I started playing Mystic Messenger… What is this? A horror story? Why am I listening to a stranger telling me to enter someone’s house without permission. I’m scared. ;_;



EDIT: why am i flirting with the people blackmailing me

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what's this I'm hearing about Derek having a kid and the kid being Braeden's??? Wtf

omg noooooo no no no

someone tweeted about derek having a new car and added “kids” to the end, but kids was like… us. You know? “Derek has a new car, kids” or something like that, and people decided to run with it

As usually, idiots are reaching. The stds were going on about how dylan said “my girl lydi@” when it was a fan who said it in a tweet

like i said, idiots

EDIT: also there was another tweet about derek coming back AS a kid, and people who can’t read think it means he HAS a kid lol

So hardcore tf2 fans got a dota saxxy winner’s account blocked from their own YT account.

The guy who made Together We Stand - the first non-TF2 entry to win a Saxxy - apparently can’t access their account because the influx of TF2 people who sent them flames/hatemail/angry comments flicked off Youtube’s automatic flagging system. If this is true, I’m livid.

IMO: Valve needs to re-organize their standards, prizes & categories for next year’s Saxxies if they want more non-TF2 shit. They are arguably the biggest reason why the Saxxies are scattered right now considering they only have one non-TF2 prize which would make non-TF2 entries worthwhile. 

Meanwhile, to the overzealous and overspoken TF2 fans who haven’t realized the Saxxy Awards aren’t just for TF2: I don’t give a fuck if you don’t care about DOTA 2, non-TF2 entries, or if you thought it was a shit entry. You don’t fucking do this to somebody just because your anus is so inverted over how butthurt you are. You’re participating in that side of the TF2 fandom that makes the TF2 fandom look like utter shit. 

If you care more about the Saxxies than you do about your fandom’s rep, then you’re killing the Saxxies you fucking idiots

EDIT: obviously the “not all x represents y” applies here god damn it ofc the TF2 fandom isn’t a bunch of shitters but when there’s shitters and a dude who got their shit flagged just because it wasn’t TF2 by the shitters then it ends up looking like the TF2 fandom was responsible, this is where you have a responsibility if you call yourself a fan

EDIT 2: some friends of mine have brought up good points that we cannot let this define the TF2 fandom despite how now DOTA’s subreddit is getting on the hate train. We raised $205K for Tip of the Hats, we did $9000+ for TF2Can when a scammer ran away with earlier money, we had matchmaking announced and we put on a good show at i55. 

I’m pissed at people that I will never know or encounter during my time in TF2, but it’s because I don’t want them lumped with me when people say the TF2 fandom is bad. Ultimately I don’t think we’re as fucked as other incidents that have happened with hatemail towards art interpretation. I think, however, non-TF2 entries are fucked for Saxxies unless the Saxxies changes it up. Bigger issue is the Saxxies, not the TF2 fandom.