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are you trying to make some sort of point by reblogging a bunch of terfs after saying you don't support their ideology? also noticing a big aphobe trend in the notes of these posts, and some ppl calling thomas sanders a pedophile still over that fanart miscommunication (which he has MORE than cleared up btw)

do you have any critical reading skills or??

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What are your honest thoughts on Ohmtoonz lately? I'm feeling a lil bit sad and worried..

Why you feeling sad and worried? I think it is at it’s best at the moment. The last Rainbow Siege video we saw he has started turning his attention to Ohm as he used to do with Delirious. The way he asked if he wanted to ride in his new truck etc with only directing his questions and call outs at him showed that when playing 6seige he thinks about Ohm, as well as when playing by himself, thinking of Ohm when he was on Kanal because it made Ohm laugh.  I think they have become so close, with the in-jokes they share and the fact Rainbow is now ‘their game’ together like Cartoonz stated as well as the fact they’re always flirting with one another, with neither put off by it as they’re both flirty in nature.

Cartoonz has even made small videos for Ohm (the lemonade and the shower one) like you would a close friend. He also knows what Ohm looks like too, which could mean that Ohm is more than comfortable showing Cartoonz what he looks like.

 To be honest, I enjoy shipping people together, but at the end of the day, I know all they are is friends, and in this case, I know that their friendship only grows closer as they start playing more and more together. Of course, too Cartoonz, Delirious will always be the main guy he plays with because they’re practically brothers in real life, but Ohm is just some guy he has met on the internet who has become his best friend online as they play more games together, not just 6seige. So I’m not really sure what you’re worried about. I reckon they’ll only grow closer together. They both respect each other and they make each other laugh, so I doubt that bond they have will break even if they disagree on matters. 

Sorry for this long-ass post, but that’s my feelings on the matter of Ohmtoonz.

what’s the lesbian experience anyway… for me it’s:

  • realizing I spent years forcing myselt to fake attraction to men
  • being scared about not understanding attraction because of faking for so long
  • identifying all those Lesbian moments from childhood/your teenage years even
  • being lonely as fuck because you suddenly realize there are like 2 lesbians in your life in total and you can’t share your experiences
  • being touch starved
  • alison bechdel understands
  • “I haven’t watched all the episodes of The L Word I’m a fake lesbian”
  • “oh god I met another wlw I MUST like them I mean it’s not like I have many opportunities”
  • experiencing all the stuff that others experienced when they were teenagers but way later

Ok but I was thinkin on it and idk what experiences you guys have had but, if I ever lose anything that’s needed at the time (keys, wallet, a document) and my mum is demanding it there and then it is legitimately terrifying.
You have to keep cool and pretend you know where it is while frantically searching through boxes and under beds and through closets and all sorts.

I can’t believe how I only just remembered this but losing/forgetting things has always been an unpleasant horrible miserable experience and having a parent yell at you telling you how useless and incompetent and messy you are is the worst thing I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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I think the wormhole in s1e1 was programed before. Because Blue was been hidden, how was Blue supose to came back? And the other lions? I think Alfor did this for every lion, but since Blue was found first and Allura was awake by that time, then the other wormholes that have been prepared became useless. Can you picture Alfor doing something like that? Also, what about they were destinated to be paladins? Didn't Keith say something about a prophecy?

That is a very smart theory :0 I can absolutely picture Alfor doing something like this, there is no way that Allura was the only Altean to be able to work the castle. I mean, we already have magician!Haggar to prove that. 

Also, also. The castle obviously wasn’t on Altea either anymore. You don’t need magic to do that, but it’s still something that has to be Alfor’s doing. So maybe Alfor hid the lions and programmed the castle to land on Arus + the wormholes to open when the lions have chosen a new pilot. Until Allura is there of course, she and Coran reset a lot of the castle’s functions, it’s absolutely possible that she pretty much overwrote the wormehole openings for the other lions… 

MMMMH FUCK IDK ANON I’M NEW TO CREATING THEORIES,,, Keith said: “each one [of the markings] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion. but they all share clues leading to some event, some arrival happening last night. then you showed up.” Whoever put the markings there knew about what was going to happen. And they also knew when it was going to happen because the night where Shiro arrived was “yesterday” and they met Blue “today”. The arrival they were talking about was indeed Shiro’s arrival on Earth and not Lance meeting Blue for the first time. I’m absolutely floored by this, I have no explanation for it. Neither Allura nor Haggar have shown any kind of ability to see into the future like this, even if both of them have the ability to sense quintessence/the lions “waking up”. 

Anyone else got any ideas on that?? Maybe a new alien race that can create prophecies and was close friends with the Alteans????????