idiot twins

My heart hurts...

I just wanna give the boys the biggest hug, & tell them that it’s going to be okay! Seeing Ethan tweet broke my heart! They’re always putting out all this positivity & being complete goofballs that I feel like sometimes we forget that they’re still human & they go through things just like all of us. Let’s not forget that they’re only 17! Can you imagine how hard it must be for them? 17 years old & have millions of fans all over the world looking up to them! They’re constantly filming videos, so they can upload twice a week for us. On top of that they have to stay active on snapchat, IG & Twitter. They need a break! I want them to go & take a fucking break! Take a break from YouTube & I won’t even be mad about it! Their health & their happiness is my main concern. All the funny videos, & goofy snaps, all those come second! It’s crazy to see how many of us are affected by just a simple tweet from the boys. I think its safe to say that they’ve touched so many hearts all over the world. I’m literally tearing up typing this. How it is possible that 2 17 year olds, that I’ve never met before affect me this much? Like all of us, they have their bad days too. Our boys maybe strong, but just like everybody else in this world they have their breaking point! They deserve all the happiness in the fucking world. They do so much for us, & we gotta continue being there for them & giving them that support that they need! 💖

The Eye-Contact Incident

This came to our heads, and we….You know, just…here. 

The next day….

  • You visit Saeyoung’s bunker the next day
  • He doesn’t answer, so you just use your Arabic dictionary to get in
  • You see Saeran relaxing on the couch, so you go by and ruffle his hair
  • He waves you off a bit, but you only smile
  • “Where’s your brother?” 
  • He shrugs. “Dunno. Haven’t seen him all day.” 
  • Figuring he was probably working, you sneak into his computer room to use some of them
  • Saeran knew you used them sometimes (since he did too), so you two usually kept this fact secret
  • It was part of your unspoken bond
  • You start casually playing some games
  • From the corner of your eye, you see a familiar red head and beige sweater
  • You glance sideways and see Saeran standing in the doorway
  • Although you were pretty sure he had been wearing a grey sweater earlier
  • “Oh! Saeran, hi….did you change your clothes?”
  • He was silent for a moment before replying, “Huh? Oh, yeah.”
  • You’re faintly aware of him coming behind you
  • He leans against the computer desk, his two arms encasing her in the chair
  • You stop playing, noticing his behavior as very odd
  • Saeran usually kept his distance
  • Besides that….
  • “Since when did you get muscles?”
  • Saeran gasped, “Are you insulting myyyy—me?!”
  • You spin around on the chair to finally face him
  • You burst out laughing when you see Saeyoung with artificial mint contacts and Saeran’s sweater which was just a little too tight on him
  • “What are you doing, you dork?”
  • Saeyoung clears his throat, “Are you mixing up me, Saeran, with my amazing twin brother, Saeyoung?” 
  • “No, your idiot twin brother.” 
  • “Hey! I mean–oh.Riiight.”
  • You’re about to call him out on his disguise, but instead Saeran comes marching into the room
  • He grabs Saeyoung by the collar and shakes him
  • “I was looking for this all morning! You take his off right now or I will rip those fake contacts right out of your eyes!”
  • You watch in amusement as Saeyoung nervously chuckles and pulls the sweater over his head, leaving him in nothing but a tank top
  • After Saeran leaves, you demand an explanation
  • He explained that the doctor was willing to give him mint contacts, but they didn’t have prescription lenses, so they looked a bit off
  • “I was trying to see if you could tell me and Saeran apart! I was testing our love.”
  • “Of course, I can tell you two apart…who do you think I am?”
  • He glares at you, “Someone who sneaks around and uses my computers, I see.”
  • Pretending to be mad at you, he declares he’s going to go get his glasses
  • Neither one of you can hold in your laughter when he runs into the door 

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Stilinski Twins: Studia AU (+ Sterek)

➸ in which Lydia accidentally walked in on Stiles and Derek being busy — not that she’s ever questioned Stiles’ affinity for beardy grumpy werewolves. But the real issue that has been bugging her is the other twin. He’s a nerd, probably takes his distasteful beanie with him to bed (or takes a shower wearing it, but she wouldn’t think about him being wet.) and, worst of all, he’s never been one of the boys chasing after her, never asked her on a date or tried to make a move on her. Instead, he’s ridiculously rude and solves integrals and equations as fast as her and Lydia Martin can’t have that. But of course, it’s just a minor bother, really. or is it?

kind of requested by anon (◡‿◡✿)


Saeyoung: Ehe! Spread the love, Saeran!

Saeran: (I can’t believe I’m doing this, eugh, please stop touching me—)