idk I just think this is cute

Wow do u think Jesus put people on the earth who look exactly like him. Cuz I would totally do that if I were him. Maybe we’ve stared at and spoken to the face of Jesus and we’ll never ever know. Maybe he tenderly keeps an eye on his little twins and is like “oh look how cute clone number 42 looks eating that strawberry I used to eat just like that”

i’ve hated what i’ve looked like particularly fiercely since october and all the pictures i post of myself / don’t post of myself when i take them i feel like i look so bad but like i took this on monday and now i think it’s cute and like my perception of myself is just really weird like in the moment i’m never happy with how i look but when i see past pictures of myself i’m like wow i wish i looked like that like it’s not even me i don’t know idk it’s weird and like i don’t get it

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Why Natasha and Steve aren't a couple in Marvel Movies? i read Steve stays with Agent Carter *not Peggy* is that true??? I need real ROMANOGERS a real romance not like in CATWS bc he dies in Civil War 💔😖

Errrrrg idk. First let me start by saying, the movies don’t necessarily follow the  comics, maybe bits and pieces or they amp things up with twists and shit, it really is up in the air when it comes to who ends up with who in the cinematic universe.  I too hope Steve and Natasha will end up in each others arms, and I am hopeful for more cute interactions between them since Nat is coming back for Cap 3 :)  And I think since everyone assumes he’s gonna die cuz it happened in a particular comic where agent carter kills him, I don’t think it’s gonna happen…idk why but i just don’t think so..since Chris does have another film in his contract.  All in all, I really don’t know what’s gonna happen.  

I don’t really have a problem with Destiel either like I get it it’s kind of cute and I can see why people ship that but take a look at how the supernatural production team has treated gay characters for the duration of the series

like they’re all either killed off or just sent away

the only one who I think is still alive is that one lesbian girl from season 7 I can’t remember her name the redhead who likes harry potter and Dean tells her how to chat up the security dude to help with the Leviathans

idk if she’s showed up since season 7 (I stopped watching it when I finished season 7) but I liked her

but like do you honestly think they’re going to show a relationship between two men on that show

they just queerbait a lot like there’s episodes like the one where they found the books chuck wrote and they looked them up and found out Wicest was a thing you know when the episodes actually address the fandom they have stuff like that where occasionally Dean and Cas will have a Moment but that’s it that’s all they’ll ever show they’re never going to put them in an actual relationship

don’t get me wrong I’d love to see that happen but it’s just not going to

idk i think its really cute when people act interested in your day like this boy just asked me what kind of soup i had idk its just cute



a new obsession

its messy and not anatomically accurate and really really rushed but frozen genderbends 


this is the only obv reason right