idiots who are ruining my life

He has this video, saying “GLITCHTALE EPISODE 4 SPOILERS”


He has already uploaded so proudly to his channel. 1 and 5

I commented on it, he ignored me and uploaded even more.

He literally has recorded the entire battle I’ve been animating these past 3 weeks and a half.

And this ass uploads it with a “I hope you enjoy!”

Oh! but cami! you’re so rude to that kid! You can’t send your fans to hate on him! telling him rude things is bad!


What about me? I’m the one who took 6 years of her life to get to where I am

I AM the one who stays awake until 4 AM being sick to finish a single scene of this animation

I AM the one who works her ass off every single damn day to work on this, because I LOVE to do it. Because I LOVE to create.

I AM the one being affected here.

IF YOU want to have empathy for jerks like these. Go ahead. Because I won’t. And I’m in ALL my rights to don’t have it. Because THIS is the kind of IDIOT that has been ruining my will to draw and create the past 2 weeks.

It is my life at risk, and asses like these take it as a joke.

Would you like it if someone took everything you care about and stomp it on the ground? No? Because I don’t. 

And is not about “being rude” or “going too far” because I’ve been getting STOMPED ON, BY EVERYONE this week. And I’m DONE playing the nice guy in the situation.

It is MY WORK and I will NOT allow some ass to ruin it for me. I’ll use any means necessary to take all the videos he has uploaded down. And I’ll make sure that whatever other video he has about me, will never see the platform until I finish this damn episode. And it’s featured for the first time in my channel. 

And if you’re here to tell me “oh cami calm down! ignore it! dont be so rude!” save some time from your life and don’t even BOTHER to write. Because I’m done going that route.

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is that my necklace erejean


“Is that my necklace?”

Eren freezes. That voice has been echoing in his mind for the past year. So good, Eren. Fuck, Eren. Eren, Eren, Eren.


Eren doesn’t look up yet. Stares at the bronze chain looped around his neck and the little elephant pendant anchoring it to his chest. He grasps it between his fingers before glancing up at Jean. “It might be?”

And shit, Jean is more gorgeous than he remembers. Being sober probably helps.

“Do you mind if I…” Jean gestures to the empty bench beside Eren.

Eren nods, eyes traveling along Jean’s frame as he sits. “So how’ve you been?” Jean asks.

Eren’s brows raise. He’s going with small talk? He shrugs. “Been all right. Work’s kicking my ass but I’m saving a lot so. Things aren’t bad.”

Jean nods. He peeks at Eren out of the corner of his eye and chews on his lip. “Still working for the same construction company?”

Eren opens his mouth to tell him yes, that he actually got promoted to foreman 6 months ago, but that doesn’t come out. “Why’d you leave?” Jean blinks at him. Eren’s face burns and he curses his impulsive tongue, but the question is out there already. “The morning after. I was barely awake and you were already putting your shoes on.”

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Good Girl CH 4: Virgin

“Now tell us what the hell is going on.” Namjoon demands the minute Jin sits me down on the nice sectional couch.  He sits down in front of me on the glass coffee table. The living room is massive with floor to ceiling windows that look over a pool with the beach not far in the distance. I do my best not to gawk and focus on my very upset friends in front of me.

“There was that shoot out at the club; Jihyo and I got out threw the back window into the back alley where I saw Kitty oppa shoot some guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He saw me when he was going threw the dead guys wallet and picked me and said he wanted to take me home and here we are.” I explain as best as I can.

Jin sits down next to me, “But why are they this protective over you? I’ve never seen them like this.”

I shrug, “Jihyo and I were drinking last night so I got all weird and they seem to like it. How long have you known them? What are you guys doing here?”

Jin sighs, sitting back into the couch he looks to his youngers for help. Yoongi comes over and sits on the coffee table next to Namjoon, “The best way to explain it without telling you too much is that we work for them, and we have for a couple years. They helped us out when we were younger, helped us find each other and get our shit together. Now we don’t have that much time to talk about this so can we put those questions aside for another time?” From the concern on Yoongi’s normally passive face I nod, a new worry climbs up my spine from their seriousness.

“We need you to understand that you are not safe here,” Namjoon starts, “Even though these guys have helped us and we are forever indebted to them, you are our friend and we do not want to see anything bad happen to you.”

