idk about the quote oh well anyway

you can make a million photosets and there are a million quotes explaining just how exactly it is that you write a ‘strong female character’

but honestly i think the key is just to have many. if pam beasley had been the only woman on the office her soft-spokenness would have been seen as one-dimensional - but pair her up with strict angela, with abrasive jan levinson-gould and with goofy holly, pam suddenly feels a lot more realistic

if ginny or hermione or even dolores umbridge or molly weasley had been the only women in harry potter, think of how frustrating their characters would have been. but throw them all in together - and suddenly there’s a depth to the whole story that feels so much more believable, because when you only have one woman, you’re saying that all women are feisty or are bookish or are frumpy evil megalomaniacs or are warm mothers

in real life, there is an infinite variety of women who make different choices and different mistakes. when you have a movie or a tv show or a book that has a limited amount of women - they almost always feel flat and one-dimensional, because, in a way, they represent all of the women in that particular universe. but if you have multiple women? bam! it’s hard to write a bad female character when you have enough of them that they feel varied and interesting