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Infatuation or Greed

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Characters: Kang Daniel x Reader

Genre: poorly attempted fluff? idk, I’m not really good at these things.

WARNING: slightly explicit? idk again. sorry. I’m just really detailed on certain aspects.

A/N: not sure if this is a scenario or a drabble. hmm, whatevs. I know I haven’t been updating, but rn I’ve got other priorities so due to lack of updates, here’s some Kang Daniel lovin’! sorry if this isn’t what you expected, but I’m obviously not good at fluff, it isn’t really my forte. nor is writing in general. enjoy i guess? and thanks a bunch. <3

The sun shines brightly and straight through the window and closed curtains, you hiss at the sudden exposure that forces you to be awake now. With eyes still droopy with tiredness, you simply crane your neck and stare at the clock, it blinks 10.26 am.

Sighing, you rub your eyes for a few seconds before trying to stretch out, which resulted to chase away the arms that had been wrapped around your naked body. Besides your own, there’s another heavy movement from the left, you look over and see him now on his back, both arms over his head and mouth slightly agape as loud snoring follows right after the body movement dies down.

“Boo, wake up,” You roll over and come chest to chest with your sleeping naked boyfriend, who groans at the extra weight, “it’s almost lunch.”

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Reasons Dave Malloy And Lin Manuel Miranda Should Be Friends

• both read a hella long book no one thought should be made into a musical
• made it into a musical
• play the main character in their musical bc why not???
• are in love with Phillipa Soo
• both of their characters go through midlife crisis (well Hamilton’s is more like a life crisis)
• have a bunch of other musicals that people ignore for some reason but they’re great???

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Today I was on twitter, and I saw one thing about how liking Draco is tasteless/bad, and that pairing him w Harry is bad bc they have no chemistry anyway. And I know it's all been talked about before, there's lots of opinions, its just silly pairing stuff, but for some reason it made me feel so.. upset. I like the pair, it makes me happy, for a bunch of reasons, some even personal. Idk. Just needed to share this with someone it felt weird in my chest.

Um….rude?!? Like, first off, any movie or show you watch where the main female and main male character hate each other at the start, you just know they are going to get together at the end. Even if there’s no chemistry. It’s such a widely accepted trope for straight couples but clearly less believable when it’s same gender couples.

But despite the fact that the enemies to lovers trope can sometimes be harmful, especially if there is an unhealthy power dynamic followed by no redemption or apology or forgiveness element in between, I still much prefer it to the common - love at first sight bullshit, or let’s loop these two characters together because they’re both unattached and of the opposite gender.

With the enemies to lovers trope, at least in my mind, there has to be development on the part of both characters before you get to the romance part. They have to learn to understand each other first before they fall in love. And in my mind this is a deeper love than falling in love with the idea of someone or someone’s looks and then the rest falling into place later.

Anyway, I agree that the pairing could be distasteful if presented in the wrong way - if Draco never got over his prejudices, if he continued to bully Harry then of course that would be unhealthy. But the way I view Draco as a character, and the way I like to write him is always remorseful, maturing enough to grow out of his family’s prejudices and making up his own mind. And in the process understanding his own feelings better. And of course falling head over heels in love with Harry James Potter (or finally realising he already did long ago).

Sorry long answer.🥃 Tl;dr I love drarry and you shouldn’t feel bad for loving drarry. Sorry that it made you feel upset. 💜💛❤️

So basically everyone on ‘Backstage’ is gay af and I won’t accept any other canon.

