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they write all these articles promoting sanvers scenes, because they want to get nominated for all the awards, and they know that the hype will get them noticed and nominated, come awards season

but at the same time they’re too chicken to air any sanvers scenes longer than 30 seconds because they don’t want to alienate the fucking homophobes

they’re gaming the fight for representation and that isn’t fair to the shows out there that are actually giving a shit

Gladio sneezed, scaring you half to death. You jumped in your lawn chair, clutching your racing heart.

“Why do you even bother with camping when you’re allergic to everything?” you winced as he reeled back for another sneeze. 

He sniffled and shook the stuffiness from his head. “My allergies aren’t that bad.”

You stared at him, unblinking. “Babe, if you sneezed any more, you might actually lift off and fly away.”

Prompto snickered from the other side of the campfire. “Got you there, Big Guy.”

Gladio glowered at Prompto and you sighed, shuffling through your backpack to find what you were looking for. You pulled out a small bottle of antihistamines and scooted next to where Gladio was seated on the ground.

“Here,” you offered him two. “They’ll help. I know you’re too proud to take them, but please do anyway. For me?”

Gladio smiled weakly, and finally took the pills from your outstretched hand. “Thanks, babe.” He leaned forward to kiss you on the forehead. “Will these make me drowsy?”

“A bit,” you nodded. “But that’s okay. We might still be able to get a few rounds in before they fully kick in.”

Prompto made a disgusted face and covered his eyes with his hands. “Gross! We all have to sleep in that tent, you know!”

Gladio downed the pills with a gulp of water and stood, hauling you up with him. “Sleep outside, then,” he declared as he moved towards it, with you giddily following close behind. 

As the two of you zipped up the entrance to the tent, Ignis called from where he was writing in his journal, “Please at least be courteous enough to clean up afterwards.”

some details about the short mermaid story i’ve been thinking abt for the past couple weeks again

-jess, the older brother, loves spending time with his little sis sophia, 8 years his junior
-they moved around a lot growing up since their father is military. 
-their mother died a year ago.
-jess is working an internship he won at the local aquarium.
-he wants to go to univerity for marine biology (or maybe ecology idk w/e his options are open)
-10 yr old sophia has a passion for dinosaurs and sunflowers
-she’s probably also teaching herself a second language
-kai can only speak underwater and she doesn’t understand english, so jess and sophia teach her sign language
-she gets legs when shes dry (lol)
-kai is only 16 years old, but she’s been in captivity for 3 years
-once she discovers the comfort of hand holding, she’s always holding onto jess or sophia

anyway i know that the mv hasn’t been released yet and more of the storyline might be revealed there but there’s a chance that everyone is still alive and no one is dead OR that jinyoung is still alive and everyone else is dead. the main plot includes that jinyoung perhaps might be in a coma and is fighting with his consciousness.

in the turbulence trailer jinyoung is seen being resuscitated at the site of the accident, set in the real universe, and suggests that jinyoung is still alive.

then in the arrival trailer, jinyoung is seen at an operating table being defibrillated perhaps after a surgery to mend his wounds after the accident but his body is put under immense shock and falls into a coma instead

the coma is represented by jinyoung being trapped in the tank and being lost and stranded on the shore of a deserted island as well as in the snow, set in the alternative universe of his mind.

he is battling with himself to try and fight his way to consciousness to the real universe so he can meet the rest of the members. alternatively, he might be fighting with himself to try and be set free to find himself in heaven with the other members.