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The Clan Series - Harmonies/Hidden Vocals
Monsta X
The Clan Series - Harmonies/Hidden Vocals

so here’s a small compilation of harmonies or hidden vocals from Monsta X’s ‘The Clan Series’ that you wouldn’t normally be able to hear that clearly in the audio alone. 

0:00 - 0:39 - white sugar (the clan pt.1: lost)

0:40 - 1:06 - because of you (the clan pt.1: lost)

1:07 - 2:33 - white love (the clan pt.2: guilty)

2:34 - 2:44 - rollercoaster (the clan pt.2: guilty)

2:45 - 4:27 - need u (the clan pt.2.5: beautiful)

4:28 - 5:02 - miss you (the clan pt.2.5: beautiful)

5:03 - 5:37 - 5:14 (last page) (the clan pt.2.5: beautiful)

5:38 - 5:57 - i’ll be there (the clan pt.2.5: beautiful)

woozi: we’ve been in LA for a while now…does anyone have any music inspirations?

joshua: i do

woozi: oh no

joshua: ey ey / right here in LA / in-n-out my bae / all day errday / take my mo-nay / take my pay / combo 2 on the tray / ends up in my belly anyway / its the best quali-tay / from seoul to the bay

ok so what if otabek is that person who complains about a certain food but will still eat it and gets really defensive when ppl call them out on their shit. 

like literally just one type. say he hates jello right.

but he doesn’t really hate it.

he’ll make that scowly face and eat it.

he’ll grimace.

and then he’ll shovel another mouthful in.

and then he’ll grimace again.

and when Yuri tells him to fucking stop, Otabek will (with emphasis) slowly take a spoonful of jello, gently put it into his mouth, and fucking chew it right in front of Yuri’s face. 

honestly the people who think taylor will never release another album/will retire from making her own music now baffle me

like you honestly think she reached absurd legit unprecedented levels of commercialization with 1989 and then decided to do nothing else ever? 

also you think taylor swift, who is like the most driven person i’ve ever known of in my life, has reached a point where she’s like “yeah, i’ve done all i wanted to do with making my own music! now i’m all about writing for others and there’s nothing else i want to accomplish with music of my own!”

????????? oooooookkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy