Fan: When I was 19, I had my third book published, okay. And… I kind of used you as an inspiration for one of my main characters in the book. So this is kind of me just saying thank you for like just being you so I could use you as that character.

Tom: Thank you very much. What does he do in the book ?

Fan: He’s an anthropology professor in college.

 And he did it. He fixed the glasses and even looks like an anthropology professor

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:okay, everybody shut the fuck up a minute I have something to say. listen just because something burns bright doesn't mean it's gonna to burn forever. so all these people around you saying you got so much further to go, it's going to get worse before it gets better, I don't know. I don't if that true. you know, thanks so much for coming and on this next part, let's sing it all together

But really DC I got a hint of Cisco+Iris+Wally Team Flash in the promo and now I want all of it, give me all of it

  • Wally West got struck by lightning and when he realized he could run so fast the world stood still, the first person he told was his sister
  • Iris West became a cop despite her dad’s discouragements, rose quickly to the top because she’d do anything to track down a lead, and supports her brother through anything and everything
  • Cisco Ramon had his first patent at 14 and owned his own company by 21, he runs on a can’t-stop-won’t-stop schedule because he knows it would be too easy for the public to doubt him if he slowed down
  • Wally wanted to do good and Iris saw there were things out there the police couldn’t handle, so they put together a tiny operation run out of his shitty apartment with Iris’ police scanner and a first aid kit
  • Cisco finds them about a month in, Iris pulling Wally out of a back alley and trying to hold him together until they can get to some bandages and a bed. He takes one look at the blood dripping onto Wally’s Target-bought sweatshirt and the black eye peaking through the poorly-fit knit mask and decides he’s taking them home with him
  • (Iris protests at first, holding Wally close and refusing to let Cisco touch him, but then Cisco bends down close and his eyes flash with blue and she recognizes more than just a face from magazine covers, she knows they can trust him)
  • Wally’s won over the second Cisco shows him the suit, it’s so flipping AWESOME and it never catches on fire when he runs
  • They move into one of Cisco’s private labs. He provides the tech, Iris gathers information, and Wally takes to the streets.

Give me a brand-new all-POC superhero team consisting of the fastest man alive, the richest man in america, and the most cunning detective on the force.

Floweriplier SDCC 2016

[Speedart tryin sum new stuff idkkkkk] 

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Lmao okay I’ve seen some posts and wtf how can the Twitter fandom call us thirsty when literally the fucking replies to 90% of Calvin’s tweets are fucking ‘fist my nostrils with your reptilian tail daddy please I want your scales in my ear holes’ like are you kidding me??? Seriously?????????? Are you really that fucking brain dead because you should really see a doctor about that.

And I highly fucking doubt Calvin even gives a single shit about what we post, we’re just trying to have fun within our own community of people that like the same fucking thing there’s no need to be so salty yOU’LL FUCKING HAVE A HEART ATTACK WITH ALL THAT SALT. I’m just lookin out for ur health honeys.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDeL_eJ1E7A)

IT’s OUT YAY!!!! here’s the speedpaint for “It’s Over, isn’t it?”


Pg.1-4: Meet Scotch!! And a depressed little Toriel. Also a sneak peek of the other children~ Generally happy with how these turned out? Bloopers under the cut to lighten the already heavy mood~!

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