idiots giving advice


an idiot with little experience gives advice on dating. nothing can go wrong.

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Hello :3 Okay, I was wondering about hcs on how the RFA + Minor Trio (if you do them) would react to finding out the MC is a wizard and went to Hogwarts? Thank you ^^

I WAS BORN FOR THIS REQUEST OMG! Two of my favorite things in one! Let’s do this!
Oh, I added an (unnecessary) twist. I hope you like it!


•You were in complete and utter panic.

•Your family wants to meet Yoosung, which wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t a witch….

•Yoosung is not only in the dark about you being a witch from Britain, but that you have seven siblings. Yes, you’re a Weasley!

•'Well, he’s going to find out anyway.’

•It was the night before your family was visiting, and you and Yoosung were eating dinner when you decided to tell him. Since Yoosung has been pranked enough by Saeyoung, you had your wand hidden as proof.

•"Hey, Yoosung? I’m pretty sure you won’t believe me when I say this, but I am a witch… Please don’t leave me.“

•Yoosung chocked on his water.

•"You’re kidding, right!? Is this some prank?”

•You shook your head and pulled your wand out.


•"THAT’S SO COOL! Wait why didn’t you tell me this before?”

•You explained to Yoosung that it’s law that Muggles aren’t allowed to know about Wizards, the only exception being if a Wizard married a Muggle or if a Muggle’s child is a Witch or Wizard.

•"Oh, I probably should mention that my family wants to meet you and that I have Seven siblings, most of them being brothers, and they’re Witches and Wizards, as well.“

•Yoosung paled.

•Long story short, Molly instantly adopted him, Arthur was asking a bunch of questions about Muggles, Bill liked him, Charlie (who’s your twin, btw) loved him, especially since he worked with animals, Percy approved, Fred and George found a new prank victim, Ron was saying a bunch of empty threats and Ginny thinks of him as (another) older brother.

•"That went well.”

•"MC, your youngest brother tried to hex me and the twins have a similar vibe that Seven does!“

•"That’s well for my family. Just be glad that my parents and Charlie approve of you.”


•Oh boy.

•Your family’s going to hate Zen.

•Not because of his career, though. It’s because he’s a Muggle.

•The joys of being a Malfoy.

•Your parents don’t know this, thankfully. Unfortunately, they want to meet Zen, who has no idea that you’re a Witch or that your family is incredibly prejudice.

•You told Zen the same night that you got the letter from your parent that they want to meet your boyfriend.

•"Zen, I need to tell you something important, and before I say anything I just want you to know that I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you this earlier and that this isn’t a prank whatsoever.“

•"MC, what in the world would make me think that something serious is a prank?”

•"I’m a Witch from Britain.“

•"You’re being honest?” “Yes.” “That’s amazing!”

•That was not the reaction that you thought you were going to get.

•"Are the rest of your family able to do magic?“

•Oh boy.

•You laughed awkwardly and explained that they can, but they’re extremely racist and think that Pureblood Wizards are better than Muggles.

•"Oh, speaking of my family, they want to meet you tomorrow and my dad’ll probably try to kill you. They literally just told me they were visiting.”

•Zen started panicking.

•"You’re dating a Mudblood?!“ were the first words to come out of your father and brother’s mouths.

•Yeah, Zen doesn’t like your family and your family doesn’t like Zen. Well, your mother kind of does, but would like him better if he was a Wizard.

•"Well, at least they didn’t try to kill you.”




•You told Jaehee way before your father and god brother wanted to meet her.

•"Hey, Jaehee, I know you won’t believe me when I say this but it’s worth a shot; I’m a Witch. I’m able to do magic and so can my family.“

•"I don’t believe it.”

•You Apparated next to her.

•"Okay, now I believe it.“

•You then told her that your father and god brother wanted to meet her and that your father is a convicted criminal but is innocent.

•"It’s a shame that I’ve been locked up most of your life; I could’ve gave you lots of advice from my player days at Hogwarts for you and your girlfriend.”

•"Dad, the only thing you were at Hogwarts was a pretty idiot, you couldn’t give advice to a worm if you tried.“

•Harry died laughing there and then and Jaehee was shocked and confused, mostly because that the first thing that happened when they walked through the door.

• All in all, Harry and Sirius approved and Jaehee loves your family.


•There’s a secret branch in C&R that helps produce brooms, as soon as you found out you told Jumin.

•Jumin was sworn to secrecy, so he asked if he could tell is significant other. As soon as he said your name the other company was completely fine with it.

•Jumin told you immediately that he was working with Wizards and you started beaming.

•"This makes telling you a lot easier; I’m a Witch!”

•Jumin was relived. He though that you’d think of him differently for agreeing to a project like that.

•The same day you wrote to your brother to set up a meeting.

•Remus approved immediately when Jumin told him about RFA. They get along rather well.


•He was suspicious when he couldn’t find anything on you during your background check, so he wasn’t really surprised.

•You told Saeyoung when he was avoiding you in Rika’s apartment.

•"Seven, I don’t care if you’re dangerous or not!Heck, I’m a Witch who’s parents worked for Britain’s most powerful Dark Wizard, if anyone’s dangerous it’s me!“

•"Wait, you’re what!?”


•After explaining everything, Saeyoung started asking a million questions. One of those questions was about your parents.

•"Can I meet your parents? Did they really work for a evil wizard?“

•"Yes, they did and no, you can’t. I’m pretty sure my dad’s dead and my mom’s slowly rising to power again, and she’d probably kill you since you aren’t a Wizard. Heck, she’d probably kill me since I don’t think all Muggles need to die.”

•"Aw, please?“

•"No, Seven! She’ll torture you!”

•The joys of being the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange.


•You told him at the beginning of your relationship.

•His ex fiancé was a leader of a cult, he’ll be fine with his current girlfriend being a Witch and the adopted daughter of the strongest Wizard of all time. (It’s cannon that Dumbledore is gay, so if he had a child they’d be adopted)

•You did it in the most obvious way, too.

•You were looking through old photos of your Hogwarts days and V started asking questions cause THE PICTURES WERE MOVING THAT’S NOT NORMAL!

•So you explained not only the pictures but that you are a Witch.

•V started asking even more questions about different types of magic, so you told him that your dad is the head of a Wizardry school.

•You also told him that there’s thousands of spells and potions that could cure his eyesight and that you’d happily do as many as you could and he started crying.

•V may have refused surgery, but to him, having his lover offering to cure it their self is a completely different thing.

•So V met Dumbledore with perfect vision and, to top it off, Dumbledore loves him and approves of your relationship.


•Saeran already knows.

•You hexed him when he tried to kidnap you.

•It wasn’t until later in your relationship when you explained everything in detail.

•Saeran thinks it awesome.

•He’s kind of freaked out when you change your appearance, though.

•Yes, you are a Metamorphmagus!

•Saeran didn’t meet your sister, sadly, but he met your mother an nephew!

•He’s absolutely in love with Teddy, but, lie with you, the appearance changing freaks him out.

•He visits Nymphadora’s grave with you, though!

•When you showed him a picture of her he was confused how you were related since you looked nothing alike, then he remembered that you can change your appearance and that you said she was also able to, then he felt like an idiot.


•You didn’t even have to tell Vanderwood, he found out on his own.

•"MC, why is there a cauldron underneath our bed!?!“

•Vanderwood didn’t even have a chance to respond after you explained everything, cause your grease head brother decided to pop in.


•"It sure was, Snilvellus!“

•"MC, who’s this?”

•Long story short, there’s a giant hole in your wall and Vanderwood and Snape don’t get along well.

•He thinks that you being a Witch is cool, though! He just hates Snape.

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Lance is everyone's older brother. For an idiot, he gives really good advice about everything.

Lance is a super supportive person. He really likes people following their own dreams and going after what they want. As a result whenever people are complaining around Lance or Lance notices they feel a little insecure he’s always there to ask what YOU want and what would make YOU feel better.

So IF we had gotten a season 2 scene where Keith told the team he was part Galra then Lance would be right there asking if Keith was okay. When Pidge was feeling guilty for hiding secrets from the team Lance would be there to comfort them.

Hunk is the same way, and that’s why they are so close, but the difference is that Hunk wants to go with the flow a bit more that Lance. Hunk likes the authority and tends to agree with most rules. Lance ignores them and true to help.

Think of it this way, Lance is a Chaotic Good and Hunk is a Lawful Good


zashiki probably checks on watanuki sometimes and decides that she too wants to give him clothes

and watanuki starts to stress if he’s been dressing horribly all this while

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14, Javid

14 - “I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.”

Post newsies strike, 1992 movie ‘verse, Javid, Jack/Blink


“He’s too good for me.” The words were blunt, and almost laughably out of place, coming from Jack Kelly, the illustrious strike leader, who took such pains to dress himself with all the dash and bravado of a dime novel cowboy. And yet there he was, red bandanna knotted jauntily at the neck, and his wide rimmed hat hanging like a talisman down his back, smoking a cigarette with hands that he couldn’t quite keep still.

“Then what am I, dog food?” Blink nudged his shoulder against Jack, grinning, to let him know that there were no hard feelings between them. Blink couldn’t say for sure if whatever he and Jack had had before the strike was over and done with, but it had never been very serious, and it had never been exclusive. Jack and David on the other hand…

“You know I don’t mean it like that,” Jack said. He patted Blink’s knee, then folded his hands over his lap, looking out into the distance.. The steps of the lodging house might not have been the best place to talk about this kind of thing, but it was late enough at night that nobody was around bothering them. One of the things that Blink liked best about Jack was that he always seemed to wake up at just the same odd hours of the night that Blink did.

