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12/clara: is it like an addiction?

 tl;dr “no”

I saw someone expressing reservations about people applying the “addiction” metaphor to 12 & Clara’s relationship, and I was thinking about why it feels so ill-fitted to their dynamic. After all, it’s something Clara herself articulates clearly–after her last-ditch effort to break things off cleanly with the Doctor, she begins to think it’s some moral failing on her part that makes her want to stay with him. Maybe, she thinks, it’s all about the adrenaline rush, that she has a life so far removed from her normal routine that she can’t imagine going without it. And a lot of Clara’s and 12′s behavior throughout S8 looks, on the surface, like a couple of addicts desperately trying to justify their behavior–they’re constantly lying, manipulating, and lashing out, both to each other and to everyone around them. Of course this relationship is awful and unhealthy and toxic for both of them, and they’d be much better off without each other. Right? WRONG.

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