idk about any of you but this is my favorite picture of her

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1. one of my favorite photos ever, it’s just so relaxing and chill, and i can see myself in that place with friends or alone, and idk it calms me and takes me to like a good time despite having never been to wherever the picture is
2. my baby missy, i love her so much, she is the reason i live, she’s so kind and pretty and cute, and i love her.
3. i took the picture at the getty museum last may or june. i think it’s one of my favorite art pieces (apart from every claude monet painting ever) it’s called young ladies looking at japanese objects by james tissot. it’s been my phone wallpaper for months, and i just love the detail and beauty of the painting
4. i really dig korean street fashion, and this is just a cool outfit imo. i get a lot of inspiration from korean street fashion. it inspired my own fashion as well as my art.
5. another one of my favorite photos, however, it gives me lonely vibes (and some wwii vibes as well) i like the colors and feelings i get from it.
6. one of ogeretsu tanaka’s covers for the manga ‘azami.’ i really love manga and anime, and it’s inspired me to begin drawing, and i just really enjoy itm. ogeretsu tanaka’s works are one of my favorites as well

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