Despite my mind telling me not to I can’t help but ask, “What would they do to me?”

“Please don’t make us answer that,” Jin begs, grabbing a hold of my hand, “Just know it isn’t good.”

“Noona,” Jongkook sits down on my other side and takes my free hand. “Just use your magic to make them let you go, they seem to do anything you ask. They even let you touch them; they always react very badly to people doing that.”

“I can’t, I already told them I would stay if they let me talk to you,” I nibble on my lip as I think of what Kookie could mean by they react very badly.

“How long do you think you are going to be staying?” Hoseok asks.

I shrug, “I don’t know, I’m hoping Handsome and Deer oppa will convince the others to let me go home.”

“Handsome and Deer?” Jimin laughs.

“Like I said, I don’t know names.”

“Their names are Suho and Luhan,” Namjoon says.

“Maybe it’s better if she doesn’t know their names,” Taehyung pipes in, “It will make her seem like less of a threat.”

They all nod in agreement, Jimin starts giving me tips, “Don’t ask any questions either, I know you aren’t usually the curious type but I mean absolutely no questions. The less you know, the better.”

“Try not to be alone with anyone. Where did you sleep last night?” Jin asks.

“With Kitty.”

They all stare at me dumbstruck but Namjoon shakes off his shock first, “Xiumin hyung let you sleep next to him?”

“Is that really weird or something? I heard that they don’t take girls home often.”

They nod, “It’s incredibly rare for them to take anyone here, let alone without hurting them or killing them. Are you sure you’re okay? They can’t hear us,” Jin worrying is usually cute but right now it’s only unnerving me. I may not have an issue with dying but torture or rape isn’t something I want going on in between.

I shake my head, “They were really nice to me, they even left the room when I was changing, Kai is the only one who has actually tried anything with me but even then, the others scolded him for it.”

“Is that why you aren’t afraid of them?” Jimin asks.

“I wasn’t afraid of them because they didn’t set off my alarms.”

“Wasn’t?” Namjoon echoes, “You can’t be afraid of them because of what we told you, they are going to be pissed.”

“What do you except from me Joonie? You basically tell me they rape, torture and murder everyone who comes into this house and expect me to stay calm? You’re joking right?” I almost yell. “I was perfectly fine until you told me all this stuff. I know I should have been afraid of them, I have that much common sense, but they didn’t set off my alarms. Those are what I live my life by, they have never steered me wrong but now you guys have me questioning it. Why couldn’t you guys just leave it alone?”

“Please calm down,” Namjoon covers my mouth. “If you are afraid of them it will only make things worse for both of us, so please try and act normal.”

Our conversation is interrupted by a bear like voice shouting in the doorway, “Talking is done! Time to play!” The elf comes charging down the three steps into the living room, the big smile on his cute face drops when he sees the seven boys crowding me and Namjoon’s hand over my mouth. He looks incredibly pissed at the fear that is probably in my eyes by now. “What did you tell her?” The elf growls, his glare set on Namjoon.

“Hyung, calm down,” Namjoon stands up, his hands in the air in surrender. “We were just talking, everything is fine.”

“No,” Elf snaps, “She looks scared because you told her something.”

“Yeolie,” Puppy comes in, a confused look on his face but as he realizes the situation from Elf’s frown to my obvious fear he gets mad too. “What happened?”

“Everyone just calm down,” Namjoon tries his best to seem calm himself but I can see him shaking. I sink lower in my seat, trying to hide behind Jin, who is obviously tense at the on coming situation.

“Suho hyung!” Puppy yells down the hall.

“Baekhyun hyung, why does he need to come?” Yoongi says nonchalantly, he seems to be the most calm out of all of us. The group of boys appears in the doorway, their eyes try and see past Namjoon, who takes a step back to hide me from their eyes.

“Namjoon,” Suho growls, “I warned you not to scare her.”

“We didn’t scare her, we just told her the hazy truth.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Kai snaps.

“Did you see the way she looked at me when I came in? She looks horrified.” Elf growls.

“That’s because you keep yelling, your voice would probably scare her normally, let alone you yelling about everything,” Jin snaps at him. An angry Jin isn’t something I see often. Elf steps back, even though he is angry he understands his wrongdoing.

