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13 and otayuri for the drabble prompts?

Sure, anon :D Good prompt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

13. “Kiss me.”

“You want me to what?”

“Kiss me.”

Otabek Altin gaped at his best friend, a blush on his surprised face. They were in a public space, and Otabek didn’t even knew if he had enough guts to kiss him in private, so in the hall of a hotel full of figure-skaters and coaches they knew, not to mention their own coaches was quite… flustering. It was a day before the competitions would begin, of the grand-prix final no less.

“Otabek. Just do it. I’ll explain later.” Yuri Plisetski pleaded desperately, grasping his friend’s hands tightly. Nervously looking around, like he was searching for something or someone.

“Okay, um.” Otabek leaned in and halfway Yuri met his lips. Oh my goodness, Otabek thought, i’m kissing him!? He closed his eyes when Yuri did too, who tilted his head to kiss him deeper.

Two years after they met, Otabek realised he was utterly in love with Yuri, and he managed to keep his cool around him for one year. But in his wildest dream, he’d never imagine Yuri being the first to make a move as, well, Yuri didn’t like him back in the way he did.

Well, about that, now that they were kissing- this was just because Yuri needed something, not because he liked him, Otabek thought sadly, but shook the thought away, he was finally kissing the Russian blonde, he should concentrate on that. It may be one time, but it was still a kiss, even if Yuri didn’t like him back.

Otabek almost choked when their tongues met, saliva intertwining. Make this perfect, Ota-idiot, he scolded himself. How many people had he kissed again?! Three, maybe? Yuri on the other hand seemed very experienced.

Yuri’s hands snaked around his neck, and he pulled him closer causing him to gasp and pull away, but Yuri quickly kissed him again. It was good, because it reminded Otabek to breath through his nose.

Otabek’s brain was jelly now, so were his legs. He swore he would fall if Yuri didn’t hold him. Shit, wait, how did Yuri taste, like bubblegum? Yeah, he had bubblegum before, Otabek knew that.

When they pulled away and Otabek did thankfully not faint or fall down yet. Yuri looked very, very smug. “Okay,” Otabek panted. “Where was that for? I’d really like to know.”

“I don’t know, i realised i’m in love you just now.” Yuri confessed out loud. Everyone around them stared at him. “What?! Ya’ll have a problem with that?!” He barked at the coaches and other skaters.

“Yura,” Yakov Feltsman started, dangerously low. “Let this not distract your skating.”

Yuri rolled his eyes. “That won’t happen.”

“It will distract Otabek though.” Viktor Nikiforov commented. “Huh? Why?!” Yuri looked back at Otabek and shut his mouth immediately.

Otabek had fainted.

hope you like it! i never kissed someone before so idk how that works.

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Any life advice?

My father used to tell me that if one person calls you an idiot, you punch them in the face. If it’s three people, you should start worrying because they just might be right. 

It’s valid advice up to a point, but I like to add “if you come to the conclusion they’re not right, deck all three”.

So this is Love

Request: None
Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x fem!Reader
Word count: 711
Warnings: None, I think
A/N: I really wanted to write some cute fluffy Eliza so here you go.

The lights were out in your dorm room and it was pretty quiet. Your alarm showed 03:00 in bright red lines. You were wondering, again, what love felt like.

You’d started to think about love earlier that week. Jefferson had made some comment about the French- he was really big on the French- being the only ones who understood what love meant.

What did it mean? you had asked yourself. You’d never been in love, as far as you knew. You had only tolerated short-lived boyfriends in high school and, since you’d figured out you were a homoromantic ace, you hadn’t dated anyone.

Eliza, your best friend, was camping out in your room for a sleepover after you’d binge-watched two seasons of ‘Parks and Recs’. You could ask her, you realised.

“Eliza?” You whispered. You half hoped she was asleep.

“Yeah?” came the sleepy response.

Shit, you thought, but rolled over anyway. “Can I ask you something?”

Eliza had dated a lot more than you had. Her last partner had been Alexander Hamilton, but he’d cheated on her with Maria Reynolds. And then told everyone by publishing an piece on it in the college newspaper. Idiot. Who took a rumour which two- maybe three- people knew and refuted it by sharing the affair- of which no one had accused him! You were pretty sure Eliza had loved him though- and maybe still did.

“Sure, Y/N,” she yawned, sitting up. “What is it?”

You matched her pose. “What does it feel like to be in love?”

What the books, tv shows and films you watched told you about love always seemed weird. You couldn’t imagine feeling like they said they did. So much of it couldn’t possibly be powered by lust and desire, surely?

Eliza got up and joined you on your bed, grabbing a pillow to lean on. “Well it’s a slow feeling, you know? It sneaks up on you.”

“You said you knew you loved Alexander the moment you saw him at the dance,” you whispered.

Eliza laughed. “I was helpless, yes.” She sounded sad, and you cursed yourself for bringing it up. It had seemed like she was starting to get over Alex.

“Do you really feel it in your stomach?” you questioned, resting a hand on your tummy.

You hadn’t drawn your curtains, and the moon shone through your window. Eliza looked beautiful in the moonlight, you thought, itching for a pencil to draw her.

“You feel it in your chest,” Eliza told you. And she placed her hand on your hand and guided it up to red on your chest, just above your heart. You could have sworn it skipped a beat.

“And then?” You asked. Eliza moved her hand and you felt weirdly disappointed.

She turned on the bed so she was facing you fully. “I only ever know for sure once I’ve kissed them.”

You held your breath. “'Liza,” you breathed, and you could have cut the tension in the air with a knife, “can I kiss you?”

She nodded. Gently, you put a hand on her cheek. She leaned into it, eyes closing and a smile on her face. Carefully, you got up on your knees and leaned down to kiss her.

Eliza’s lips were soft and tasted like her strawberry lip balm. She gasped a little and suddenly her hands were in your hair and on the nape of your neck, pulling you closer to her.

“I love you,” you gasped into the kiss. Her hand slid down your side to anchor at your hip. You shivered.

“I love you too,” Eliza whispered back.

You pulled away just enough to lean your forehead against hers, close enough that your breath mingled. “You’re right- the kiss seals the deal,” you said.

Eliza laughed and lay down on your bed. She patted the space beside her and you quickly slotted yourself into her arms.

You pulled the covers up, reveling in the feeling of sharing your bed. Eliza was warm and soft and you felt safe.

“Be my girlfriend?” You asked sleepily, reaching for her hand. She took it and laced your fingers together.

“Mhm,” she mumbled, “love you.”

“Love you too,” you mumbled back. Never mind the French- you could figure this out together.

'Holidays for three 12-year-old men': Jeremy Clarkson returns with The Grand Tour

With top cars, outrageous challenges and setpieces worthy of Michael Bay, Jeremy Clarkson is revving up the car-show format with The Grand Tour, his high-profile, globe-trotting new program for Amazon Prime Video.

The anticipated project marks the notoriously unfiltered British TV host’s return after his controversial split from Top Gear, the record-setting BBC show he helped vault to an international following, along with producer Andy Wilman and co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May.

In an exclusive telephone chat with CBC News, Clarkson discusses what is guiding the new series, bringing The Grand Tour’s tent to Canada and why he thinks his motley and gleeful trio’s shtick works.

Q: The Grand Tour’s first episode opens like a movie. What was behind that?

A: Extravagant is, I think, the word we all thought when we met … A lot of money went into that. I just thought it would be a good idea to have a bridge from the old to the new and that was a way of saying ‘Right, well now look where we are.' … It sets the tone of what’s to come for the next 12 weeks and explains what we’re about. 

Q: What’s different in making a streaming service show versus one for traditional TV? 

A: There are no commercial breaks or commercial interference, which is joyous as far as we’re concerned. It’s no different day-to-day: same crews, same producers, same everything and the same uninterrupted hour of television.

Q: How do you balance fan expectation and trying new things?

A: Because we don’t know how many people are watching it — it’s a closely guarded secret, we don’t even know — the only thing we can do is make a program that we enjoy. And then hope that we’re not so unusual that other people won’t share our taste. 

One of our directors, asked what it was he did for a living, said: “I organize holidays for three 12-year-old men" … We go on holiday with each other and then somebody films it for us and puts it onto Amazon. That’s all we’re going to carry on doing: having fun on television, or on a phone, or whatever you’re watching us on.

Q: What’s been your favourite car this season?

A: The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. I love Alfa Romeos and that was tremendous. The Aston Martin DB11 is also pretty good, I must say. The most enjoyable filming was probably Jordan. That didn’t even have any cars in it at all, just us three clowning around.

Q: Will Canada figure into your world travels?

A: When we went to Canada [with Top Gear], I was staggered about how many people got in touch … Before we finish with The Grand Tour, we’ll definitely be appearing in Canada at some point. Nothing is more certain than that.

I might just say here and now that we’ll do it in series two. Not quite sure where or how. I’ve got a friend who’s got a house in Ottawa — maybe we’ll go pitch the tent in his garden. Could do that — see all those beautiful lakes. Then we can just talk about Canada and say "Why can’t you say roundabout properly?" We can have fun and games with it.

Q: What else are you keen to take on?

A: It’s just thinking of funny things that will amuse us and entertain us and we’ll come and do it. That’s what we’re actually in the middle of now: working on season two and thinking of all the silly things we can go and do around the world.

I’d just find a story in Canada and come and do it. Combine harvester banger — actually I’ve done that: banger racing up in Red Deer [in Alberta, for his 1998 doc series Extreme Machines].

Q: Did your relationship with Richard and James change during The Grand Tour? 

A: Before, it was just sort of benign dislike of one another. But it’s blossomed into a fully formed hatred now. We do drive each other up the wall, but it’s part of what it’s all about. That said, we do have a laugh. We do work really well together, which is a good thing, because we spend about six days a week, 24 hours a day in one another’s company. Even when we’re not filming, like now, they’re sitting in the same office as me. So I see them every day and all day.

Q: How do you explain your show to people not interested in cars?

A: If you went to a television company and said "Look, we got these three badly dressed men with awful teeth, and they can’t do anything at all, and they try and it always goes wrong," nobody would buy it. And yet somehow it does seem to work.

Whenever you watch television, there’s always someone who’s an expert in their field doing great work. They know a lot of stuff, they’re intelligent, they’re good-looking, they can bake a great cake, climb a great mountain, find a rare animal — whatever it is, they’re brilliant at it. For once, you can tune into television and say "I’m not so hopeless after all 'cause I’m better than those three idiots." We give people hope that you don’t have to be a genius or a superstar or Kate Moss to work on television.

The Grand Tour airs on Amazon Prime Video.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

So Unprofessional

Pairing: Gavin/Michael/Meg/Lindsay (Mavinseg)

Rating: General

Summary: It has always been Gavin’s (and Dan’s) dream to work for Rooster Teeth Agencies. When they get the chance to impress them, Gavin takes it. That decision leads to meeting Michael and Meg and Lindsay, three amazing people that Gavin soon can’t live without. Too bad for him, they’re all dating and there’s no room for him.

Everyone else doesn’t have the same opinion.

Notes: Model AU with Photographer Gavin and Models Michael and Meg and Lindsay. This was originally a short thing for the Mavinseg Event but it sort of got out of control and is now, currently, the longest thing I have ever written. 

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Sick!Chekov imagine please?

oh my god this is perfect bc i am getting sick

sick!chekov working on the bridge and not even aware that he’s sneezing every other minute until literally everyone is like ‘??? go to bed you sick child’ and he’s just like ‘ok’ but he gets lost on the way back to his quarters and like three people have to help the idiot get to bed while listening to him ramble on in russian about how vodka is the perfect cure for a cold


Super handsome royalty of Middle-Earth for my dearest Evelin

Happy Holidays, love!! ♥

66. “We shouldn’t be doing this” Theo Raeken

“Theo,” you hissed, “what the hell are you thinking? We can’t do this!”

You looked around frantically, fearing that someone had already seen the two of you lurking around in the darkness and had decided to call the cops.

“Why not?” He looked at you with big puppy eyes. “Come on (Y/N)! You know you want to just as much as I do!”

“No I don’t!” You shook your head. “This is all you. And I’m not doing it.” You threw up your hands and turned to leave.

“Please.” He grabbed your wrist, looking at you seriously. “Please (Y/N). This is really important to me.”

You sighed, throwing your head back and glaring up at the sky. “Whoever created Theo Raeken, you deserve to rot in hell! This boy could get away with murder.”

“So you’ll do it?” He asked, grinning.

“Fine!” You snapped, yanking the keys out of your pocket and unlocking the doors to the animal clinic. “If we go to jail its your fault.”

“I’ll tell the cops that I forced you to open the door for me.” Theo promised, leading the way into the dark building.

The dogs started barking as soon as the two of you walked in, and you started to get cold feet.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” You said nervously, shooting a look at the door. It wasn’t too late to leave and pretend nothing had ever happened.  

“Come on.” Theo grabbed your hand and pulled you further into the building, opening the door to the dog kennels. “You know this is important.”

“Theo, we really shouldn’t be doing this.” You protested as he walked over to one of the cages. “Deaton said it’s dangerous and out of control.”

“Oh come on (Y/N).” Theo rolled his eyes, reaching into the cage. “It’s not that OH MY GOD!”

You screamed, hands flying up to cover your mouth, as Theo started laughing.

“Oh my god you’re so gullible!” He laughed, pulling his hands out of the cage. “Look, it’s fine. Really.”

You smacked his arm, cheeks burning. “What the hell? I thought it bit you or something!”

“Relax.” He reached back into the cage, pulling out a small furry ball. “See, everything’s fine.”

You took a step forward, studying the dark shape in his arms. “It doesn’t look dangerous.”

“That’s because it isn’t.” Theo said, shifting the fur ball in his arms. “It’s a puppy for gods sake (Y/N). How bad could it be?” His thumb stroked the dog’s little face and he started bouncing it a little in his arms. “You’re just misunderstood aren’t you?”

The dog tilted its head up and licked Theo’s cheek, making the boy grin like an idiot.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Deaton says he’s bitten three people, and snapped at a kid.”

“I don’t care.” Theo shook his head, holding the dog up to his face. “He doesn’t deserve to be put down. I’m taking him.”

“You can’t steal a dog.” You protested.

Theo looked at you with the puppy eyes again, and then the dog lifted his head and gave you the same look.  You groaned, throwing up your hands in defeat. “Fine! When he bites you don’t come crying to me.”

“Thanks (Y/N) I love you.” Theo pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and left the room, heading back for the door. “You coming?”

“Y-yeah.” You said slowly, your cheek tingling from where his lips had brushed up against it. “Yeah, I’m coming. That dog better not pee in my car.”

Thank you anon for the request. I think this is really cute, and i hope you like it. Feel free to message me with feedback :)

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HIii :) is the ask box open? cause i have a request XD How would shinee react when you tell them you are pregnant with triplets ? heheh Thanks !

Minho: “That’s three right? That means you’re pushing out three of them? O-or they could cut you open? What if something goes wrong? Let’s get some stuff ready just in case.” He begins running around the house, packing random blankets and pillows into a bag.

“But I just found out…” you say, trying to explain that it’s too early for the babies to be born.

“Anything could  happen!” he yells.

Taemin: He nearly spits out his drink when you tell him. “You mean there are three of them growing inside of you? Three?” He puts his hand up to his forehead, blowing out a breath. 

“Yup,” you say, smiling and patting your stomach.

“Three…” he mutters in disbelief.

Onew: “I’m having triplets,” you explain, watching his reaction carefully. He looks into space for a while, his mind restarting.

“Triplets?” he repeats. Seconds later, he frowns, realizing something. “They’re going to eat all the food.”

Jonghyun: He instantly begins to think about you going into labor. “That’s gonna hurt,” he says, worriedly, “maybe we should have an emergency bag just in case.” Just like what Minho told him to do, he began packing random clothes and blankets in to the bag.

You sigh, patting your your stomach and whispering, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you guys become idiots like your father.”

Key: “That’s three people growing inside of you!” He runs up to you,holding you delicately in his arms. “Are you okay?” he asks, checking out your body. “Does it hurt anywhere? Do you want a massage? Your face is hot! We have to take you to the doctor.” He panics, trying to drag you out of the house.

“Hey!” You hit his arm, making him stop moving looking back at you. “I just came back from the doctor, I’m fine. Stop worrying so much.”