idk I just think this is cute

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am i the only one that thinks phil could have hinted at them having had a fight? because we know that one of those dogs is supposed to be phil and one dan (or one for phil and one for dan), phil has said that much in a ls. and it is kind of an odd very random tweet. idk maybe i'm just reading too much into this, that could be an option as well.

i mean…i guess? but i dont think he’s that transparent hahah lets just enjoy the cute dawgs

also i rly cant stand pet names but when a guy calls me ‘girlie’ or ‘sweetheart’ or sth i get all


Oh how cute.  I forgot…. I uh…. I really ought to look into this or something but usually CBA.  This camera mod I have is nerfed in WA locations andddddd… I think Isla Paradiso.  Idk why.  I don’t really… care, I guess, it’s just you can’t zoom out on the map very well.  xD

How do you feel?

Andrei: …… :|


AH FFS.  Fuckin’… shorter days mod.  xD  It’s eight in the morning.  Still nighttime!

Oh.  …. well actually while we’re here…. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

… the fuck did you do with the moon.

There is a dotted line where it should be.




-Calum sending you snapchats-

Calum: hey babe, we’re picking songs for the setlist! *whispers* don’t worry I know you want voodoo doll, I’ll make sure we play it.

Luke: Is this to y/n? HEY Y/N, CALUM SAYS HE WANTS TO HAVE- *calum stops video and smacks Luke*


make me choose >> akamomo or kuromomo asked by @mibuchireo

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Idk if this has been done yet but could you do companions (+Travis Miles) reacting to Sole survivor holding their hand for the first time? Like they don't expect it to happen and Sole just holds their hand. I think it would be real cute ^^ Also I love this blog and everything you post on it :D

Aww, fluffly! ^w^

Cait - Her expression doesn’t change, as she always looks kind of angry. However, she fully grabs their hand and squeezes it tight, as they continue in their way. Her facade seems strong, but she is very close to smiling wide from ear to ear.

Curie - She gasps as she feels Sole’s hand grasps hers and doesn’t for a while. “Holding hand is a sign of affection, yes?” she asks. As she gets a soft nod from blushing Sole, she holds their hand even tighter and even strokis it with her other hand from time to time.

Danse - He automatically squeezes them as well, looking at their hands for a while, with a slight smile on his mouth. He huffs in pretended anger as Sole smiles at him and says ‘You’re such a dork’.

Deacon - He smirks and tangles his fingers with theirs, pulling them closer to him, until they aare pressed side by side, their hands behind them.

Hancock - He lets go of their hand and wraps an arm around their waist instead, pulling them close to him. He sometimes slides his hand down, to give their backside a little pat, but keeps it rather innocent.

MacCready - He lowers his head and smiles, his cheeks warming up a little. He squeezes their hand and they answer in the same manner. After a while, he pulls both of their hands up, being perfectly connected and says: “Like we were made for each other, huh?”

Nick Valentine - He is quite surprised they don’t mind being seen with a synth like this, but he is far from complaining. He even comments of how well their hands fit together and both he and Sole send a smirk to Myrna as they walk around her store.

Piper - She giggles and holds onto their hand, like her life depended on it. She also steal a few innocent pecks, each time she has the chance and each time it isn’t completely inappropriate.

Preston - He stops in his tracks to look at Sole. He smiles at them bright as the sun and Sole could swear he was blushing a little. they tangle their fingers with his and carry on in their way.

X6-88 - Curiously looks at the connected hands, but doesn’t really pull away, at least not immediatelly. He pulls his hand back as soon as they are in less safe area, however he softly says that he wouldn’t mind this happen some other time.

Bonus!Travis - He instinctively jerks his hand back, startled, but as he sees Sole’s calm smile and their hand reaching for his again, he utters a soft ‘Oh, okay’ and blushes as their fingers tangle.


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Where was your first kiss? (And how did it happen?)

(partly already asked here. )

So I don’t know how to explain how nervous I was and I kept saying to myself that it was tooo risky but when you know the moment is right and you have a beautiful person sitting inches away from you just have to go for it. -Connor.

It was worth the risk obviously..-Troye.

Consider: Tony buying Steve a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt for St. Patrick’s Day. He’s tickled to death when he presents it to Steve after his morning run. Steve recognizes that there’s a bit of a challenge there, in that Tony thinks Steve would be embarrassed to wear it. So Steve showers and puts it on. 

Tony’s only a little surprised and mostly delighted, and takes advantage of the excuse (as if he needs one) to kiss Steve at every turn. 

But then the rest of the team starts trickling into the kitchen for breakfast… and Tony realizes he may have made a mistake. 

Pepper and Rhodey are already sitting at the table when Steve and Tony get there. Rhodey just raises an eyebrow at Steve’s shirt, but Pepper grins and tugs on his sleeve until he leans down far enough for her to kiss his cheek. 
Clint wanders in next, grins at Steve’s shirt and plants a dramatic, sloppy kiss on Steve’s cheek. Wanda comes in on the tail end of that exchange, giggles at the way Steve is wiping his cheek and glaring at Clint, and drops a dainty little peck on his nose. 

Sam comes in with Bucky and Natasha just a minute behind him, and laughs before kissing Steve soundly on the cheek. Tony, at this point, is starting to reconsider the wisdom of his actions, when he looks up and spots the matching shit-eating grins on Bucky and Natasha’s faces. 

Natasha takes Steve’s face in her hands and pulls him into a kiss that has his eyes widening in surprise, and before he can catch his breath Bucky has taken her place. 

When he pulls away, Bucky and Natasha exchange high-fives, Steve is still breathless and a little dazed, Rhodey and Clint are both about two seconds from falling out of their chairs laughing, and Tony is openly sulking because the point was to make Steve blush and everyone else laugh, not for the entire team to make out with his boyfriend right in front of him. 

…and that’s when Thor comes in. He pauses for a moment, takes in Steve’s shirt, Tony’s pout, Bucky and Natasha’s self-satisfied grins. And then, in true Thor style, pretends to not understand midgardian culture or jokes (which is bullshit and the whole team knows it at this point, but it doesn’t stop him) and actually lifts Steve out of his chair to plant one on him, even more thorough than Bucky and Natasha’s.

Tony refuses to let Steve wear the shirt out of the house.


Image Adrien noticing Marinette is cold, and being the cute and kind bf he is, he gives her his scarf and just goes like

“Here borrow my scarf”

And then Marinette notices that it’s the one she made him and just think

‘Well shit’

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ok but i really like how at the very beginning of issue five i think molly has a little caterpillar friend that she's excitedly showing mal for like two panels and idk i think that's a really cute detail.

Molly + animal friends is just about the cutest thing ever. Bubbles being the obvious example:

And the adorable little worm friend:

And my personal favourite, the time she made friends with a three-eyed fox mid-fight because she’s actually the sweetest little ray of sunshine ever: