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madasaku weekend 2017


in which madara is rapunzel and sakura is the prince


everyone is making sappy posts about the friends and people they’ve met in this fandom and i want to jump on the bandwagon because i have a lot of love for folks out there and i need them to know this??? I honestly had no idea this show would have as much of an impact on my life as it did, but thanks to skam i’ve met so many amazing, beautiful, talented, wonderful people that i am endlessly grateful to know. So thank you to this show, first and foremost, for giving me such a mindblowingly wild experience - it really hasn’t been boring at any step of the way! - and thank you to the friends i’ve made along the way. You have honest to god changed me for the better <3

So first of all, some shout-outs are in order for the folks i already knew before y’all dragged me into this hellhole:

  • @boxesfullofsanasmiling - ME BEING IN THIS FANDOM IS ALMOST ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT, OKAY??? Here i was naively thinking i was never gonna pick up this show and then you had to go and tell me “oh yeah they handle mental illness really well actually”??? how dare you. but also in all seriousness I am very glad you convinced me to do so, and that you were here with me every step of the way. I am so, so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. My totally official spouse, my partner in all things writing related, my best friend. I love you with every inch of my heart, lyds <3 <3 <3
  • @rumpelsnorcack - the entire other reason i’m in this fandom, i s2g i need friends who will get me into less soul-consuming shows??? But also I seriously cannot thank you enough, you have been with me through at least three fandoms’ bullshit now so I’m pretty sure we can face pretty much anything at this point. I can talk to you about literally anything without judgment, and that’s honestly incredible. Thanks for putting up with my endless rambling, and for always being willing to talk to me about our boys <333
  • @pronouncingitwang - i guess technically i dragged you into this hellhole aksdjnaskjnda BUT I”M SO GLAD YOU LET ME OKAY???? You are one of the most amazing supportive people I know. Your messages [and your adorable face] never fail to brighten my day. thank you for sticking with me through…….. so much bullshit. You are wonderful and ilysm <3 <3

Now for the friends I’ve met through this beautiful mess of a show:

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when i was in highschool, one of my favorite things to do was watch people rant about things on youtube. and i remember i had followed some people for years watching them just be angry throughout their own high school experiences. then they graduated and gradually, they stopped being so angry. at the time i was annoyed bc i found their more mild content less entertaining.

looking back on it, i actually feel super happy for them knowing that they moved on to a point in their lives where they weren’t as angry. like i could see that they were genuinely happier with themselves and their lives. and looking back im super happy they got happier.

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Listen I love Henrik but I really cringed when he said "You know I like gay people!" to Morten and also when he said "Me and Tarjei are comfortable with our sexualities and we know there is nothing gay between us so it wasn't awkward". Bby please don't talk

god i know… also, such a shame there is nothing gay…. imagine not being gay. i wouldn’t wish that upon anyone 

[ you may hit that HEART, this is a STARTER CALL  -  especially since I lost my previous one somehow and I never managed to begin any of the previous ones. mutuals only, you know the drill. and length will vary depending on inspiration. it will take me time to make them.
for all p.5 muses out there that will like this post, please note that things might get a bit slower than my usual, already slow self and pace, given I still have no clear ideas about my muse’s status in that timeline. but i’ll get to it, eventually. ]

Pride month thingy

Since it is pride month the idea just came to my mind maybe it’s time to talk about this thing. I guess most of you know I am bisexual, but if not than hey I am bi. This is also a kind of coming out and I want to share my story with you.
So I am 17 ( for a week yey) and I know my sexuality sure for two years. I always was obsessed with gay things, like this is also known by everybody I guess. 
So the story starts somewhere there, I was always totally okey with all the lgbtq members, I also had friends who aren’t straight, but when I first realized I am bi, I couldn’t deal with it. And not because of religious things, because I am the most atheist living thing on this earth ( maybe Stephan Hawking is more atheist, at least he does it funnier). I always looked a bit boyish, I have a deeper voice, I don’t use make-up and I have a shorter hair. I also have the kind of problem that not that seeable, but i have mustache. Several times many people said I look like a boy, or they actually thought I am a boy. So when I fell into a girl I was afraid people will think I am lesbian ( what I am not, I had a boyfriend and I also can have crush on boys), or trans or i have no idea what in peoples mind going on. It was known for me that for many people it isn’t clear which word what means. And anyways I haven’t felt myself as an lgbtq people, like I also was into boys. This was a strange feeling, and it is still, don’t belong anywhere, being between the two sexual identity. I only said this to my best friend.
Almost a year ago we were talking in the class about lgbt members, and a girl said she thinks bisexual people don’t exist because they are just girls who can’t find a boy themselves, maybe because they are so ugly. A boy said bi girls are probably always cheating on their partners with the other gender. Than they started to speak about that, short haired girls are always lesbians and stuff. 
At this time I had something with a girl, and I felt myself so bad after this conversation, because I still didn’t come out, I didn’t protect lgtb people in this conversation I was just sitting there and listening to it.
 But than I started to tell this thing to my friends and they reacted really cute. They even supported my relationship with a girl and this made me so happy. 
My parents still don’t know about it and also people who aren’t closer friends to me. But I am trying to deal with that, being different is normal and if next time I will have a girlfriend we may could holding hands and kissing in the public as hetero pairs. 
What I want to say with this story is there is sadly still too many people who doesn’t think bisexuality exists or they don’t know what this is. There is still too many stereotype about things like short haired girls are lesbians, and girls with boyish look are trans etc. I really want people to read about sexuality because this is important. 

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