“Little one,” Kitty purrs coming to the front of the group. Though he has a sweet smile on his face I have a strong feeling if I don’t react well, he won’t either.

“Yes oppa?” I answer quietly from behind Jin.

There is silence for a moment before he responds, I can tell he is closer this time, “Little one, don’t you want to come see your oppa? These boys didn’t scare you away from us did they?”

“I don’t know,” I answer honestly.

“What does that mean sweetheart?” Dragon comes closer, like Kitty I can tell this man is also trying his best to stay calm.

“The alarms in my head still don’t go off but,” I pause as I try and think of the right words so my friends don’t get in trouble.

“You said you weren’t afraid of dying, what else could we really do to you?” Kitty asks, right on the other side of the coffee table now. He reaches across and pushes Namjoon out of the way, next he signals a very reluctant Jin to move as well. Soon all of my friends have left me on the couch alone and defenseless against the twelve pairs of eyes that are waiting for my response. “Now tell me Little one, what else could we possibly do to you?”

I blink up at him for a minute, gulping when I see the anger growing in his eyes, in all of their eyes as they scan me as well. Their glare shifts to my friends who are standing by the window with their heads hanging low, waiting for the punishment they know is going to come.

“Can I try talking to her?” Dimple comes forward from the group, looking like an innocent angel with his small smile. With a clenched jaw Kitty nods and steps away from the coffee table, his eyes never leaving me. Dimple isn’t hesitant when he comes closer, coming around the coffee table to sit down next to me. Like most of them, the alarms in my mind are silent, while my common sense is screaming at me to be afraid. “Hello Beautiful,” He says softly, he is even brave enough to hold one of my hands in both of his like Jin was doing earlier. I’m surprised when I feel the same comfort as if Jin himself was doing it.

I blink at him a few times before I say, “Hello Dimple.” The boy laughs charmingly and I suddenly find myself falling under his spell and smiling along with him.

“Now Beautiful, could you tell me what these naughty boys told you about us?” He cocks his head cutely. I nibble on my lip for a second.

“Stopping doing that little one, you’re giving your oppas bad thoughts,” Kitty says as he sits down on my other side. I release my lip before staring down at my lap, a blush crawls across my face.

“They just told me things I kind of already figured, but chose to ignore.” I answer honestly.

“About what?” Dimple strokes my head softly, something Kitty does not appreciate but allows to happen.

“About what could happen to me in between now and when you kill me, if I stay here.”

“Is this because of what Kai was trying?” Bitch face, I mean Sehun, asks glaring at his tan hyung.

“No,” I can’t help but look to my friends for help I know I’m not going to get.

“She was fine before you idiots showed up!” Sehun snapped at my friends.

“Why did you guys have to ruin the one friend who wasn’t afraid of us?” Puppy growls.

“You expect us to believe she was actually your friend?” Yoongi dares to scoff, ignoring all of his friends’ eyes that are begging him to stop talking. “You were just going to play with her, and I mean your guys kind playing, not the kind she was picturing in her innocent little head, and than kill her like she was nothing. We know what happens here, we have no right to judge you because we are a part of this life now too but we don’t have to sit here and watch our friend get pulled down into too.”

“She’s different,” Sehun reasons. “We like her.”

“But how long will that last?”

“We don’t know,” Kai answers.

“And you still expect us to leave her here with you guys with that answer. You guys wouldn’t even let us talk to her, her friends that she has know for a few years, without some kind of promise in return.”

Suho steps forward to answer, “How about we promise that we will not even touch her, without her permission?”

“And if you don’t keep your promise?”

“We will beat that person to death,” Kitty deadpans. I’m surprised when the rest of the group nods in unison. Like me, my friends stare at them dumbstruck.

Clapping his hands together Kitty smiles at me, “Now we can play!” Suddenly, the hostility they had in their eyes disappears and is replaced with playfulness.

“No,” This time it’s Suho to stop the fun, earning a glare from Kitty. “Someone needs to brief the boys on what happened last night.”

“You’re the leader, what does that have to do with me?” Kitty looks back to me. Without another word Suho comes over and picks me up, I wrap myself around him so I don’t fall. “What the hell?”

“You are going to brief them, you and Kris,” Suho states as he sits down a few seats away from Kitty and Dimple, with me on his lap.

“Why?” Both roar as they glare at their leader who seems to be far too focused on me to care.

“You both are closer to her, so this gives the rest of us time to play with her,” Suho grins at me.

“This is so unfair,” Kitty whines.

“You got to sleep with her,” Dimple reasons.

“You slept with her!” Hoseok belts out. “You took our precious Jooyoung’s virginity?”

“Oppa!” I snap, trying to climb off Suho who just tightens his hold on my hips.

“Virginity?” The group echoes their eyes go to me.

I nod, “Virgin.”

on one hand i get why we make fun of superwholock and stuff bc, i was a part of all that and i know how dumb and weird it was, but on the other hand, like

let kids enjoy things???? like as dumb as my interests/ the way i pursued my ineterests were when I was younger, they were really helpful to me at a really hard time in my young life. I feel like all of our “cringey” tween interests helped us cope, to an extent, but now, most of us are at a point in our lives where we can kinda take that for granted?? and we seem to forget that lots of those kids who show seemingly cringeworthy passion for frivolous stuff like fandom are probably doing so bc their real lives aren’t going so great. it just doesn’t seem fair of us to try to ruin it for them by talking abt how “so cringy xD” they are.

then again, i’m a big idiot who doesn’t know shit and has never put together a coherent sentence in my life, so

Boyfriend Haechan pt.2

this is all for you @brokentingkerbell ;))

  • honestly you’d be blessed yet unfortunate to have lee donghyuck as your boyfriend
  • blessed because he treats you like no one has ever treated you before
  • unfortunate because you’re stuck with this idiot probably for the rest of your life
  • more towards the bless side because honestly who can resist him
  • okay on to the couple things and moments
  • knowing him he’d probably steal and take your phone away a few times a week just to take ugly and random selfies
  • and when you threaten to put it up online ,
  • he’d get all whiney and angry
  • “ No everyone thinks i’m handsome , i cant let you ruin my reputation online ”
  • “ Donghyuck please you’re the only one who thinks you’re handsome ”
  • “ Cut the crap and keep the photos to yourself ”
  • “ If only … You promise to do your homework on your own for once and not copy mine ”
  • and he’d groan and roll his eyes at you
  • but later that day he’d do his work seriously and you’d stare at him because you admired him when he was all serious and hardworking
  • one moment he’d be like
  • “ ew don’t touch me skinship is gross ”
  • the next moment he’ll be clinging onto you like some leech and pecking you on your cheeks until you finally give in and hug him back
  • when both of you become partners in crime and try to prank the other members you’ll succeed and then both of you would laugh about it for the next few days
  • “ Omg doyoung hyung you should’ve seen your face when you drank it HAHAHAH ”
  • “ YAH OPPA YOUR FACE WAS PRICELESS * high fives haechan * ”
  • and doyoung would glare at both of you , trying to stop himself from hitting yall
  • and just nice , winwin would appear and he’ll look confused ,
  • but when he saw the cup in front of doyoung he’d take it without any doubts and drink it
  • then both you and haechan would laugh your asses off again while winwin’s trying to spit the drink out
  • “ Lee donghyuck i swear one more time you and your girlfriend pulls a prank on us you wouldn’t get any lines ”
  • and donghyuck would stop laughing and act like nothing happened but when the two walked away both of you would break out laughing again
  • you little shits
  • sometimes when you get all emotional and sad ,
  • donghyuck would notice straightaway and ask you what’s wrong
  • while you spilled your heart out he’ll be listening attentively , not interrupting at all
  • he’d be holding your hand and patting your back
  • if he could he’d sing you songs to cheer you up
  • and damn his vocals would be ringing so loudly in your ears you couldn’t help but kiss him on his lips
  • he’d be shocked at first but slowly return back the kiss
  • when you guys go out to watch movies though , if he has watched the movie before he wouldn’t hesitate to spoil all the parts for you in the cinema
  • “ This is the part where he dies ”
  • “ Babe you didn’t have to tell me that ”
  • he’d ignore what you said and continue watching the movie
  • “ he screwed up the whole mission later on with this mistake babe ”
  • and you’d smack his forehead and stuff his mouth with popcorn
  • he’d glare at you but wouldn’t want to let go of your hand
  • when he gets jealous he gets even more cocky and bitchy
  • “ This is my girl and only i can look at her like that , you can’t beat me ”
  • and the other guy probably wanted to start a fight and haechan agreed
  • but you stopped him just in time
  • when yall got home he’ll become a child again , he already is one tbh
  • “ Baby why did you stop me you should have seen the look on that man’s face ”
  • “ Yours was no different from his , hyuck ”
  • “ what do you mean , i look better than him ”
  • and you’d shake your head saying nothing else ,
  • donghyuck probably running to your side to hug you
  • he can be really annoying and childish at times but that’s what you love about him
  • you wouldn’t want to lose him because he makes your days better ,
  • like how you brighten up his days too
  • i hope you liked it omg
• idiots in love •

