idk I just think this is cute

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What are your favorite and least favorite Kellic tropes?

I think I answered something similar to this the other day but I can’t remember my answers.

If we’re talking about fics in general then my least fave trope is “oh I was in a car accident and lost all my memory oh dear” WHICH I KNOW IS HYPOCRITICAL OF ME BECAUSE I PUT IT IN THE DEAL 2. As for faves, just crying in general. The main character being hurt by the other main character and crying. idk why I like that so much.

IF WE’RE TALKING KELLIC then my least fave trope is people putting lyrics like “without you there is no me” and “they say love is forever, you forever is all that I need.” IN THE DIALOGUE. LIKE IN THE  ACTUAL DIALOGUE. Like just those lines. The main few that EVERYONE seems to use. I think I’ve done that before too HA! As for faves???????? Fave Kellic tropeeeeeeeee BADBOY VIC WITH CUTE INNOCENT KELLIN BYE

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REGARDING ANDERS HAVING TO REPLACE HIS COAT FEATHERS: not really an answer but this reminded me of my old cat who either loved or hated feathers, i couldn't tell. Whenever she found something feathery, like a cat toy, or the feather boa from our costume chest, she would just settle down with it between her paws and rip it to bits. Not sure where I'm going with this, other than "imagine an encounter with such a cat?" idk as long as it's cute.


Anders would 100% just pluck a feather from his coat to use as an instant cat toy, man. Wouldn’t even think twice.

I've been watching Parks & Rec again,

and I’m just going to say it:
Ben Wyatt is like the perfect nerd boyfriend.

He’s super adorable and geeky; he completely loves and supports Leslie; he’s a romantic, a great friend, a feminist and just all around good guy.

I’m officially adding him to my list of fictional crushes.

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Can you do one about y/ns BF Ashton teaching her drums ?? Idk I just think that's super cute ❤️

Yep, you’re definitely right i think that’s pretty cute tbh. Okay, I hope you like it:

Drums (Ashton Irwin) - Imagine

Requested: Yes

Word count: 431

You sat on the couch in the practice room on your phone while your boyfriend, Ashton practiced his drumming. You looked over at him, there were small beads of sweat running down his face. You could see how focused he was from the way he bit his lip. You started to wonder how hard it really was to play drums as you looked at all of the complex beats and patterns he was making. Your friend tried it once and said it was hard, but they quit after two weeks, so what could they have known?

“Hey, Ash?” You asked, but he didn’t hear you over the loud crashing of the cymbals.

“ASH!” You called over the drums. The noise died down and he looked over at you, “Yeah?” he asked.

“Sorry to interrupt, you started, “but I was just wondering, how hard is it really to play drums?” 

“Well, I guess that depends on the amount of dedication you have,” That sounded right, you decided. But you still wanted to experience it for yourself.

“Can I try it?” You asked. Ash nodded, motioning you over and standing up from his drum stool. You put your phone down on the couch and walked to him. Sitting down on the drum stool, Ashton handed you his drumsticks. You stared at the drums, not knowing how to play. 

“Okay, wait,” you said, “so what do I do?” Ashton chuckled at you, coming closer and started, “First of all, baby girl, you’re holding the drumsticks wrong.” Your cheeks reddened slightly as e fixed the position of the drumsticks in your hands. He came behind you and took your wrists in his hands.

“Okay, just hit the the kick drum in a steady beat.”

“The what drum?”

“The one at your feet, baby.”

“Oh,” you said and started hitting the kick drum steadily. “Good, keep going with that,” Ash approved. He started moving your hands next, you could tell it was an easy beat because you were only using three drums overall. “There you go,” he said, while using your hands to hit the low tom and mid tom drums in a simple pattern. He let go of your hands, stepping back a bit. You kept the beat going for a little, before losing concentration and control of your hands and foot. “Dammit,” you grumbled. 

“No, no, (Y/N), that was good,” Ashton told you, stepping closer again, “Wanna do it again?” You nodded in response and Ash spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to teach his girlfriend how to be the next Ashton Irwin.

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ok ok yes yess the wedding ideas for death of a bachelor are v cute but what if it was a funeral?? But it's not sad like beeb is singing happily out of an open coffin and Sarah is there and at first she is walking down the aisle in black but then in the end it transforms into a wedding dress idk I think it would be so cool

i feel like he would fall out of a coffin hes just got that kinda feel

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How do you find stretch marks cute? I hate mine so much. It makes me self conscious

Idk, I just think stretch marks are cute. There’s no reason you should find yours ugly. They’re just scars, more things that make you an individual. Stretch marks are just proof that you’re a human being, who grows or shrinks, and so your skin grows and shrinks with it. It’s completely natural. Embrace your imperfections, love ☺️💖✨

Y’know how all the fandoms have a name for their main character on otome games, and well, I think we should give a name to protag-chan. I wanted to say this a long time ago but I totally forgot to post it. Some friends and I were talking about it and one of them suggested Kimi. Kimi (君) means righteous.  

I think Kimi is a cute name for protag-chan. Idk I just think we should give her more love because she is pretty awesome, and she needs a name. If staff doesn’t give us a name, then why we can’t choose one for her?

