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Stop claiming to be bi. Ur clearly straight. Bet u hav never ever ever slept with a woman in ur life...

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Look my dude, I don’t care about your opinion. I don’t care if you think im straight, bi, or a catfish. I really don’t.

You are an idiot. So thanks for the laugh via the example your stupidity and have a nice day.


🌞Maru entertaining his Ryo-chan🌞

Ryo (talking to the staffs): This kind of segment wasn’t made for me… I can’t film anybody, see? Everybody is behaving normally. It’s always like this. I don’t have friends, I can’t ask anything. I am tired of this.

Maru: *throws fake bugs on Ryo* I heard you were lonely!!

Ryo: *sees Maru running to the PV shooting and runs after him*

Maru: *does nonsense gags* *throws rocks at him* *laughs at him* *keeps running but waits for Ryo to reach him*

Ryo: *runs after him like a kid* *repeats the nonsense gag*

Maru: *tired but happy because Ryo remembers the gag* 

Me: *cries because Sunshine is too bright*

from JAM’s album Toriai Making (Cr.: Kanjani8 Mexico)

I’m so fucking sick of people around me [in real life]!
Last night I sent a message about Chester in Viber to my ex-classmate [unfortunately we still talk]. Of course, I know what kind of person he is + I remember he liked 1-2 song of them, but… I don’t know why did I do that, maybe I just wanted to talk about it with someone.
At 1st I got a message which I found so stupid “It’s sad. :( How did you know about that? How long DID the band exist?”. 😳 I answered. Then I got even stupider message “But actually I’m not sorry about people who kills themselves. They don’t care about others!”. What the fuck is wrong with you?! I’m not saying about everyone right now, but I DON’T WANNA HEAR THIS FUCKING CRAP RIGHT NOW you fucking asshole!!!
I hate people from real life, because at 1st they are acting like assholes, and then they judge me, because I’m so aggressive and hate people! That’s your fault bitches! 😣 🙈

whom else here gay and unstable

  • (somewhere in a space rebel base idk)
  • Lance over the comms: Pidge come quick! We found your brother!!
  • Matt: ...... what the fuck's a pidge
  • Draco, flinging himself onto Harry's lap: Did you miss me?
  • Harry: You went to the bathroom for two minutes
  • Draco: I know. Did you miss me?
  • Harry: Malfoy, we hate each other.
  • Draco: Then why haven't you pushed me out of your lap yet?
  • Harry: I... maybe I did miss you
  • Draco: *smug*

Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!