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13 Reasons Why- who's redeemable, who's blameless, and who deserves hell

So, after watching 13 Reasons Why I’ve genuinely found that the people on the tapes are in too much of a messy array- I mean, HOW can you mix a rapist with a girl who stopped being friends with you?! For that reason, I’ve created a list, based on how good a person is. The higher their score out of ten, the better they are as people.

0- you deserve severe, painful punishment
1-5- you’ve done some pretty horrible things, but you can still be redeemed.
6-9- you’re human, just like everyone else. we all make mistakes, ok?
10- you’re perfect. is your name Jeff Atkins by any chance?

Hannah Baker: Hannah Baker, our main character. She was a victim of high school bullying, yes, but she was also horrible at communicating, rude, and pushed away the one person who cared for her. Also, she never tried to stop Bryce though SHE WAS IN THERE AND SOBER, and neither did she tell anyone about Jeff. oh, and she didn’t leave a note for her parents. So, I say 7.5/10.

Clay Jensen: He tried his best to get through to Hannah, he was a good guy, but he didn’t, well, he didn’t really do much. I mean, Clay, seriously, you could’ve dated her easy, if you were a little more assertive. Also he’s occasionally a typical angsty teenager, so 9/10 is what he gets.

Justin Foley: He let the Jessica thing happen, but he was also blind drunk and struggling with a huge fear of having to go back to his life with an alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather, and losing his only lifeline- Bryce. It’s not justifiable, obviously, but I can see why he did it. His home life was horrible, and we could see how messed up he really was. And as for the picture, BRYCE sent it out, not Justin. At heart, he’s a good guy, or at least redeemable, however dickish he may be. Therefore, I give Justin a 5.5/10

Alex Standall: He made a LIST. ONE list. He was a typical idiotic high school kid, and the guilt of being on the tapes ate him up till he shot himself. 7/10. Alex was human.

Jessica Davis: She broke friends with Hannah. Why is that a crime!?! 8.5/10. She didn’t deserve to be on the tapes AT ALL.

Marcus Cole: He was a douche, yes. He tried to get in Hannah’s pants because she was easy, yes. It was cruel, yes. Ultimately, though, he was just a dick. 6/10

Courtney Crimson: Here we go. Courtney. I don’t blame her for not wanting her secret to come out, and I understand why she dumped the blame on Hannah- it was wrong, but she, like everyone else, was just flawed. What ruined her for me was what she did after the tapes, pushing Tyler out, defending Bryce.. that was what I found worst in what she did. So, for that, 6/10

Zach Dempsey: He liked her. She rejected him. He acted like an immature, entitled kid. This story happened everywhere, all the time. And also, he was a good guy, by the end. He didn’t deserve to be on the tapes. 8/10

Tyler Down: He was a creep, a stalker, and possibly planning a school shooting. But he was also bullied like hell. For that, he gets a 5/10

Ryan Shaver: Okay, so he would do anything for the zine. He published Hannah’s poem, ANONYMOUSLY, AFTER she read it out to a whole audience. He broke her trust, sure, but it wasn’t as horrible as she made it seem. 7/10

Mr. Porter: He was a bad guidance counselor, and he didn’t do his job. He could’ve told her parents or social services or ANYONE, but he didn’t. He was also probably a confused guy. For that, 6/10

Sheri: She was always sweet to Hannah and everyone else, and the one dumb thing she did was knock down the sign. It MAY or MAY NOT have caused the accident, and we don’t know for sure. Giving her the benefit of doubt, 7/10

Jeff Atkins: The boy deserved better ok?! 10000000000000000/10. He was perfect

Bryce Walker: He deserves hell, fire and eternal damnation. He’s a creep, an asshole, and a filthy, disgusting rapist. Fuck you, Bryce. -378383939939393/10

If you have the chance, check out my post on my blog about who deserved to be on the tapes and who didn’t. It kinda bases off of this list.

Neurotypicals who still enjoy watching stim/satisfying videos, are not the same as annoying kids using fidget toys because it’s a trend. I have a friend who says watching slime videos is relaxing, and it helps her fall asleep at night. That’s much different then kids at school using fidget spinners as toys.

A tool that genuinely helps children is now banned from some schools, because other kids are fucking idiots. It’s something they don’t need, and yet even after they making fun of people who use them for years, they suddenly use them now because they’re popular.

If somebody who doesn’t stim is watching a stim video, that’s completey fine, even if the video wasn’t made for that audience. If it helps them calm down, fall asleep, or even if it’s just cool to watch, that’s fine. Go ahead. Let’s not act like it’s the same thing, unless they’re saying the video is useless or boring. If it helps them in any way, then they can still watch them.

Thread on bullies on Reddit. Makes me wonder: adults are useless, and we tell kids not to fight, but honestly, I’ve never heard of anything working to get a bully to back off other than showing you will fight back. This seems suboptimal, and I don’t want my lesson to my kids one day to be “You can’t trust your teachers; your best bet to stop a bully is to find five friends and lay into them in an alley somewhere,” but idk what else you’d do.

I was bullied for a bit in school, and I suppose I always thought at the time my teachers didn’t really know about it; but I found out years later that they did know. They all knew. My mother knew. They cared, even! They felt terrible about it. That did not get them to do a damn thing about it. Maybe, I don’t know, it was some fucked-up old-school idiot Adult Logic about how Kids Need to Sort This Out Between Themselves. But children, even teenagers, aren’t conflict resolution specialists; “sort it out themselves” means, at minimum, somebody’s going to get hurt.

