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So Im just gonna throw out the biggest issue with abortion in my mind; Overpopulation! The current population of humans is around 7.6 billion people right? And the average annual world growth is about 83 million new people every year. Now the theoretical population cap for when we'll all start running out of food is about 10 billion people, we are not far off from that and if we try to say that every fetus that starts developing is a fully fledged human, we'll make it there alot faster.


So I mean, murder is still murder buddy. I mean imagine you’re talking about idk like Jews. That’s touchy: imagine the Germans came back and used the same argument…it works Bc you didn’t argue the fact of fetuses being human…

This is probably the worst argument I’ve heard against abortion tbh haha sorry man. Utilitarianism at its most extreme

  • phone: *ring ring*
  • Lance: *picks up phone* hey Shiro I'm just hanging out with Keith what's up
  • Shiro: I'm at the store I just wanted to know if you guys needed anything
  • Keith: *odd crunching in background*
  • Shiro: please tell me Keith isn't eating raw spaghetti out of the container again
  • Lance: *looks at Keith, who has stopped crunching*
  • Keith: *shakes head slowly*
  • Lance: no

jason to the batfam gc at 3am: @ duke @ babs this could be us but u playin (by the old mans rules) :/

duke: god i wish that were me

babs: im the girl in red who knew that had to be done

duke: im the girl in brown pretending to be shocked in case she’s caught on camera, so she can just say she was forced to participate and is left off the hook

jason: damn you’re good thomas

bruce: you know we can all read the groupchat right.

I cant even imagine the amount of pressure that namjoon must be feeling with all these upcoming american interviews…i really hope the people doing those interviews do their research so there arent any dumb, rude, or awkward questions