idiot with balloons


Request: If you’re doing requests, try the serious college professor Ren falling in love with the kindergarten teacher who works at the elementary school down the street. Maybe she shows up on the college campus to visit her old professor, but meets him instead, and he’s smitten. He visits her in her kindergarten classroom, but he’s got to get past her students before he can do anything else with their teacher.

A/N: This is so cute (and so very late, sorry!) Tell me how I thought this was about Ben Solo and wrote it about him and use the name and everything and realized it wasn’t and had to change it all to Kylo…oops. Anyway, I didn’t really make him all that serious (sorry) but I got the concept down! Thanks for requesting, enjoy!

Word Count: 3.3K+

Warning: None

“Okay, kiddos! The bell is about to ring, don’t forget to take your paper plate hearts and goody bags!” You announced as all the kindergarteners gathered their things, mumbles echoing against the walls along with light giggles as the kids lined up to leave. “Happy Valentines Day!” Opening the doors, the children piled out, their parents greeting them with little stuffed toys or balloons. Looking at your watch as you waited for the kids to be picked up, you took in a deep breath. Your Valentine’s day–or, afternoon–was going to spent passing by the local college campus and wishing one of your favorite professors happy birthday. After all, it was hard to forget when the man shared the day with a holiday.

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jaykaylin-deactivated20160925  asked:

i love your drabbles m8, i'd love to see some more weasley twins antics. perhaps they get a glimpse of a muggle thing called water balloon fights?

(thank you!)

Harry threw himself into the Burrow, and closed the door on a literal barrage of water balloons. They smacked against the door and exploded, sending a thin spray into the living room as he slammed the door shut. “Which one of you idiots got them water balloons?” he seethed, leaning around to peer out the window.

“Was I not supposed to?” Ginny wondered, and shrugged helplessly as Harry twisted around and glared at her. “It’s just water.”

As far as we know,” Harry enunciated. “Do you really think it’s just water?”

Ron and Hermione shared a look and quickly stood, heading towards the stairs, instinctively aware that they had to get the high ground in this situation. Ron glanced at Hermione and flicked his eyes towards Harry and Ginny as they quibbled, and Hermione mouthed, Leave them. Distraction. They snuck up the stairs as Harry demanded to know where Ginny had even gotten Muggle water balloons (she couldn’t remember).

“Wait. Where’s Ron and Hermione?” Harry suddenly asked, and Hermione heard the door slam open and both Harry and Ginny erupt into screams as the pop pop pop of water balloons exploding carried up the stairs.

By the time Fred and George came thundering up the stairs, Hermione and Ron were both holding their wands, their expressions grimly set. Floating in front of them were two wash-basins filled with water. The twins stopped short, and for a moment the four of them just squared off down that long stretch of hallway, at a perfect Mexican stand-off. 

“Think they’ve got the jump on us?” George asked, his smile widening for a moment.

“Not a chance,” Fred said, firmly.

Just as Fred started to move forward, Ron threw his wand forward and sent both basins at the twins. They dodged them and the basins went tumbling down the stairs, eliciting another squeal from Ginny. Fred realized in that instant that if Ron was controlling both the wash-basins, that meant Hermione–

“Sodding hell,” he muttered, as their entire arsenal of balloons exploded in their arms.