jimin is a bad boy who easily gets into fights, but when he met taehyung, a pretty boy with an angelic attitude, jimin became soft. only taehyung could calm & control jimin’s anger. taehyung became his inspiration in life. they became best of friends. he would become over protective over tae. jimin soon realises that he has feelings for tae & he’s scared that if he confess their friendship might be ruined,,, he doesn’t want that so he tries to avoid tae as much as possible so he can avoid the feels which upsets tae as he doesn’t know what he did wrong for jimin to try and avoid him. tae made a plan to get jimin to notice him again by abandoning his “angel” attitude. tae became the player, using every girl & boy around campus just to make jimin jealous & notice his actions,,, tae would try and scare innocent people,,, jimin noticed his best friend’s actions and tried to stop it before he gets into so much trouble. jimin realises what tae’s doing & made a plan,,, jimin got into a fight, he haven’t been in one for so long. jimin was about to beat up the guy he got in a fight with but someone held his wrist & hugged him from behind trying to stop the attack. jimin sees tae clutching onto him crying and begging him to stop the fight. jimin relaxed in tae’s hold because he can finally see the angel he knows & loved. “promise me to stop this attitude changing of yours & i’ll promise to not fight anyone, unless they touch you of course” jimin held tae’s face & tae bursted into tears “i just wanted you to notice me again” tae hugged jimin so tight as he sobs “i’m sorry tae, i was just scared that if i confess my love for you i would lose you & our friendship” tae hits him, “you idiot, i fell for you since the day you swore you would protect me, i only have you jimin” jimin giggled at this “we’re both idiots & in love” tae looked into jimin’s eyes & then to his bruised lip & carefully he strokes it with his thumb “can i kiss you?” jimin leans “i thought you’d never ask” :)))))

idk what the heck this was but i’m laying in bed @ midnight & i just have this scene in my head all of a sudden ~

. Obsessive Impulsive . 17

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

“No, no, not quite,” Levy murmured as she turned the page and started anew. “That’ll lessen the explosion, but I need to erase it…he sure has a thing for explosions…”

Levy felt like she’d been at this for ages, scribbling away. She found herself worried when she realized there was only one bottle of ink - limiting her. She lickekd her lips and worked furiously, trying her damn hardest to get what she needed.

A gentle tap on the glass jolted her out of her thoughts. She swore as her quill skidded, and then looked up warily. She blinked when she saw a face peering in, brown eyes warm with relief, and nearly sobbed with it as she threw herself at the bars. “Lucy!”

“Levy!” Lucy smiled faintly, her voice muffled. “Are you okay?”

“No, my shoulder’s infected and I’m trapped in some psycho’s cabin in the woods,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. “But other than that…yeah. I’m okay. Are you?” Her throat felt thick. “And Natsu? And Gajeel? Are they okay?”

Lucy’s gaze softened. “As okay as they can be. Gajeel had a shattered arm, but Wendy fixed it up and he came after you. He tracked you here and is currently hiding out watching in the trees. He’s waiting for an opportunity.”

