ok. so. possibility??? vriska has actually managed subtle manipul8tion. at first i thought that it might be that she was just mind-controlling everyone, just playing out a sick fantasy with her little puppets, but then i realized that it wasn’t feasable, would be really obvious once her control broke, and would have no long-term effect.

then i realized something else: she had access to someone whose powers weren’t like that. someone who no one would trust even if they came forward anyway. someone with a history of vulnerability to mental abuse and especially the serket brand of manipul8tion. someone who could, over time, corrode the others’ agency and will, who had mental powers that were less brute force and more one’s own paranoia and fear. 

yeah, i made it super obvious, but it’s gamzee. vriska could harnass his chucklevoodooes through him, and there was no one on the meteor capable of stopping her.

Is it just me or is there something oddly comforting about the “I’m Blurryface, and I care what you think” statement?

It reminds me of when you’re in a depression and you sometimes feel comforted by the negative thoughts you have. You know you’re not supposed to be comforted by them, and I feel like the same situation is going on here.

You know you’re not supposed to feel comforted seeing Blurryface say that he cares what you think, but when you feel like no one else is there, it’s comforting knowing that your negativity is there with you.