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Tbh I'm disappointed, not in your divorce/early marriage Bri but in the fact that you've gained weight that if I,at your age had been smart enough to keep up with my body so I wouldn't have to deal with the health problems I have now despite losing the weight, would've killed to be at.You were at a good weight for your age/height.You're not severely overweight now but I worry. I'm always going to worry that one day you'll turn into one of those HAES idiots who demads the world fuck/love them.

I honestly can’t believe I got a message this fucking gross. What did my ex send this or something? You’re “worried about my health” because I’ve gained weight but I’m still completely in the healthy range. This is absolutely ridiculous because when I was what YOU consider to be a “healthy” weight for me was when I was constantly dieting, intermittent starving, depressed, and obsessed with exercise. I was 120-130lbs, now I’m now I’m a solid 140-145lbs, eating regularly and doing a healthy amount of physical activity.

You looked at me and saw that I am not skinny anymore and because of that, you decided that I am no longer healthy. You didn’t know what my weight is, you didn’t know what my height was, otherwise you would have known that I’m in a totally healthy weight range. I even look healthy but you looked at me, and saw a girl who wasn’t skinny, and decided that I must be on my way becoming an overweight cow monster.

Feel free to get off my blog. I don’t need this kind of negative bullshit here.

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Do you ship jalec cause you hate Malec?

Hi! No, not at all.

I don’t ship Jalec because I hate Malec, nor do I feel the need to hate on Malec to justify my love for Jalec.

I don’t even particularly hate it, to be honest. I’m just not feeling it. I mean, I started watching the show because of cute Malec gifsets (I think it was around the time 1x07-ish was airing on tv?), and I’ve said this a thousand times, by the 4th episode I was like ‘’da fuq? Where did all this Jalec gloriousness come from? Why are these two in love? Why is nobody talking about this?’’ And that’s how my Jalec love started, all their backstory and angst and Alec’s unrequited love but also Jace’s heart-eyes-that-I-still-don’t-get made them my otp.

Pretty soon I did start disliking Malec cause back in season 1 Magnus was acting all entitled to Alec and there was that cringeworthy moment with Alec asking Magnus what he wanted in return for helping Izzy and Magnus said ‘’you’’ and like…ugh. But no, I don’t hate them. I think they’ve shaped up to be your run of the mill insta-love, and on that front Clace is worse (Clace makes me cringe, tbqh). And the writing for Jalec itself has been horrid at times. Like with the fact that Alec can feel it when Jace cuts his hand but Alec could be facing a troll and three Balrogs and Jace would be mooning over Clary. But then you get Jace doing everything in his power to reach sleeping beauty and ~bring him to life and…yeah. Shitty writing all around.

If we’re gonna look at the writing I think every shipper can find a gazillion reasons to ship their otp and a gazillion reasons not to. It’s just that kind of thing :P (Which makes me so mad cause I love the actors and characters so much and the show could!be!so!great!).

Therefore, I just happened to love Jalec before Malec even had a chance with me. Even though I started watching the show for Malec in the first place. And right now I’m okay with Malec (’’i’m okay’’ = I tolerate it cause well, they do have a lot of issues - it’s just that everything in this show has issues aka bad writing, so I can’t really base my dislike on actual canon cause actual canon fucks everything up, pretty much), they’ve been kinda okay this season, but it’s still insta love and needs sooo much development, whereas Jalec already HAS all the development in the world and the writers just aren’t doing anything with it - until they remember to re-enact Sleeping Beauty and kill us all, that is.

The beginning of every fight episode

Matt’s actual words: Our heroes have devised an unorthodox plan to tackle their latest obstacle, and when last we left off they were just beginning to put it in motion.

Matt’s tone of voice: These dumbasses had the worst idea ever, and we cut out just as they were starting to realize exactly how stupid it was. This is gonna be fun.


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Have you ever been to Paris? Good! Because I want it to be just for us.


It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

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