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What's wrong with Grant Morrison? (This is totally not a challenging or bitchy ask, I'm genuinely curious about what you know)

i just find him to generally be not a very good writer who is overly hyped and is very egotistical

there was the whole thing w turning talia into a rapist over at dc and other dumb character decisions like the whole space batman thing or even the creation of dust which had islamophobic/racist undertones (even if it was well-intentioned) his whole new x-men run was apparently riddled w offensive moments and bad writing (i believe there was a moment where beast lies about being gay to avoid a woman or something?? idk i haven’t read it so…)

a serious house on serious earth was just a mess of a comic and also gaycoded the joker to hell and back. he even said he wanted to dress joker in an outfit from a madonna video when he first met batman bcos he was lusting over batman. i can’t find the article but he said something along the lines of wanting to show the attraction to the “perverse and demented” quick q grant! why’d you hate gay ppl just askin! and i remember all of his batman runs being ableist and homophobic to some degree so fuck him. 

he’s also done a bunch of parallel earths where he turns heroes like batman and superman into nazis. 

idk he’s created some characters that i love like damian wayne, ryan choi (co-created) and fantomex but i feel like the reason i love them is because what other ppl have added over the years and not morrison himself so. yeet bitch. 

say what you will about disliking dragon 2 cos of idk the combat or the maps of areas or the linear storyline but like

But you never get this desperately attached to a bunch of idiots in origins or inquisition. Like I got attached to the storylines and you could feel the pressure to make good decisions because POTENTIAL FOR TOTAL ANNIHILATION and sure I felt for the characters and shit but like I never got so fucking attached to a bunch of losers in my life. And it was just one fucking city never was it like “the world is ripping apart” or “the blight will kill us all” it’s just one fucking city and Like they’re all trying their best. And all their stories are sad af. And they are all just terrible at everything but THEY TRY and the fucking Hawke family just DESERVES NICE THINGS AND NEVER GET THEM LIKE

just I still get so emotional about them like fucking years on whereas origins and inq I was like “cool that was cool what’s next” I wasn’t like….screaming at my computer years after the time i first played it to change the written storyline while crying or writing a version of this text post getting really teary remembering the death of Hawke’s fucking mum ok the other two will never get me like that

Voltron Legendary Defender-Season 4: A fuck up

im so sorry, actually no im not,

but they write voltron so horribly,…. they start the season of with keith ALREADY in the blade of marmora? with no explain? or the direct reason as to why? it’s a huge turning point and no galra keith information and we’re already 4 seasons in? That means they’re going to squeeze in everything so horribly in the future. I’m sorry but this show is horribly written. And this is my opinion so don’t give me any shit for it, I’m tired of this show not going through with a single idea but trying to do 15 ideas at once… voltron baby im so sorry they did this to u, it’s not what u deserve, DONT even get me started on other characters’ development

- first: they started doing fewer episodes and more seasons. that’s only just tricking us to make us forget the point of how stupid the episodes are. if you think about how many episodes in season 4 (WHICH IS ONLY 6 EPISODES) can you get good key points from the story as a whole? not many. if we’re gonna get less episodes per season I want those episodes to be in depth, not a whole fucking episode wasted on them doing shows and the coran thing. that lasted for not even 10 minutes and we only get 26 mins or so per episode? and what was the turn out of that? not really anything. so please give us a beach episode or something, not a useless slot to fill in for an episode. by in depth episodes i mean: galra keith, the kuron thing (is that just gone? it’s obviously still not the real shiro), more character development, narti? step your fucking game up vld writers, we don’t have many more seasons left to deal with your bullshit

- second: im glad they chose keith to join the blade of marmora and everything but was it really necessary to pretty much completely kick him out of the season as if he meant nothing and then surprise! he was about to commit suicide to save everyone? how can you spend countless episodes of development on a character just to completely get rid of him?  i mean if you’re gonna fuck up you might as well continue and not just half-ass it and then start fucking other things up.

- third: narti. bitch what? you kill off the most interesting of the bunch and then DON’T EVEN HAVE A REACTION. the only reaction we get is the girls shooting lotor blah blah. but NOTHING ELSE? idk if you’ve realized but the vld writers do not like to show reactions? When “shiro” came back. boom. not much of a reaction. the only REAL reaction was pidge and matt. I’m so glad they didn’t fuck that up.