Levy nodded. She saw the exhaustion in Lucy’s face, even through the glass. “Natsu-”

“Alive. He’s alive, which makes you my priority right now,” she said, cutting Levy off. “I came to help with the written spells-”

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Easy Company Nicknames

Thanks to everyone who contributed!! <3 

Easy Company: 

Dick and his Dicklings, Badass Beauty Queens, Band of Baes, Squad Squad, Airborne Sons, Not F(ucked) Company, Band of Badasses, IT DEM BOIS, My Sons™

Dick Winters: 

The Sass King, Dad Friend, Actual Captain America, Ginger Prince

Lewis Nixon: 

The Gossip Lord, Eye brows, Gangster, Sleeping Beauty, Human Liquor Cabinet, Whiskey Uncle 

Ron Speirs: 

Daddy, The Scary One, Mama Lip’s Man, Swiper, Sticky Fingers

Buck Compton: 

My Sun and Stars, Blonde Zombie Eyes, All-American Blonde Bombshell, California Sunshine Daddy

Carwood Lipton: 

Sweet Tea, Goody Two Shoes, Mama Lip, The Secretly Scary One

Joe Toye: 

Angry Teddybear, Ramse, Boy-Toye, Husky Incarnate

George Luz: 

Luzmeister, Actual Sunshine Outta Yo Ass, Impersonator Extraordinaire 

Bill Guarnere: 

Hot Shot, The Godfather, Underbite

Don Malarkey: 

Ginger Son, Mortar Squad King, My Irish Baby

Eugene Roe: 

Cajun Prince, Snow Medic, Ragin’ Cajun, Sleepy Kitten, Mon Petit Chou (My Little Cabbage), Cajun Ray of Sunshine

Ralph Spina: 

Snow Medic, Pudgy Dough Boy, Cooler Than You Originally Thought

Harry Welsh: 

Gap Toothed Leprechaun

Babe Heffron: 

Philadelphia Sunshine, Sweet Summer Child, Sonshine, Sassy Ginger Twink from South Philly, Actual Ray of Sunshine,

Joe Liebgott: 

Salty Cinnamon Roll, Jewish King, Nice Hair That Will Ruin Your Life Guy, Pretty Lips, Soft Hair Satan, The Angry One

David Webster: 

Princess, Shark Lover, Nerdy Bookworm, Gucci Runway Model, Miss Haguenau, Professor Humanity, Poster Boy, Lurker #1

Donald Hoobler: 

Precious Boy Who Deserved Better, Dopey McHotstuff

Skip Muck: 

Chinless Wonder, Adorable Idiot, Tiny Pup, Mortar Squad Prince, Dork Son 

Alex Penkala:

Polish Ray of Sunshine, One I Always Forget About and Then Feel Bad, Most Precious Son™

Shifty Powers: 

Sniper Puppy, Virginia Love, Southern Belle

Bull Randleman: 

Big Blonde Guy, Actual Tank, Hilljack, My Giant Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Floyd Talbert: 

Kokomo Love, Heartbreaker, James Dean, McSexybutt

Skinny Sisk: 

The Calm One, Gangly Puppy, The One With The Sense Of Humor Drier Than The Fucking Sahara

Frank Perconte:

Lil Guy, Chip Skylark

Pat Christenson: 

Actual Land Shark, Lurker #2, Thirsty Guy


Baby Andrew Scott, Wait Isn’t That Moriarty?


Corn. Not My Boy, Never My Boy. Annoying Ass Drunk. 

Lt. Jones: 

Snail Junior, Bless Him He Tried


Peaches, The Asshole

Shyness and Insecurities

requested by: @secretlittledelights

Summary: Dean is dating a shy, plus-sized reader

Pairing: Dean X Plus-Sized Reader

A/N: What’s up, guys? I’m not great at motivational or inspirational speeches but I just want to tell you that you shouldn’t be insecure about your bodies. I know it’s hard. I go through it too but the worst thing you can do is dwell on it. If people want to judge you based on your physical looks well then they can go fuck themselves! They don’t deserve your awesomeness. Keep doing you! I love you guys.


Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“(Y/N)! Babe!” You heard Dean call through the bunker. He has been trying to convince you all day to go to the bar with him and kept saying no because you feel nervous going out. It felt worse when everyone stared at you as you walked into the room. You knew they were judging you. You just didn’t know how to respond. You weren’t as confident as Dean was. You couldn’t give someone a piece of your mind every time they made a snarky comment or nasty look. You just walked away.

