exo: *all getting ready to leave for a performance*

jongin: *runs out from the kitchen in his pj’s and an apron* you guys wait!

baekhyun: *whispers* oh shit i think he cooked for us again

chanyeol: damn it we gotta get out of here before he brings out the puppy dog eyes *rushes everyone toward the front door*

lay: oh come on he’s not that bad *gets the stink eye from six other males*

sehun: hyung you almost passed out the last time he made you try his tea…who messes up tea?!

lay: *pushing the rest of the members out the door* true you know what we better go before we’re late

jongdae: *closes the door behind them before jongin notices*

kyungsoo: but where is junmyeon hyung…

suho: *stumbles out of the bathroom last* *grumbles* those guys can never wait..

jongin: hyung hold on! i made you a breakfast sandwich to eat before you go!

suho: *stops and cautiously eyes breakfast sandwich* *backs away towards the door* why t-thank you jongin but the last time you made me food i was in the hospital for three days…

jongin: *closes in on him* yeah but this time i followed a recipe and i made it with love! :)

suho: *mumbles* that’s what you said last time…

jongin: please try it *pouts*

suho: *groans* you did that too

jongin: *sniffles* i worked really hard..

suho: *sighs* you have the hospital on speed dial right?

jongin: *nods*

suho: alright…this one’s for you kim jongin..i better get the best leader award for this *takes a big bite of the sandwich*

suho: *wakes up in the hospital three hours later*

jongin: *rushes to his side*…h-hyung? i’m so-

suho: *pats his head* shhhhh it’s okay just use a little less salt next time

So…. This is Zalgaroth.. or haha you can call him Spencer. 

I’m kinda really nervous about posting him. infact I’m like super scared but…. yeah here’s one of my err… characters. :l…. idk.  he’s like a Water Dragon Demon thing magic dude or whatever the heck but. yeah like. :l. 

(he doesn’t have eye make-up by the way, it just kinda looks that way cuz his iris is dark blue and his pupil is gold)

His design is still up in the air, especially the dragon. like. idk. but yeah. idk. he’s like a male version of my character Ezra, who is also a dragon demon magic person or whatever the heck. 

idk maybe I can make them related or something who knows haha 

but yeah. idk. :l 

What the signs remind me of
  • Aries:telling stories with an excitement filled voice, putting your hair up in a ponytail, getting mad after losing a game
  • Taurus:tapping your foot while listening to a song, putting a blanket over a sleeping person
  • Gemini:being the best hider while playing hide and seek, smiling at strangers
  • Cancer:sleeping with a stuffed toy, making friendship bracelettes, ice skating
  • Leo:old coffee shops, dancing around in your room, kissing the mirror
  • Virgo:sending your text to the wrong person, staring out of an open car window, to do lists
  • Libra:making shadow figures on the walls, turning a page in a book
  • Scorpio:glaring at annoying people, switching off the light, old photo albums
  • Sagittarius:pillow fights, not paying attention, biting your lip
  • Capricorn:rolling your eyes, stroking someones hair, scented candles
  • Aquarius:laughing untill you cry, doing a handstand and falling over, skipping stones
  • Pisces:spacing out, having weird dreams, making silly faces