“You know what I think you should do tomorrow,” Blink said, with a sweeping motion of his arm. “Grab onto David, yank him into the nearest alleyway, and kiss him till he can’t breath.”

Jack stared at him for a second, mouth agape, then broke out laughing.

“What?” Blink said. “It’s romantic!”

“He’d die of shock,” Jack said, then seemed to sober. “Besides, it ain’t a nice way of doing things.”

“It’s fine if you ask first, all sweet-like, and he says yes. I can’t explain right now, but I think you oughta trust me.” Blink waggled his eyebrows suggestively, which almost set Jack laughing again.

“And why should I do that? You got some special insight into romance that I don’t know about? Because last I checked…”

“Might be I have some special insight into David.” Blink said, somewhat grandly.

“You’re kidding.”

“It ain’t my place to blab things that was told to me in confidence. Besides, I ain’t any kind of snitch.”

“He should know better than to talk about the kind of stuff. Since when is the two of you even friends?”

There was a heat in Jack’s eyes that made Blink afraid that Jack was going to get up and stomp off into the night. Blink recognized it as protectiveness, but he suspected that there was also a part of Jack that was overwhelmed, if only because there was always at least a small part of Jack that was overwhelmed. It was one of the things that had drawn Blink to Jack in the first place.

“Hey,” Blink said. He put his hands on each of Jack’s shoulders, tugging him in closer so that they were almost forehead to forehead. “Maybe Dave figured something out about me, right? And maybe as far as he knows, I’m the only other person in the world, other than Mush, who thinks about things the way he does. Or at least the only fella who sees other fellas and thinks about them the way he does. That’s why he wants to talk.”

“Dave talks a lot,” Jack still didn’t sound pleased.

“Sure. He’s a regular chatterbox. But he ain’t talking about any of this with say Kloppman, or Bumlets, or the little old laundry women out on the street. He’s talking things over with someone he can trust.” Blink pointed to his own chest, just in case Jack got the wrong idea.

“Who’ll give him horrible advice.”

“Will not! What do you take me for?” Blink shoved Jack. Not very hard, which was really saying something, because usually when people said stuff like that, it really got his blood boiling.

“An idiot.”

“I give the best advice.”

“So, you think I should kiss him after asking nicely, and then what?”

“Write him a poem.”

“And then…?”

“Adopt a dog.”

“Right,” Jack rolled his eyes. “Just one small problem, Blink.”

“And what’s that?”

“I meant what I said about him being too good for me. David? He’s going places. Not like the likes of us.”

Maybe you should give up on love. I mean, if that’s what you really want to do.” She reaches into her battered leather jacket pocket and pulls out a lighter. “Give up on getting hurt, give up on getting your hopes up. Stop letting people in when you could get hurt.” She puts the cigarette between her berry stained lips, lights it and takes a drag.
“But then again. If you give up on love, aren’t you giving up on life? The endless possibilities and options you have, the risks you could take that make you love your life.” She pauses and holds my gaze. “Maybe stop trying to find some idiot to love and love you back. And just start loving the life and people you already have. So don’t give up. I’m sure there’s an idiot out there that will add to your love, not take away from it.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write

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hunk and lance for the brotp meme?


  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate:
    Lance, Hunk has just gotten into the habit of buying extra large portions all the time cause he knows this is gonna happen
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple:
    Lance moves in, but Hunk is the one who closes the gap and gives Lance a quick peck. ((I see them as the kind of friends who kiss each other’s cheeks/foreheads/hair/whatever all the time because they like it but they both know there’s no deeper meaning behind it))
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail:
    Hunk. He doesn’t mind tho cause more often than not Lance got in trouble because he took the fall for someone else. He just shakes his head at his noble idiot friend
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues:
    They’re both good at giving advice, tho I feel Lance is more free about his, as in he’ll give Hunk advice when he thinks Hunk needs it whether Hunk asked for it or not. Hunk appreciates it but sometimes it’s unnecessary; if he wanted/needed advice he’d ask for it. Lance on the other hand, while he’s very good at giving advice he’s bad at asking for it when he needs it. Hunk is able to tell when something is eating at Lance and can coax him into opening up, and then he’ll give awesome advice
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes:
    Lance. I mean if him sneaking out in the first ep is anything to go by he doesn’t much care for the rules. Plus growing up, in his family cheating was as much part of the game as the actual game, makes it more fun
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk
    Hunk. He may not like flying but he likes sleeping off the ground (he jokes that this way if any monsters come for them in the night they’ll go for Lance first)
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights
    Lance starts them, Hunk ends them
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

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