You weren’t stick thin. You think that’s why people always stare at you when they first see you. Normally, you wake up feeling good about yourself and then you would go to the gym or to the grocery store and some size 6 bitch would look you up and down with a judgemental look on her caked-on face. It still made you insecure, though.

That’s how your shyness started. Ever since you were young, people judged you based on your looks and never really gave your personality a chance. Over time you stopped socializing with people altogether. Then you met Sam and Dean and they helped you with social interactions but you still feel nervous and shy around people. Even the Winchester Brothers.

“I’m not going to that stupid bar Dean!” You screamed through the bunker. You heard him stomp through the hallways. Clearly not happy with the response he got.


“B-because.” You quietly responded. You didn’t want to tell him that you were too nervous to go were scared he would laugh at you or make fun of you and because you are too shy, you would never say anything back.

“Because isn’t an answer, Sweetcheeks!” He replied with a cheeky grin. You looked down at your lap trying to think of a good excuse to get out of this situation. You loved Dean with all your heart would do anything for him. However, social situations were off of the table. He just didn’t know that.

“I just don’t feel like it.” You mumbled. You didn’t think he had heard you until he gave you an answer.

“Fine. Let’s go to a diner then. I’m starving.”

Before you could tell him you weren’t hungry he was pulling you to his feet and dragging you towards the garage.

“No!” You snatched your arm out of his grasp as you screamed your objection at were shaking with nervousness because that is the first time you have shouted in years. You weren’t used to it. You hated it.

Tears were brimming in your eyes. Dean is muttering apologies as he reaches out to embrace you. He didn’t get it. He was confident in everything he did. He had a perfect body. When people stared at him it was in jealousy or admiration.

“I’m sorry. We can just go to the movies!” He said trying to cheer you up.

“Don’t you get it, Dean! I’m not sick or tired. I don’t want to go out! I hate walking into a room and being judged by everyone before they even get the chance to know me! I can’t help it that I’m not skinny! Everyone likes you! You are confident and outgoing. I’ll never be that.” You shouted as you sobbed.

He looked at you in disbelief. ‘Great’ you thought. He thinks I’m insane and he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. ‘You idiot, you screwed everyone thing up’.

“Are you being serious? Baby, you’re gorgeous. Who cares about what a bunch of irrelevant assholes thinks of you? If they don’t want to get to know you the that’s their fault. Don’t let those dicks ruin your life. You have an amazing body but that’s not why I love you. I love you because you don’t rely on your looks to get through life. You’re clever, kind and hilarious. Darling, you’re sexy as hell and I’m gonna spend the rest of my life making you feel that way. So please, don’t dwell on the negative things. It’s the positive things that give you hope and happiness.”

During his speech, he had walked towards you and placed his hands on you face. He looked at you with such love in his eyes.

He gently leaned in and placed a soft but passionate kiss on your lips. You kissed back. You both stood there slowly kissing in the middle of the bunker. Although it wasn’t the most romantic setting, you still felt like you were in heaven. Dean pulled back and whispered in your ear…

“I love you, baby girl”

“I love you too, Dean”

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Josuke was out of town for a couple of years after graduating, when he got back to morioh, he had an accidental encounter with a very surprised mangaka that couldnt stop staring at him, they decided to chat for a bit, there was something different, the tension was different, they felt a heavy feeling on their chest, and looked at each other like if they were discovering something they always knew was there for a while but couldn't or refused to see.



To be fair it was like my Second Ever Actual Josuhan fic that focused on the two of them, so take that how you will, but I’m still pretty happy with it! 

But GOD, yes, I am a big fan of “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” type shit, okay? Rohan running into Josuke again and realizing that idiot child who ruined his life for a solid month so many years ago no longer… seemed like an idiot child. There was something so very different about him – and yet, so much stayed the same. 

Josuke running into Rohan again and the crush he’d had on the idiot flaring back full force. There really wasn’t anything stopping him from at least trying to ask the guy out on a date. Except, you know, Rohan still might be mad at him for all the stupid shit he pulled as a kid. So he apologizes – genuinely, really apologizes. And it shocks Rohan. Like, he’s frozen for a minute. 

