“i fell in love with him that day” + wolverine

ask: @thepjofanqueen “ ‘I fell in love with him that day.’ with Wolverine/Logan pls? So glad you’re back btw, i forgot what the name of your personal blog was and had a freaking heart attack like…ahhhh”

a/n: thanks my dude, glad to be back!! my personal is @/binarydanvers !! 

warnings: a bit of violence , a short description of injury (word count: 430)

   He throws you out of the way of the blast. 

   “Logan!” You yell, voice hoarse from exerting your vocal chords all day. He doesn’t answer, and you can’t see him from all the dust and debris stirred up by the sentinel’s heavy footsteps.

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25 Days of Klaroline + First Kiss

Newly single Caroline Forbes is drowning her post break-up blues at the local bar when she awkwardly runs into her ex and his new girlfriend, not expecting the arrogant barman she’s just met to step-in and lend a hand.

This drabble is dedicated to my favourite angry baker @megansarah11 for her kindness, support and also her awesome TV show recommendations!

Steal My Kisses


It was Friday night and the bar was overflowing with a noisy after work crowd. Original Sin was located on a rooftop and its prime position overlooking the famed Brooklyn Bridge was its main selling point. It didn’t hurt that the tapas menu was delicious and its variety of whiskey extensive.

Caroline weaved her way through the hordes, tempted to elbow the nearby suited stockbroker who’d been trying to chat her up for two weeks now. Apparently repeatedly declining someone’s advances made them more eager, go figure. She approached the bar, knowing she was going to need another drink to deal with his looming and repeated attempt. She blamed Katherine for putting her in this situation. If she hadn’t taken a liking to the owner of said bar they wouldn’t have returned.

It was four weeks ago when her roommate demanded she stop moping over her ex-boyfriend, drop the death by chocolate she was holding onto for dear life, get her butt into her cutest dress and join her at the hottest new bar in Brooklyn. She’d refused at first but Katherine wasn’t one to give up easily and the next thing she knew she was perched on a barstool trading insults with the arrogant barman while Katherine fluttered her eyelashes at Elijah Mikaelson, who seemed unaffected by her charms. Something that was completely foreign to Katherine hence her persistence.

Initially it had been fun to down tequila shots for the evening but the bad memories were still there the next morning and the fact that her boyfriend had cheated was still very real. She thought she loved Tyler, he was her first serious boyfriend and they’d been together four years. Caroline had even planned their perfect future together down to the three kids, a white picket fence and a shaggy golden retriever named Max. Boy had she gotten it wrong, especially when she discovered him cheating on her with Hayley Marshall, her college nemesis. All the alcohol in the world wasn’t going to make her forget that unpleasant memory.

“Here you go,” a familiar English voice said, placing Caroline’s usual drink in front of her.

“Am I that transparent?”

“I’ll assume that was a rhetorical question,” he quipped, flashing those disarming dimples her way. “Plus, I saw you coming and thought if I was efficient it would considerably lessen our conversation duration.” It had been five days since she’d seen him last but she’d actually missed his trademark insults. Although he was completely annoying and insanely arrogant, Caroline found the banter was a good way to take her mind off Tyler.

“I almost forgot just how charming your customer service skills are,” she noted. “And why don’t you have any of those cute, tiny umbrellas for my drink?”

“Uh, because this is Brooklyn and not a tropical island in the Pacific,” he scoffed, polishing a glass and shaking his head in her direction at the same time.

“But I put that in the suggestion box last week,” she whined.

“Just because we have a suggestion box doesn’t mean we use it,” he snorted. “You want to know why I dread our time together so much? It’s all the silly suggestions you feel the need to impart upon me.”

“Maybe I need to speak to your boss, you know I’m sure Elijah would like my ideas.” Elijah was currently the focus of Katherine’s undivided attention, hence why she’d escaped to get a drink. Caroline wasn’t sure whether he was attracted to her or scared of her, Katherine tended to have that effect on poor, unsuspecting males.

“Well, I hate to break it to you, love, but I’m just as much the boss as my stuffy, older brother and there will never be umbrellas in the drinks as long as I run this place,” he growled. Caroline attempted to respond but Klaus was already speaking before she could, he had an annoying knack of doing that. “That also goes for the weird bingo night idea and don’t even get me started on including more Taylor Swift on the playlist.”

“You secretly love her,” she pressed. “I saw you singing along to We’re Never Getting Back Together the other night.”

“What can I say it? It reminds me of a stalker I stupidly dated,” he joked. “The one thing Taylor Swift knows how to do really well is throw shade but that doesn’t mean I want her whiny voice wafting through my place of business.”

“Maybe I need to write a song,” she murmured, thinking it was the least Tyler deserved. “Your ego may be huge but your dick is tiny.” Over many alcohol induced evenings, Caroline had shared her misfortune with Klaus, she always had been too honest for her own good.

“Not sure that’s quite as catchy but if it works for you,” he conceded. “Also, why on earth would you go out with someone so poorly endowed?”

