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Day 74

Featuring: Yoongi, You

Warnings: slight language

Written by: Admin V

Those eyes. Those legs. Those lips. Those hands. Only you would fall in love with a boy just by drawing him over and over again. But you really can’t help it–Min Yoongi is just too, too beautiful.  

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This isn’t creepy at all.

You sit at the back of the classroom, sketchbook out in front of you. The teacher and the other students are droning on and on, something that is just a faint buzz to you in the back of your mind.

But there was, in particular, one student that you paid attention to.

You bite your bottom lip as your pen scratches across the paper. For some reason, you just can’t capture his beauty the way that you wanted to. You don’t do him justice.

None of your sketches do.

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Infirmary (Reaper76 Oneshot)

A request made by anon asking:

“For the writing requests maybe some reaper76? Jack hates being in the infirmary so every time he escapes Reaper and Genji are put in charge of finding whatever new and difficult to reach hiding spot he’s in today. For an injured, old man he can climb surprisingly high structures”

Jack had never liked infirmaries. In all his time in Overwatch, he’d never once sat in the infirmary longer than half an hour- just long enough to get patched up. He’d often slink away after the half hour and hide away from everyone to lick his wounds like a beaten dog. Whenever he was injured it was a marvel how he managed to get to the places he was found in. Often they were high structures, and the entirety of the organisation pondered just how he’d managed to climb them injured and bleeding. Back in the days of the SEP, Gabriel would clamber up trees, struggling against the branches to try and coax Jack back down alone, grumbling and cursing the entire time. With the birth of Overwatch and the enrolment of the youngest Shimada heir turned cyborg, Gabriel found it much easier scouting around to try and pull Jack down from whatever ledge he’d managed to get himself onto. That grew even easier with the curse of his abilities at the hands of the sick scientists he’d encountered over the years. It seemed also, that Jack’s bad escaping habits hadn’t gone with the years gone by.

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The. Cutest. The. End.

yvonnestrahovski: Happy EARTH DAY - we all breathe the same air, walk the same soil & drink the same water - R E S P E C T  T O  T H I S  P L A N E T - [x]

Yvonne and Samira talk ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at special screening and panel at The Wing NYC. 22 April 2017 [x]

I'm honestly just here to supply mitjo til mars updates again

submitted by anon:

I was pretty sure Mitch Mueller was going to kill me. As I grew up it was for different reasons but they all led to my demise. In middle school I thought he would hang me up a flag pole during summer break and let the birds eat away at my carcass. In senior year of highschool I thought he’d burying me alive in a ditch somewhere in the woods, or maybe tie me to a really heavy rock and push my in the river. A few weeks later I figured my end was near when I was asked to take pictures for prom and Mitch offered to drive me. God I hope that cyclist was okay. And now a few years later I’m staring at the bright red letters on the front of the hospital building, standing like an idiot with legs that feel like both jell-o and lead knowing damn well Mitch Mueller was going to give me a heart attack I swear.

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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Star Yvonne Strahovski: “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” — Tribeca Studio

“I was really taken with Bruce’s writing. I loved the fact that it was dripping with subtext, which I feel like is most actors’ dream, to have material like that, where so much of the tension isn’t in the dialogue,” Strahovski says. “Serena Joy has such a complicated burden, and there [were] a lot of dualities I found in her.”


Like her co-star, Strahovski is perturbed by parallels between the reality of the Hulu series and reality itself, finding the timing of the project to be particularly interesting, beginning production pre-election, watching the election results come in, and continuing on with the series following this apparent turning point. “The Handmaid’s Tale is a human story, and women’s rights are human rights, and it’s all about equality, but at the end of the day, it’s not equal,” the actress says of the series’ resonance. “You need a feminist movement—you need to label that with something in order to shed light on it, and I feel like there’s no way you can’t acknowledge those parallels, especially in today’s political climate.”

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This is so important. She is so important. 

All We Do (Sherlock x reader) Part6

Summary: Desires are revealed and plans are set in motion for a future Sherlock could never have foreseen. 

A/N: People have mentioned to me that my chapters are a little short and I’ve noticed too, so this one is actually two of the ones planned combined! I hope it being a lot longer is better! Feed back is always appreciated! 😘

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part five | Part six | Part seven | Part eight | Part nine | Part ten

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jalevy7:  Awesome start to the morning with the stunning @yvonnestrahovski for @deadline @markmannphoto lit with @rotolight shot on @leica_camera grip by @fredatfotocare [x]

The Kanadovs (Pietro x Reader) Part 2

Summary: In order to retrieve some important documents, Y/N has to pretend to be the wife of the person she hates the most; namely Pietro Maximoff.

Master List

Chapter List

Part Two

“What floor?” you asked, all enthusiasm drained from your voice.


You pressed the button and exhaled slowly, grasping onto one of the bars for support. He raised his eyebrows. 

“The heights scare you?” he asked, although it was more of a statement. 

You narrowed your eyes at him, before focusing your gaze on the doors of the lift. 

“Typical,” he muttered, shaking his head. 

You felt your cheeks grow warm. Great. Now he’d seen your weakness.

The lift came to a halt, and you hurried out of the door. You waited for him to lead the way to the room, as you had no clue what room you were in. He swiped the card and the red light turned green, allowing him to open the door in a swift movement. He dumped your bags at the entrance and kicked off his shoes, before flinging himself onto the bed.

You sighed and kicked off your own shoes, making sure the door was locked. You ran your hand through your hair, shaking it up a bit, before entering the room. You stopped at the sight in front of you and scowled.

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Yvonne Strahovski: British GQ, May 2017.

“I’ve been saying that ‘Get to the choppahhh!’ line all my life!”