Explaining different social networks to my mother.
  • Mom:I want to learn to tweet.
  • Me:Don't it is aggravating.
  • Mom:Who do you tweet with.
  • Me:Nobody you just post tweets and people who follow you see them.
  • Mom:You need followers? Well you have followers.
  • Me:That's on tumblr you need a blog for that.
  • Mom:Oh so I get a blog and then I tweet.
  • Me:No you tweet on twitter and blog on tumblr.
  • Mom:
  • Me:*exasperated sigh* If you want to talk to people you know you message them on facebook. Posting random stuff with hashtags is tweeting on twitter. You create a blog and post photos, videos, or text posts of anything and everything on your tumblr blog.
  • Mom:
  • Me:whatever
My mom made our cat a facebook. Why? So that she could send herself what she wanted on farmville. If that wasn’t bad enough, the cat frequently comments on my statuses. I even saw my mom and the cat posting on eachother’s walls. When I told her she was just talking to herself, she got really upset.
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My mom just finished her first semester of college and is starting her second one. Yesterday she said she was too tired to stay up and “double space her paper.” Apparently, until this point, when she finished writing a paper she would go through and literally press enter after every line.
—  IdioTech - Double space
I was spending the weekend at my grandparent’s house to have a family Christmas celebration. My cousin brought his Xbox 360 and his new Madden game. While we were playing it, my grandpa commented about how real it looks. From that point on, whenever we watched an actual game on TV, he would ask “Now, is this real life or is it on the PlayBox?”
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One day I decided to move all the music I had collected, uploaded cds, etc., from our desktop to my new laptop. So I went to the computer space and my father was sitting in front of it, screen black except for a few white words. Upon Closer inspection, the words said “Recovery cannot be continued, no hard disk found.” My father looked at me and asked if I knew why “it was doing this.” It was then I noticed magnets attached to the side of the tower. At that precise moment, my mother walks in and asked if we liked what she did to the computer. “I put magnets all over it to make it look less grey!” she said. I said, “Mom, why would you do that?” She looked appalled that I would say such a thing. “Why not?” she said, Everyone puts magnets on their refrigerators and nothing bad happens!
My grandpa has had a flip open cell phone for the longest time. Yesterday I asked to borrow his cell cause mine died, he said “Yes, but remember to close it when you’re done because I don’t want to waste minutes.” He thought everytime you opened the phone, even if just to look at the time, it would waste minutes!

IdioTech - Wasting minutes

Grandpa’s flipping crazy.