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myrtlewilson called you a filthy joncer I'm interested tell me more about joncer

I HATE JO OH MY GOD okay so im one of the rare people that believes that joncer was real like im pretty sure there was some attraction there at one point but even if there wasnt i still think its a cute pairing in theory idk i’m a closeted jon walker stan and i love spencer and i just think its a cute ship, u know? like theres lots of pictures and videos of them acting cute + jon being so weird about spencer after he left panic. the only reason jo called me filthy is because they dont care about themself and they believe that jon walker is a bad heterosexual i dont think this is correct i think hes a respectful straight ally

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are u still active? if so i think u r cute also i just realized all ur most recent posts are from like a month ago so idk why i'm sending this SORRY

I am. Took a break from Tumblr for a while. Lots of stuff going on in my personal life. I’m back though. :)

I was tagged by elderleobloom, thanks so much !!!


1. Tag who tagged you
2. Answer the questions

3. Tag 20 people

General appearance:
1. How tall are you?
2. Which color and style is your hair? 
dirty blonde and shoulder length
3. Which color are your eyes? blue/grey
4. Do you wear glasses/contacts? 
both! usually contacts, but i’ll wear my glasses if im lazy
5. Do you wear braces? 
well i had them for a while but now i have permanent retainers (they’re like braces but on the other side of the teeth)
6. What is your fashion style? honestly just anything i think is cute and/or comfortable??? idk i dont really have a style

You in general:
7. What is your full name? 
meghan angel donahue
8. When were you born? november 21 
9. How old are you? 
10. Where are you from/live now? north new jersey
11. Do you have siblings, and what are their names? a little sister named colleen
12. What school or college do you go to? local high school
13. What kind of student are you?
 usually pretty good, im just lazy and dont study unless i really really need to
14. Do you even like school? 
i like seeing friends and my schools theatre program, but other than that its not my favorite thing
15. What are your favorite school subjects? english and history
16. What are your favorite tv shows? OITNB, south park, parks and rec, gravity falls, steven universe, over the garden wall…
17. What are your favorite movies? 
hello dolly!, chicken run, dr horribles sing along blog (does that count?), little shop of horrors…
18. What are your favorite books? 
the perks of being a wallflower & of mice and men
19. What is your favorite pastime? internet browsing
20. Do you have any regrets?
21. What is your dream job?
 i really just want to be an actress for the rest of my life :)
22. Would you like to get married some day, and where?
 yes!!! and im not sure where, just not the beach
23. Would you like to have kids someday and how many? also yes!! and 2, maybe 3
24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy? i dont know? a jumble of all 3 i guess
25. Do you like shopping? 
26. What countries have you visited so far? i went to st lucia when i was 4 but thats it other than the US
27. What is the scariest nightmare you’ve had? when i was 4 or 5 i always had a dream that a bird was sitting on my shoulder pecking at my head and it always freaked me the heck out
28. Do you have any enemies? 
not that im aware of
29. Who are your best friends?
 kiddos in the real world
30. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes :)

i tag canal-yards-project lunybird mischief-broadway matchingvnecks bam-pow-push-it-down seizethebutt steve-blade steve-blade-ships-mcpriceley mrsmosby-wannabe thegabrielgoodman iamkevinprice orinandaudrey eldermccutie elder-nice eldermcsinley rnckinleys tonyawardwinningblog slamilton thecavalriescoming queen-mcnamara and all of my other mutuals because i want to know about all of you :)))

i think story mode is very cute in splatoon and marie is my fave bc she’s just so Relatable

while callie is adorbs. dj octavio is funny and when i first heard him speak i literally yelled out “he talks like beat!”

the octolings are also adorable. and when callie and marie danced and sang for the splatfest is was so cute. also i like agents 1 and 2 [snicker] and their interruption with their song in the final battle was sogood

splatoon makes me so happy it’s such a good game. bless. [cough] the boy inklings are the cutest [cough]

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I've liked my crush for about 5 years and I've recently started like texting and snap chatting him a lot and he's super tall and I'm super short and like the first one he sent me a snap with his face like omg he's so pretty and I"jokingly"told him he's hot today but he didn't think anything of it and he's a really good musician and he's super funny and he's not afraid to throw some shade when he doesn't like someone and idk I like him to much I don't think he likes me though, I'm just his friend

i accidentally initially answered a diff ask w this bc im on mobile lol. but that’s really cute but also 5 years is a long time to like someone so i think you should tell him how you feel but also don’t try to dwell on it too much if he doesn’t like you back bc it’ll just make he situation a lot worse ⠀ ⠀ anonymously tell me about your crush

my mom and i are gonna get mother daughter tattoos and its three am and im trying to find cute ideas like sometimes i think my mom doesnt realie howw much i love her and want her to be happy and idk this whole thing just means a lot to me 

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let's hear your dark human nature, shall we? 29, 31, 35, 22.


29. Talk about what turns you on: ur mom (im a mature 3 year old)

31. Talk about what you think death is like: well its better than life cause you die and you dont have to do anything and no one yells at you and no stress and anxiety and its great :)

35.  Talk about things you wish you could stop doing: biting my nails, being anxious, shit idk, eating oreos.

22.  Talk about your worst fear: idk what my worst fear is but maybe having to present in front of people cause its scary and i cri.

and ada is really scary they just freak me out with they’re cuteness and niceness its very scary.

:3 meow

i feel like bard would be an amazing king and his sass would just add to it like imagine someone talking to him and thranduil standing by his side and bard sasses them back making thranduil chuckle out of his serious composure. and basically theyd be like the mean girls always eating together and joking around thranduil would be the type to stab when people entered their conversation and then their mixed sass is enough to scare them away.