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Haikyuu!! Rarepair Weekend, Day 1: “Please tell me I’m your one and only or lie and say at least tonight.” - Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne)

AkaKage. It’s really a beautiful ship, and what’s a good ship without angst? //slapped

Anyway, there’s a little LevHina and BokuTsukki, too. I’m not sure how well it follows the prompt, but it was definitely inspired by it.

Why a chapter of WtM takes so ridiculously long to write:

I decide that Katniss is going to sing an adorable German children’s song to Peeta, but I’m an enormous nerd and therefore not happy with the immediately accessible English translations (remember when I found out Füchslein means “little vixen”?) so I put the lyrics word-by-word into Google Translate and tweak the English version, debating whether or not I care if it rhymes and if I should tweak it still more to fit Panem/Everlark/etc.

[And yes, I could ask for help from a German speaker on Tumblr, but this feels like one of those things I need to wrestle through on my own, like a tricky riddle or a word problem… :P]

Case in point: “Alle meine Täubchen…

Translation: “All my doves…” 
Me: (whose knowledge of German is limited to growing up Lutheran and singing some art songs and sacred choral pieces in college) Doesn’t “chen” as a suffix usually mean “little”?
*seeks second opinion*
Google Translate: Täubchen = pigeon
Me: Um, no.
*types “translate Täubchen” into the search bar*
Google Search Result: “And Hansel answered: “I’m saying goodbye to my little dove on the roof." 

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I lose myself so easily. In places and in moments, but mostly in people. Sometimes I wish I had tourist maps of every person who ever abandoned me in their alleyway of a soul, leaving me waiting like an idiot for the city lights to flicker back to life.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write

death note is so good. you guys, i forgot just how goddamn fucking good death note is. what the fuck. honestly it’s just legendary. i know L’s introduction by heart and it stil had me grinning like an idiot as i watched light getting publicly shamed on national television for about the hundredth time. the script is so well done. the voice acting is spot fucking on. i love light yagami so much and i’m still in awe at the sheer amount of development he goes through in the first two episodes. god, what an amazing show. holy shit.

  • Mercury: Torchwick, your little sidekick is an idiot
  • Neo: ....
  • Torchwick: *Lights cigar* now why would you piss her off like that?
  • Mercury: She uses a parasol with a knife in it as a weapon. It's just dumb *Glares at Neo*
  • Neo: ....
  • Roman: Y'know, he's got a point. I even stole that Death Ray and you never use it
  • Neo: ....
  • Neo: *Steals Mercury's Scroll and begins typing*
  • Neo: Aesthetic or die
Stuff the adventurer puts up with mega post

-          An ill-equipped cook

-          Dying. A lot.

-          Meg

-          Pirate Pete’s transportation methods

-          Karaoke at the Pit

-          The goblin generals

-          Ogre dialect

-          Fighting a dragon to prove your worth.

-          One small favour (three words to trigger veteran flashbacks)

-          The platform in Olaf’s Quest.

-          Fighting against Nomad. Often.

-          Tzhaar names.

-          Matchmaking a yeti and a Fremennik queen.

-          Matchmaking for cats.

-          Shadow creatures

-          Light puzzles

-          Evil Dave

-          Idiot kings

-          Idiot kings that want choc-ice shaped like monkeys.

-          Seeing friends die. A lot.

-          Sir Tiffy sipping tea in the middle of a crisis.

-          No one believes in fairies.

-          Stolen memories replaced with kebabs and beer.

-          Gods bickering and/or killing one another and/or killing everyone else.

-          Idiot Mahjarrat wanting to ascend to godhood.

-          Dragonkin gatecrashing the quest.

-          Sliske

-          Seeing more friends die.

-          Seeing friends become wights.

-          Having to make decisions that affect the fate of everyone in the world                and probably the rest of the multiverse but it’s only just past morning                  and a cup of tea would be great, thank you very much for asking.                      Actually make that an ale.

-          Getting half a soul taken away.

-          Having to fight friends that are being controlled by the bad guy.

-          ‘x wants Stone of Jas / Staff of Armadyl’

-          Icthlarin is a puppy and not being helpful.

-          The creators of the universe wanting proof life is worth sparing or they               kill everyone.

-         Soulmate Sliske.

Westerberg Class President Elections
  • *Heather McNamara is tallying the class president votes*
  • Heather M: Alright, remind me again. It's red for Heather Chandler and blue for Veronica?
  • Heather C: Obv. Do you think you can handle that? I only gave you the job of tallying votes because I thought you Rain Man types were super good at counting. Or are you one of those idiot savants that's heavy on the idiot, light on the savant?
  • Heather M: I am neither, thank you very much! Years before the psychoanalytic society of America decided there was money to be made by creating what they called "the autism spectrum", I would have been considered a day dreamer or quirky, like a young Zooey Deschanel. I am not an idiot OR a moron, I am simply a victim of my times.
  • Heather D: Are you aware your pants are on backwards?
  • Heather M:

The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.