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Falling in love with Kim Seokjin (3/)

Okay, listen. I know I’m late. But fully, I don’t care. Wanna know why????? Cos man died. I actually died. I thought the camo was going to kill me but no it was this. This whole ‘falling in love with Kim Seokjin’ highkey had an order but fuck orders cos this actually happened. And listen, as a black girl I just wanna say man was lean, bopping tf out, like I will never ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get over it. I can’t and I won’t and watch me talk about this to my future partner, saying that they’ll never make me feel how Kim Seokjin has ever made me feel.

Hello!!! It took me like a month to make myself do it but I finally finished my follow forever! These people make being on this shitty website just that much better and I’m really thankful idk I’m feeling emotional about everyone even though i talk to like 3 people haha ANYWAY here it is I love all of you so much!!!!!!!!! If you’re reading this like ‘yo wtf I should be on this’ you probably are meant to be I’m 99% sure I’ve missed people I’m so so sorry :(((

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it’s occurred to me that until I get better at colors (read: happier with my skills) this is as finished as this animation is going to get

so uh, here it is


Soooo im not in danger mode yet exactly, Id just like to have a bit more than single digits in my bank account till I get paid next…plus people seem to like these silly little things so why not! 

5 USD, preferably pony (I could try other races but no promises on the quality so there’s your disclaimer) and I have the right to refuse…though idk why I would.

Message me on tumblr about one and I’ll ask for payment once I start it.



the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters