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Could I have some dialogue prompts between two brothers who were close as kids, but enemies as adults? One's quiet and kind while the other one's arrogant and cruel. Could you do this please?

My pleasure!

1. “What happened to you?”

“What-what happened to me? Are you serious? You’re going to sit there, looking all innocent, and pretend you don’t know?”

2. “We were best friends!”

“We were never friends, idiot. You only thought we were.”

3. “I need your help.”

“My help? After everything that happened, you come crawling to me, begging for help? Why would I ever help you?”

4. “I miss you. I miss seeing you every day.”

“Check my Instagram.”

5. “Why would you do this? Why now?”

“Because I can. Because you can’t stop me.”

6. “Guess I know why you’re still single. Couldn’t get anyone to stay, could you?”

“Please, can’t we try to be civil?”

“You always were kind of hopeless when it came to stuff like this.”

“You used to help me.”

7. “If you think I’ve forgiven you, guess again.”

“Forgiven me for what? I didn’t do anything.”

“You did everything.”

I hope these help!

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Nach dem Ende von CHG, meinst du/ihr, die zwei haben schon was ganz Konkretes in Planung? Und falls ja, was?!?

Das ist eine gute Frage, die ich mir auch schon des Öfteren gestellt habe…
Ich kann es gar nicht richtig einschätzen. Anfangs hatte ich echt Angst, dass sie das mit dem “es wird trotzdem mit vielen Shows auf pro7 weitergehen” nur sagen, um uns zu besänftigen, es aber dann immer weniger wird. Weiß auch nicht, wie ich darauf kam, vermutlich weil joko in ‘nem Interview mal meinte, sein Ziel ist es, relativ früh in Rente zu gehen.

Jetzt bin ich aber eigentlich wieder positiver gestimmt. Ich denke, dass sie Dinge, wie dudg, dudw, eventuell auch “my idiot friend” usw. fortführen werden und auch neue Shows planen. Ganz ehrlich, die beiden hängen viel zu sehr aneinander bzw. an diesem Konstrukt “joko und klaas”, das merkt man ja jetzt schon. Alleine diese Liedwidmung. Die würden das selbst gar nicht lange aushalten.

Ich denke, sie wollen einfach wirklich, dass die ganzen Sendungen, also MTV Home, neo paradise und Circus Halligalli eben nicht damit beendet, werden, dass sie von pro7 abgesetzt werden. Dafür ist ihnen vermutlich die Zeit auch zu wichtig gewesen.

Ich zitiere casper: “Ehe wir langsam verglühen, dann lieber gehen mit ‘nem Knall.”

Und sie wollen einfach vielleicht wirklich einfach etwas weniger arbeiten und dafür schöne Samstagabend-Shows machen. Welche genau, hab ich auch keine Ahnung. Wie gesagt, werden sie wahrscheinlich schon bestehende fortführen, aber sicher auch neue machen. Immer positiv denken, das wird schon alles. :)

Times when Billie and Mike have taught us about friendship and love- Part 1

I’m really bored, okay?

1. When Billie was crying and Mike went with Billie to confort him

2. The fact that they have been friends since they were 10 years old 

3. Billie’s speech in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“…Mike is my musical soulmate and I love you so much and we’ve been through everything together, and I thank you for everything – your friendship, your family. I love you.”

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4. Outlaws is a literally a love song Billie wrote to Mike

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5. At Woodstock ‘94 Billie took on a ward twice his size because he was hurting Mike ( taken from fucktrecool )  

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6. When Mike broke his bass at IHeartradio festival in 2012 to show that Billie wasn’t the only insane one

7. They are not afraid to show affection in public <3

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Extra?: When they do this when they’re playing Basket Case live (I just love when they do this)

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Imagine your best friend always tries to play matchmaker to you with the odd blind date with her boyfriend’s friends. The last two guys were such idiots, she literally had to beg you to try one more time and eventually manages to convince you. Your car is in the shop so she offers for her and the boyfriend to pick you up and you agree. However, she purposely didn’t mention your date would be getting a drive with them too. You hear her car in the driveway and put on your shoes. The doorbell rings and you pull open the door without looking as you turn towards the closet for your sweater. Your back is still to her as you’re putting it on while talking. “I really hope this one is not a dick like the others because I’ll never…” You turn thinking it’s her but Loki asked to come to the door instead, believing it a gentlemanly to do. Your jaw slacks as you eye him from head to toe and he smirks. “Hopefully I’ll do better than the others.” He holds out his hand. “Hello. I’m Loki.” You smile while shaking it. “I hope so too…I mean hi, I’m…”


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Happy belated Birthday to my dear shithead Jo ♡

An interviewer was talking to Billie Joe right after the first 
of the musical , and he was completely at a loss for words
and his eyes looked red as if he had been crying ,
Mike was there with Britt and so embraced him .
Later Mike did a interview and said " I know Billie many
years , I understand when he needs a moment of comfort."

the sweetest thing ever.