Caroline had a sneaking suspicion that Klaus was more than okay in that department. That, and she may have found her eyes lingering there on occasion. She decided to blame it on the alcohol and not the fact he was extremely attractive, especially in those fitted dark jeans that hung low on his hips and hugged him in all the right places. She shook her head, trying to get back to what they’d been talking about.

“He wasn’t but it was the most spiteful thing I could come up with on the spot,” she groaned, hitting her head on the bar dramatically. The next thing she knew, Caroline felt a pair of strong hands, lift her up so that she was looking directly into his face and those beautiful lips. Even in the dimmed lighting of the bar, Caroline could still make out just how deeply crimson they were. She briefly wondered what it would be like to kiss them.

“I’m pretty sure you could come up with something, love.” He offered, cocking his left eyebrow.

“He did have this weird thing for the Backstreet Boys.”

“And that didn’t raise any alarm bells?”

“I figured he was just trying to share some mutual interests,” she offered, feebly. “Am I really that bad?”

“Well, your judgment leaves a lot to be desired,” he began. “But honestly that guy is a class A asshole, you may not see it now but it’s probably the best thing to happen to you.”

“Really?” She asked, finding herself staring into his dark blue orbs and trying not to lose herself in them. When he wasn’t being gruff, he could actually be quite nice.

“That’s about as much sympathy as I can give tonight,” he offered. “It’s not good for my reputation after all.” She obviously spoke too soon.

“Well, we can’t have you ruining that stellar reputation of yours,” she muttered. “Funnily enough, I thought barmen were supposed to be good listeners.”

“You’ve been watching too many movies and episodes of Cheers. Now, go away, I have other people to serve and I better not find any more of your suggestions in that box later.”

“That, I can’t promise,” she said, raising her eyebrows in his direction as she slipped off the barstool. “Anyway, I figure it’s probably a better use of my time than trying to work out ways to kill my ex-boyfriend.”

“Remind me never to mess with you, Caroline Forbes,” she heard him chuckle as she sauntered away, her hips swinging exaggeratedly for added effect.

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Idiot Flesh - Twitch


Idiot Flesh, “Idiot Song”, 1997

Directed by: Annmarie Piette


Idiot Flesh - Meat


Doctor Edmund Welles and the Axe Wielders of Chaos in 2011 covering The Pixies “I Bleed”


So I started looking at Idiot Flesh’s other songs that I haven’t listened to yet…Just as weird as always, Idiot Flesh.


Some nonsense for your ears.


Idiot Flesh “Black Sand”, The Nothing Show (1993/1994)

You're It

Oh my god, Bill discovering tag.


“Hey Kids!” Bill cheered bursting into the attic. They started and Mabel’s golf club slipped through her hands and went flying out the window with a loud crash.

Outside a scream and a crash could be heard, followed by Stan’s yell of, “Golide!”

“Oops.” Mabel sounded slightly repentant despite the grin on her face.

“You can fix that right?” Dipper asked around a chuckle and Mabel shrugged.

“Do you really want me to?” They both thought about their Gruncle’s ‘wife’ and shuddered in horror.

“As glad as I am that you two little Hellion’s destroyed your great aunt.” Bill cut in, floating up to them and wrapping an arm around each of the young teenager’s shoulders. “Lets get back to what’s important here, me.”

Dipper snorted. “Did you need something?” He asked a little wearily but with evident amusement shining through.

“I’m so glad you asked Pine Tree!” Bill chirped knocking his bulbous pyramid shaped head against the male twin’s. Dipper winced as one of the sharp edges scraped his cheek and Mabel giggled, reaching out to prod at the point closest to her. “Today I was watching over-”

“Spying on.” Dipper corrected.

“-this town of idiotic flesh bags when I saw the most interesting human ritual in the park.”

“Human ritual?” Mabel muttered looking incredulous.

“What, human ritual are you talking about?” Dipper asked wearily.

“The one where one flesh bag hunts down a group of flesh bags and infects one of them.” Bill explained. “And then the infected flesh bag has to hunt down another and spread the disease to them instead! It looked fun!”

“That,” the male twin looked concerned, “sounds like a viral outbreak. Shouldn’t we be-”

“Oh you mean tag!” Mabel cut in looking delighted. Bill snapped the fingers slung over Dipper’s shoulder and pointed at her, causing her twin to choke.

“That’s it!”

“So you want to play tag?” Now that Mabel knew what Bill was talking about she looked positively over the moon. “Yes! I love tag!” Squealing she spun out from under Bill’s arm and patted him on the side of his head. “You’re it!” She declared as she rushed out the door, leaving Bill and Dipper alone.

Slowly Bill began to go from excited to maniacal as he turned to face Dipper. “You hear that Pine Tree?” He hummed his hands beginning to glow blue. “I’m it.”

Dipper paled and rapidly scrambled away from the demon and out the attic door. “Mabel wait for me!”