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EXO reaction to Baekhyun dating Taeyeon

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Xiumin : Oh really …  then if you need help don’t hesitate *shy*

Luhan : *confused* well since it’s not Sehun or Xiumin then congrats 

Kris : how did that kkaebsong get a Girlfriend before me , he’s not my style anymore

Suho : *proud omma* that’s how i taught him 

Lay : im i high ? or is he really dating her !! am so lost ? where am i ? who are you  people ?

and when he remember everything 

Chanyeol : “What’s there to make up for when all you’re going to do is leave him for another person the next day?”

i still love you Baekkie comeback home baby come back home~ 

love is like a domino i fall for you and you fall for someone else 

Chen : i cant wait to troll him even more infront of taeyeon noona 

D.O :

Taozi :  idk what to say but ..

but im fabulous bitch 

KAi : wait what ? how did that happen am way sexier than you, you piece of kkaebsong 

sehun : well anyways bitch am prettier than all of you !!

MEANWHILE BAEKHYUN : Oh why thank you XD


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“I was a day player, sooo my life has changed, to say the least. I’m thrilled. I don’t know how else to put it. I am the happiest person.”