Y’all. Listen to me. I’m saying this as a Pokemon anime fan, a pokeshipper, and a lover of Serena’s character:

Do not be bitter, salty, and angry over the kiss in today’s episode. Don’t go attacking each other because “Haha, YOUR ship never GOT a kiss, that makes MY ship more canon” or “Well ASH never reciprocated SERENA’S feelings so that makes MY ship more canon” or something like that. Don’t go around sending anon hate or posting anti content in tags.

Please remember that, in the end, this is just an anime. And it’s the Pokemon anime on top of that–meaning that no matter what happens nothing is truly “canon”. You can have whatever ships you want and you can continue to ship whatever ship you want. If you don’t like amourshipping then that’s totally fine. You’re free to vent your own feelings on your own blog–but don’t go posting it in tags or hating on other people for liking it. If you like amourshipping then take every reason to celebrate! Post in tags and have fun with it! But don’t do so in a way with the intentions of purposely ticking off other shippers.

In the end, no matter what you ship, all of our ships may as well be good as dead anyways with Sun and Moon on the rise lol So just let each other have fun. Don’t attack each other for your feelings on the matter. Be nice, kind, and civil–not petty, bitter, and angry.

This is like….the DAY of the Pokemon franchise answering years of (annoying) fan complaints.

“Why can’t Ash just get the girl already?? COME ON!!!”
*serena kisses ash*

“Red was the best trainer of ALL TIME, he should be brought back to the games!!”
*knock knock guess who came to Alola with his bf*



Still wonder why both Suga and Jin looked directly at Jimin after playing with Kook *cough*
And the funnier thing is that Jimin didn’t look at Kook after he played, he just stood there and smiled gently but…..u know…. I love Jimin’s laugh a lot cuz it make me smile, cuz it sounds so freaking lovely, which must flows from his truly happy heart~~~~~