- fourth: slav? is he just gone?

- fifth: allurance? look i hate to be the one to point this out (ESPECIALLY SINCE I DON’T SHIP IT AND I AM A KLANCE SHIPPER), but i think this is what they meant when lance was going to get something opposite from what he was going for. “In the beginning” he flirted with allura obviously knowing he wasn’t going to get her. so he had the mind set that he could as least try and obviously she rejected. and throughout this season not only did he get jealous about the whole matt thing, but he reassured her with her powers. She saved the balmera, she activated blue when they were stuck in season 3, she fought off Haggar earlier when she turned all purple and shit and throughout all of these she knew she could finish off strong. Allura is self assured. She realized lance was right when he had pointed that out. Thus the “no allura it was all you” but i honestly hope it doesn’t become canon. I’m just pointing this out… again i don’t ship it lol

- SIXTH: AGES?! Matt flirted with Allura. Allura is a teen. If Matt is Shiro’s age and Allura is a teen…. then uhhhh??????? just like s/////hallura, THAT IS CANCELLED. Behind this whole point, my MAIN point is that the writers never release anything OFFICIAL. Can we have anything official please?

- seventh: ….they made more hunk food jokes…. i seriously am so done. knock it off with that please

But in the end, the next season is just going to be horribly written, they’ll never give any characters development, Or they will begin to and THEN KILL THEM OFF (RIP NARTI?) On the bright side, I am so happy Pidge and Matt are together they wrote that part extremely well. And now we’ll just have to wait like 2 months and get a season with 5 episodes! yay! hint the sarcasm pls

ps. klance is cannon king 

and this is my opinion don’t fucking give me shit, you don’t agree? then don’t say anything, thanks!

You know it’s kind of sad that 343′s kind of ignoring the Flood existence because

They would make for a perfect horror survival game.

And yes I realize Halo’s already a horror story, but like…The Mona Lisa, you all watched that? Bunch of people go to investigate a silent ship and find it full of Flood and they have to fight their way out, but only like two survive?

Like idk maybe your character was asleep (like in that other Halo Evolutions short story) and woke up to their base/ship overrun by Flood, and you have to sneak your way out without being detected by the Flood. Because lets face it, tiny human caught by the Flood? Dead.

Also because the Flood are fucking horrifying. They’re already the monsters of horror stories, I think Microsoft would benefit from making a game based off those.

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ok theres a couple more but u get the picture. lol. 


How I feel about this character

griffin said “are you naming your wizard TACO?” and justin said “yes,” and i fell in love instantly.

no but okay. he was my first fave, tbh, and then for a while he was no longer my fave, but then a bunch of stuff and stolen century and etc and the endgame happened and i was like “oh no you’re still my favorite boy.” He’s…complicated. And there’s the layers of who taako is with and without lup, and who he cares about, and what he feels about people and what hes not saying and what he’s blatantly lying about and what he’s being completely fucking truthful about. basically he’s really interesting to explore in fic, and also i love him, the darling disaster boy. justin plays him in such an interesting way. i find him too relatable. its a problem.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

taakitz - A Good Fuckin Ship. i love both of em and i love both of em together. confession: i wasnt 100% onboard until the finale, just cause we hadn’t seen them together enough, but during story and song i was like mm HELL yeah im here for this. i think they’re just like, really good together. im gonna get into this more later cause yall are lovely and sent me asks desiring my gushing about taakitz.

taagnus - also! a good ship. like i think this is the ultimate bromance turned romance, you know? i wrote about this in mango’s section so im not gonna get into it here, but idk, very much into the idea of them loving and supporting one another. top tier.

semi-seriously magic brian/taako - listen. the accents. THE ACCENTS.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

i mean the obvious easy answer is lup and taako but thats too easy, so imma go with:

barold bluejeans n taako: @terezis pretty much summed up my feelings about this in her answer, tbh. but i really like taako and barry just as like…bros! good bros! taako being encouraging of lup and barry was real cute, and so was the swimming lessons, and idk, from the beach scene and the scene with “taako…kill me” but right before all the drama it really painted a picture of two guys who are just real good friends and like, its a good friendship. idk i like it a lot. ive written a lot about it cause i like it.