Sure, Josuke’s apologized before, but the apologies had always seemed… somewhat flakey. Josuke was a troublemaker, or rather, trouble always seemed to find him, and that trouble rubbed off on everyone else around him. But now, years later, he’s grown. He doesn’t look quite like a troublemaker anymore – though there still is a hint of that mischievous nature glittering in his eyes. But it’s enticing now. Rohan wants to learn more about this man who he is suddenly so unfamiliar with.

They feel drawn towards each other. It’s something they hadn’t noticed before, but it was always there. A strange connection. The saying is “stand users attract other stand users,” but that doesn’t quite explain this

Ok hear me out. You know how, at the end of AUJ, Thorin was super upset Bilbo put himself in danger to save him, and yelled at him before the Hug?
So, imagine, Thorin kills Azog and collapses on the ground exhausted, looks up and there is Bilbo, who just saw him almost die but he was too far to help. Bilbo stomps towards him, arms flailing, yelling about how stupid was thathow could you storm off among the orcs single handedly, how can you be so reckless you utter idiot and Thorin just looks at him, completely bemused, until the hobbit throws his arms around him and crushes him to his chest, basically mirroring what he did on the Carrock.

Sometimes going about the day is hard. I know you guys all sometimes deal with bouts of feeling like garbage, and I feel like today is one of those days. That awful internal voice is just so loud today and so mean, I wish I knew where it came from. I feel like sharing a bit of personal stuff, so be aware it’s not cute birds that follow, it’s the terrible voice I hear in my head. I know it’s irrational and not real, but it’s there. 

“You’re so ugly and untalented, never get out of bed” 

“It’s not even worth trying today you’ll just ruin everything” 

“Why do you even try to do the things you do, you were told you’re not allowed to be funny, I’m the funny one” (that one is from an abusive person I had in my life, who we’ll call (X), who constantly told me I was not allowed to do things) 

“No one really likes you, you’re disgusting and ugly and sound like an idiot” 

“You’d be prettier if you would _____” My dad used to say that a lot. He wanted me to be blonde and like surfing and not play video games. Now he’s married to a woman that got high, drunk, and was on pain medication and blacked out at my wedding, calling people slurs I don’t even want to repeat and said my wedding was a sham, and literally had to be forced to leave. He still married her. 

All of these things make me hate myself. 

I don’t talk a lot about things that happen in my life, but about a month ago my mom passed away. She also wasn’t a very nice person and made lots of mistakes like having an affair with a minor and living with a cocaine dealer and doing drugs. She was on anti-psychotic medicine when she died, and I don’t even know what nursing home she was in. I was too busy taking care of her step dad (my pappy) who’s nursing home I pay for using the money I make from my youtube channel. Almost everything from my channel goes to his rent. I paid for my mom’s nursing home for a while too, before her boyfriend started to take her savings and pay for his toys until they got kicked out. 

All of this makes me feel like a monster. I didn’t do enough. I didn’t try hard enough. Is it my fault? Was I the one who was terrible? Was (X) right, am I not funny? Am I not allowed to be doing what I’m doing? Am I a terrible person? (X) used to scream that at me and then forget they did it. They used to also say all I ever did was talk about my problems, so I’ve been absolutely terrified to share anything publicly that has happened to me in the past year. 

But that’s not fair, and everything has problems, and it’s OK to talk about them and feel sad and angry. They were WRONG. 

I love you tweethearts, you keep me so happy and grounded and helping you out of sad places and bringing joy to your life with games and birds and nonsense almost always make it seem like everything is ok. Today I’m just tired, and I felt like I needed to talk about what makes me sad in a place that I feel is ok. Working through depression because of awful things that have happened to you is so hard and so awful, you’re not alone if you’re dealing with it. 

But eventually it will get better, even if today is hard. 


Two amazing years of the sidemen 7 assholes who pretty much ruined my life and so many others but I fuckin love them 7 idiots to bits😅 idk where I would be right now if it wasn’t for them. Their videos never failed to make me happy and laugh even on my worse days😇 can I just say that I love these guys so much😘💖 Harry (wroetoshaw), Simon (miniminter), josh (Zerkaa), jj (ksi), Vikk (Vikkstar123), Ethan (Behzinga) and tobi (tbjzl) 😘💖💯