will come and sew beautiful thoughts in the quilt that is her mind.
You can say she is “amazing” but
someone will see how she is the hue of the rising sun and
they will let her know, the right way,
what she should.
That she is better than you ever said,
or could.

Oh, how you loved the boy time buried,
the one who danced through summer,
with december in his bones.
Like the tender hands of winter,
wrapped delicately around your throat.

(His body, a battlefield, spring could never hold)

—  In his dreams, it is august, and you breathe | p.d

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I think I'm genuinely in love?? I've had a massive massive crush on one of my friends for nearly 4 years now,, she's always been there for me, sure, we have had a couple small fights but that's what makes our friendship stronger. I think she's straight but she's uncomfortable about talking about same sex relationships blah blah blah and ahhh idk what to do I just love her so much

I’m assuming you are also a girl? If yes and if she’s straight then there isn’t much you can do to make things happen. But, if I’m wrong then good luck and I’m happy for you. If not, then I’m still happy for you because it sounds like you’ve got a great friendship going!

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I was wondering if you could do a tattoo artist Luke blurb where you're a tattoo artist (like Hannah Snowdon or someone idk) and he gets you to tattoo him and he's just looking at your tattoos and spending time w you that he realises he loves you, that would be great I love your writing btw!!

“so what’s your favorite tattoo? that you’ve done?” michael inquired, trying to distract himself from the pain in his side.

you hummed, keeping most of your focus on the buzzing tattoo gun and his skin. “probably yours,” you admitted.

he laughed, holding his breath and biting his lip once you flicked his stomach and told him to stop moving. “you’re just saying that,” he murmured, his head resting on his bent around as he watched you work, your face contorted in concentration.

“i’m not, actually,” you insisted, wiping his skin before continuing. “i think your sketch was amazing and i’m glad you let me alter it into something that you love. plus, your company is horrible.”

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you are the definition of 'ain't give a damn' about your past online and I truly and deeply admire and envy that

Well shucks, it’s not like there aren’t things I’m a little embarrassed about but I think it would be silly to go all out and spend energy regretting things which I enjoyed so much at the time, and 99% of the time I still do enjoy them! I think part of the open admittance thing I find myself doing these days is cathartic, y’know? Seeing how I ended up in the crazy place I am by going through the things I did, and out of all the things to ‘give a damn’ about I think having a rampagingly good time, making new friends and creating new things is about the last thing I would put on the list of being all negative about :Tb I also want other people who are, maybe going through things like feeling awkward about ‘confessing’ they like/used to like something a lot, to know that it’s okay to say that! Your past doesn’t define you, and any true enthusiastic love of something is a really good thing for your growth as a creative individual- if it doesn’t harm others or yourself. You’ll get to the same point of acceptance in your own time I’m sure! But for now just enjoy the present, you can work on the past as you go.