(runners up: ren and taako, angus and taako)

actually fuckit i’ll talk about lup and taako. you know whats weird? i have no siblings but i end up talking about lup and taako a lot and im always super hesitant about that relationship when im writing or characterizing it. but like, idk, i really like the idea of them as the most important people in each others lives for a long time, and the only person they really consider family until the starblaster. i think it probably verges on codependent at times, especially pre-starblaster, but then they end up caring about a bunch of other people too and its good.

My unpopular opinion about this character

i think the fandom kinda sans undertale’d him. but also? hes a good boy. i get the obsession with taako adventurezone.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

i want to see the aftermath of him and lucretia. i think that’s really interesting — there’s been a lotta good fic about that which hurts 2 much to read (i believe @maegnus and @epersonae wrote some of it? i might be mixing that up, andim definitely forgetting someone, sorry sorry im in class and not factchecking, if u wanna reblog with links that’s chill af)

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Hi, I'm new to your blog and there's some things I don't get. What's the story behind this blog, who are the characters, and is there a community around this blog? If so, could you name blogs related to yours, and people who I should know about?

first of all, hellloo welcome!! this is a hetalia art-student au blog, the first one, not to brag. I know there are SOOO many more student blogs like this, most are somewhere along the lines of “ask (major) student (country)”, and i dont know how many there are but if you look around tumblr you’ll find some. I know @ask-artstudentnorway the closest but the rest ill be honest i have no idea what their URLs are. i the blogs i do know are hong kong with martial arts, hungary with culinary, luxenbourg with art and ehhh. idk….i made a bunch of majors for practically every character but other people made their own blogs so i feel like my blog takes place in a alternate timeline.

theres a bit of a storyline behind it that ive developed for the characters here, plenty of characters made for parents and other characters like Old Fritz (art professor) and Knights Templar (cousin Katie. really good pun, i have a character sheet on it). Everything takes place in college/uni, and everyone met Gil (muse) in either World Academy (high school) or Art school, you can ask for specific characters if you want to know more. 

aside from the plot, we got my guud friend Leon, who’s like the smartest person on earth, and a bunch of anons (and RR, the legendary) who like to post poetry and writing in forms of asks. 

also this is the pruaus trash bin i run lmao, so a lot of my main blog’s artwork that involves prussia or austria would be posted here. 

any more questions to specify? i’ll answer the best i can!! 

wow this is a huuuge post sorry lol

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i can understand defending yurio but then you go and ship him with otabek... imo that's just ruining his character especially since it's disgusting, otabek's an adult already and yurio's still a child which you yourself said. idk you just lost my respect as a yurio stan /1

there’s a bit more to this, and a whole bunch of other asks in my inbox tbh but i’m only going to answer once and then i’m deleting everything else from existence and forever holding my peace. but this is part of why i’ve been avoiding my blog lately and why i’ve been way too (keyboard smash to represent emotion) to make things bc i haven’t even been around here long but people like you are really starting to wear on my nerves.

i have had it with being harassed for being an otayuri-centric blog, and for being a yuri plisetsky blog, and for being both things at once. honestly the world would be a much better place if you as/sh/les decided to put your energy to actually helping people instead of white-knighting and trying to police the fandom to your impossible and idiotic moral standards, and going after everyone who so much as breathes in yuri plisetsky’s direction. i’ve got news for you people: fandoms are sub-cultures within microcosms of society; they were never going to be “safe spaces” bc “safe” is relative and it’s impossible to control and force such a large and diverse group of people into fitting some arbitrarily set code of ethics (and whose, for that matter?). what is “safe and comfortable” for me isn’t the same for the next person, but i don’t go around sending death threats to everyone who makes content that i personally do not agree with. what should happen tho is that content creators tag and inform their audiences of the subject matter their works deal with, and that content consumers search and view content responsibly and curate their own viewership to align with their comfort levels.

