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Voltron Theatre Headcannons

Okay so I feel like so much of the fandom is made up of theatre kids like myself, so buckle up and get ready…

- Lance is constantly singing show tunes, and before he left the Garrison, he participated in a theatre group with Hunk and Pidge.
- Hunk was in Stage Crew, and people loved him because he built and moved sets quickly and always brought the stage crew homemade cupcakes during Sunday rehearsals.
- Pidge obviously worked in the sound booth; she auditioned to be in the cast once but sprained her ankle during the first week of rehearsals.
- Keith claimed that the group was dorky, but he secretly wanted to join for Hunk’s Sunday cupcakes and to piss off Lance.
- Lance and Hunk stay up to date on all the new musicals on Broadway, thanks to Pidge figuring out how to download Earth music files.
- Coran is intrigued by Earth music in general and sometimes listens to the soundtracks with Lance and Hunk.
- Keith initially complains because they listened in Lance’s room, but now he dances to all of the songs in his room.
- One time, Allura walked in on Keith dancing like an idiot to the OBC recording of “RENT” and was amused and terrified.
- She said that he might actually be a better dancer than Lance.
- Lance and Pidge had “Hamilton” tickets for spring break, but they left the Garrison before they saw it.
-Lance is still salty about it.
- He blames Keith even though Keith had no clue what the big fuss was about.
-Coran’s first theatre soundtrack was “Hairspray”
- Shiro and Keith swear that they are going to throw Coran off of the ship if they hear “You Can’t Stop the Beat” one more time.
- Even though they secretly love it.
-Shiro and Lance try to get Keith to listen to “Dear Evan Hansen” because they know he’ll love it.
- Keith saw how the end made Lance cry, and he doesn’t like crying
- He asked Hunk about it once, which just turned into him sobbing into Altean brownie batter while singing “For Forever”
- Allura somehow became obsessed with “Newsies” without Lance or Hunk showing it to her.
- She comes up with headcannons for the paladins as each character.
- She constantly tells them to “seize the day”
- Pidge and Keith cringe every time
- Shiro and Pidge try to convince Coran to play “Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!” from “The Wizard of Oz” after they finally defeat Haggar.
- He is initially strongly against it.
- They show him the song and now he can’t think of Haggar without dying of laughter
- Instead of the munchkins, Pidge imagines the little puffball things singing instead.
-Lance’s favorite musical is “In The Heights”
- He saw it three times on Broadway
- Lin-Manuel signed two of his Playbills, one of which he carries around in the pocket of his jacket.
- The other ones are still at the Garrison.
- Everytime Keith brings up their bonding moment, the mice hum “No Me Diga”
- Because of Usnavi, Lance is the only one that can make better coffee than Hunk.
- That is the only thing anyone can cook better than Hunk.
-Hunk’s favorite is “Waitress”
- He somehow convinced Coran that his name was Jenna for three weeks.
- Keith likes to stick with the classics, like “Sweeney Todd” and “Les Miserables”
- He likes to think he listens to them because of the instruments and extreme vocals.
- He really only likes them because everyone dies.
-Pidge’s favorite is “Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812”
- She saw it with the OBC
- Her father took her before the Kerberos mission, and she has a picture in her room of the two of them with Phillipa Soo in front of the marquee.
- When she finds Matt, she plans on making him listen to the whole thing.
- Pidge developed technology so that they can watch the Tony’s in space, and it’s become a tradition.
That’s it guys! Let me know if you want more!!! 💝💝💝

since the other soundtrack masterlists i’ve seen on here have a lot of broken links, i decided to make my own! under the cut are 200+ different musicals and 300+ different download links all in alphabetical order. if you encounter any problems please message me so i can update the list, but please understand that these are not MY uploads, they are others’ that i’ve found and listed here for you. there are also some notes listed below the cut regarding the download links. please like/reblog! [last updated: 24 december 2015]

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sad small son, a playlist about Jack Kelly (cover art by violentboots)

adulthood - jukebox the ghost // eyes open - taylor swift // something’s gotta give - all time low // human - darren criss // 21 guns - american idiot obc // old scars/future hearts - all time low // all alright - fun. // alibis - marianas trench // the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // bet on it - zac efron // hey brother - avicii // weightless - all time low // i’ll stand by you - cory montieth // photograph - ed sheeran // fight song - rachel platten // proud of your boy - adam jacobs

(Davey) (Crutchie)  (Katherine)


a playlist celebrating the epic romance of rachel berry and jesse st. james // listen

i. thinking out loud / ed sheeran ii. flaws (acoustic) / bastille iii. all this time / onerepublic iv. arms / christina perri v. everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran vi. can’t help falling in love with you (cover) / fleet foxes vii. truly madly deeply / one direction viii. i will follow you into the dark / death cab for cuties ix. yellow / coldplay x. just the way you are / bruno mars xi. 18 / one direction xii. when it’s time / american idiot (obc) xiii. the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody xiv. i’ll be waiting / adele xv. a sky full of stars / coldplay xvi. it’s all coming back to me now / glee cast xvii. i won’t give up / jason mraz xviii. every little thing she does is magic / sleeping at last xix. never say never / glee cast xx. r u mine / arctic monkeys xxi. how long will i love you? / ellie goulding

Wake Me Up When September Ends
Original Cast Recording
Wake Me Up When September Ends

365 Showtunes DAY 273: AMERICAN IDIOT - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Earlier this year, Drew asked me if I was going to play this song at the beginning of September, or the end.

Here’s you’re answer. Hope you all had a wonderful September, and here’s to October!