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Everyone gotta try to trend #JINGraduationDay. If we could do it for other members, we could do it for him. As a university student myself, I know how tedious it can be. And all you who are too will know. THIS GUY GRADUATED TRYING TO BALANCE TIME AS A STUDENT AND IDOL!!!!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!! Can you imagine the stress he had to endure??? PLEASE CONGRATULATE HIM THROUGH TWITTER!!!!! HE WORKED HIS BUTT OFF FOR THIS DAY AND COULDN’T EVEN ATTEND THE CEREMONY LIKE HE WANTED TO. 

i’m honestly so invested in joaquin - not  just joavin as much as i love them together - but joaquin as his own character. like why is he in the southside serpents? does he have a family? is he gay? bi? is he out? how old is he? if he’s kevin age why isn’t he in school??? i have?? so many questions and i just wanna know everything about him

[Raven is trying to teach Beast Boy and Starfire Earth history]
Raven: Ghandi. What did he do?
Beast Boy: Freed Ireland.
Raven: Try again.
Beast Boy: …Freed Ireland.
Raven: Freed INDIA.
Beast Boy: Before or after he freed Ireland?
Raven: Moving on. Jackie Robinson. What did he do?
Starfire: First Irish man to play baseball after Ghandi freed him!
Raven: …I…I quit.

so here’s the thing
that myth of everyone finding a special someone, that we all have a soulmate, that we deserve someone who loves us just the way we want them to? it’s incredibly damaging. not only is it destroying so many relationships because hey it’s not perfect and if it’s not perfect that apparently doesnt mean “work on it” but “my someone is still out there”. which is kinda fucked up. and dont get me started on how especially men are brought up believing that there’s an attractive woman who will do their emotional labour and have sex with them and then when that women doesn’t mysteriously appear in their life they get angry, or violent, because they feel like theyre denied something that is their birth right. the idea of that One Person is so ingrained in our culture it’s hard to see beyond it, it really is everywhere. im not gonna go into why but im sure you can all guess who benefits from that concept (and by default also the nuclear family) (hint: it’s capitalism and the patriarchy). and that might sound super cynical and depressing now but it isn’t! because if you do find someone that complements you in all the right ways than that’s not a given, it’s more like a mega special extra bonus that you get to experience because youre a lucky bastard! and if you don’t, then you’re not broken. there’s nothing wrong with you if you cant (or dont want to!) find or keep a partner. you’re not missing out on some milestone of life that everyone else is experiencing, i promise. it’s only one of the many many cool things that you can do in your life and it’s not mandatory, no matter what everyone and their mum is telling you. it’s a Myth!!! and the nature of myths is that questioning them seems weird/wrong/ridiculous/unnecessary!! do it anyway, fuck hegemonial power structures!!