(but what about minors!! you yell, aghast. well considering how heavily tagged works are these days, if underage idiots still go seeking out inappropriate content and exposing themselves to it then that’s on them, not the people who made it. content-policing creative works does nothing other than make people cranky and frequently make people stop creating altogether, and just deals damage all around. it’s not productive. stop being willfully obtuse.)

here’s something to stew on: you can’t go forcing your own moral code onto other people, in the same way you can’t apply your cultural lens to other cultures. people are different, cultures are different, everything operates differently and yours is not the only perspective. fandoms are heavily grey areas, as are all things related to content creation. i’m not saying all forms of content are allowable and even things like racism or sexism should be given platforms, don’t even go there, but trying to mash something like fandom into some impossible form of Unproblematic Purity™ is not a solution and is also stupid. everything is problematic. yoi has problematic aspects. YOU are problematic (as am i). get over it, move on, learn better. leave the rest of us alone to do the same and make things while we’re going along.

(i will not and will never be hauled into discourse on how otayuri is problematic, and anyone who tries is going to be vehemently made to go away.)

as for the actual content of this ask, i’m just going to say this: if you honestly think that having yura in any relationship with otabek somehow “ruins his character” then i’m going to have a great big laugh at your expense and then i’m going to ask if 1) we watched the same show and 2) you were even paying attention. i’ve already had my discussion about how otabek is important for yura etc, etc, and i’m going to stand by it, bc these boys are important for each other and they give each other a lot by being in each other’s lives, romance or no. you may take your complete lack of understanding of character complexity off my lawn and into the next dimension, far far away from me, thank you.

now if you will all excuse me, i am sick, i have a showcase tomorrow that i need to finish preparing for, and i need a nap. anything related to discourse can be redirected to 1-800-NOPE.

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do you have any good sources to learn how to do lowpoly? :o

oh god not really? i learned through 1 or 2 main sources and then just googling every single problem i had from there on out

but here’s some of the stuff i did use (specific to the program Blender)

Creating A Low Poly Ninja Game Character Using Blender: Part 1 (they make a ninja in this tutorial but you can apply to same concepts to most character models. it’s all about learning the tools available and the hotkeys. the approach they use in this is the approach i generally use!)

Rosemoth’s video tutorial series (it’s a different approach than what i use, but it’s still very good! i learned some tips n tricks from it)

Building A Basic Low Poly Character Rig In Blender (for posing your character and stuff)

this website also has a bunch more for Blender

there’s programs other than blender obviously but uuuhhh idk how to use em

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Sometimes I read comments on SPN's facebook page on the trailers/sneak peaks and wow! It seems like some people have no idea wtf is going on the show in terms of character development and plot-wise. There's people that still say things like "Mary should die bc she's annoying" or "John should've been brought back instead of her" or a bunch of other things that don't make sense in terms of where this story is going... Doesn't it annoy you when people don't, idk, THINK?

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This is why I try to stay away from the GA POV and twitter. Although mainstream media is an interesting delve into it to see what they’ve figured out and at least they’ve figured out Jack’s role as a mirror and that Dean is not coping well and Sam is projecting onto Jack. Pretty good so far, but then season 13 has been pretty fucking blatant about those things in comparison to earlier seasons!

I do spend a lot of time when I do going… literally all you have to do is ask the question WHY and you’d get to the next step. Facepalm.

It’s fine. I remind myself that Dabb & co don’t give a shit what they think, they write the deep interesting stuff for the people who care, Dabb has literally said he doesn’t give a tweedly-doo what twitter says and is telling the story as he sees it and he’s doing a marvellous job. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the show :)