From the Merlin wiki: 

“Morgause was born into one of the noble houses of Camelot, the house of Gorlois - though the man himself is not her father as Morgause and Morgana referred to one another as “sister” once Morgana’s true parentage (that of Uther) was known..”

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how this proves that Gorlois is not Morgause’s father? They both new their mother was Vivienne, right? I just.. Idk My brain is really muddled right now, so sorry if it’s super obvious lmao

The only way I can think of is that Morgana, for whatever reason, didn’t know who her mother was. In which case, why? And what story was she told?

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Hi. Can you do a shot about the reader has a flu and Michael take care of her?? (I'm sick and maybe this can make me feel better)

hi heres a small lil headcanon since i cant get around to anything major right now:

• he would feel so so bad when you get sick even though you insist it wasn’t his fault

• if he had plans or work he would call them all off, no matter how many times you told him you could take care of yourself

• he would research all of the best home remedies and foods to help, going shopping to buy anything and everything that could help

• he would make sure you take your medicine and would prepare you soup, carrying it to bed and helping you slowly eat it

• “michael, just lay down with me. i’m fine,” you would say when he is running around the house trying to find ways to help you.

• he would get in bed and hold you, letting you get some peaceful sleep even if it was for hours throughout the day, he knew you meeded it to heal.

• he wouldn’t be scared of getting sick. you would refuse to kiss him so he would resort to forehead kisses and cuddling with you, not caring about contagion.

• if there was anything you wanted/needed, he would be so quick to help you.

• he would supply you with his tshirts, letting you wear them as you laid in bed because he knew that you got flashes of hot and cold, the smell of him just being a bonus.

• overall, he would just be extremely caring and do anything he could to help you feel better and recover faster. partly so he could finally get that damn kiss.