I was a good kid; I did not want five demerits and a possible suspension for fighting. I did not fight back. But as an adult now, who is less concerned about being “the good kid,” and who knows no one would have ever come to my aid, I would gladly trade two and a half hours of writing lines on a Saturday to kick that dude in the nuts and tell the assistant principal after what a hypocrite he was.

love spell ☾ derek hale

request: Hey! I’m not sure if you still take requests but can you do a Derek hale imagine where he takes you on a date, but the pack thinks there’s something suspicious about you so they sabotage the date?? Make it a happy ending! Thanks! :)

word count: 1992 ok 

  It was a rare commodity to see the perpetually pissed off Derek Hale crack even the slightest of smiles, but it was an even rarer one, in the McCall pack’s opinion, to see him positively beaming and walking around his loft with a certain bounce in his step. Picture the brooding Derek Hale bouncing, because it is a strange yet quite amusing sight indeed. The pack of teenagers that never seemed to leave him be entered his loft noisily, but the commotion died instantly when they saw the mood he was in. 

  “Did I die? Is that why he’s so happy? Am I dead?” Stiles asked Scott, digging his elbow annoyingly into Scott’s ribcage and leaning closer to him. Scott shook his head at Stiles, his eyes rolling. 

  “If you were dead, that wouldn’t have been so irritating,” Scott teased, examining Derek’s facial expressions with intense curiosity. “Still, maybe Kate died. That’d probably put him in a good mood.” Stiles nodded, considering this. It made perfect sense. She killed his entire family, tortured him, kidnapped him, turned him back into his sixteen year old self, tried to kill everyone again. It would be perfectly acceptable for Derek to be glad of her death, though that was not the cause of his clear happiness today. 

   “No one died, why are you two always so morbid?” Lydia made herself comfortable on Derek’s couch, Malia and Kira following after her. No one really cared about Derek’s personal space at this point in their relationship. Derek was the unofficial dad of the pack; not really a good one, to be fair, but regardless. “Anyways, a grump like Derek doesn’t get that happy overnight because someone died. That’s a girl sort of happy.” 

   “Derek’s turning into a girl?” Liam questioned, his eyebrows raising. Stiles slapped him on the head, causing Liam to bare his fangs at the older boy. 

    “No, a girl is making him happy,” Lydia replied, sighing with a shake of her head, her russet curls quaking with the movement. “C’mon, boys, keep up.” Stiles frowned, watching as Derek hummed jauntily to himself and set up a vase on his small kitchen table, filling it with water before dropping a bouquet of flowers into it. He ignored the teens that had made themselves comfortable in his living room; it was no longer a nuisance or bothersome in any way. Stiles scoffed, turning back to his friends. There was no way this was really happening right now. 

   “Please, no girl is capable of making Derek freaking Hale that happy in the matter of one week. Derek is Derek,” Stiles crossed his arms. “We’ve known him for what, five years now? And he’s never cracked a smile at us.” 

   Scott raised his eyebrows. “He’s smiled at me before, Stiles.” Stiles, though now looking slightly offended, continued his rant. 

    “Anyways, there’s gotta be some sort of foul play involved. Maybe this girl is, like, a siren or something? Or a succu-thingy… a succubus! Yeah, that’s right,” Stiles nodded to himself, particularly smug. 

    “Or she could be a witch,” Lydia said. Stiles’ eyes widened, and he gestured for the girl to continue. “She could have cast a spell on him, or maybe she was able to get him to drink a love potion. After all we’ve seen, it could make sense.” 

    Scott slapped a hand to his forehead. “Or, she could be a regular girl that Derek likes a lot and is changing for the better because of her?” Stiles and Lydia exchanged a stupefied look before rolling their eyes at Scott and continuing their discussion about witches and how they were going to prove that their was something strange going on with Derek’s new girl. Malia and Liam engaged in the discussion as well, though Kira, like Scott, appeared doubtful. Nevertheless, plans were being formed about what to do with their newfound discoveries.

   Derek stared at himself in the mirror, pressing a hand to the top his hand and trying to smooth down his hair again. Usually, it behaved perfectly fine. He could get it so that there wasn’t a hair out of place. Today, however, it was a mess of unintentional gelled spikes worsened by the fact that when he was feeling nervous he had a tendency to run his hands through his hair. Consistently. Today, he was more nervous than ever. He hadn’t gone on a real date in a very long time, and he wanted nothing more than to impress Y/N before dropping the werewolf bomb on her. Maybe she would like him enough to stick around. 

   He straightened his shirt collar, buttoned one button and then pulled it apart. He tucked his shirt into his light denim jeans and then untucked it just as soon, then debated on whether or not the light wash of his jeans coordinated correctly with his shirt. He sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the doorbell rang, so startled that his eyes flashed bright blue for a brief second. He caught a glimpse of it in the mirror when it happened, and hoped Y/N wasn’t planning on scaring him anymore that night for the sake of her sanity. 

   And Derek’s of course. 

   He rushed to the door, smoothing the wrinkled area in his shirt once more before pulling it open, his jaw nearly dropping to the ground when he saw her standing outside his loft, a nervous but lovely smile gracing her lightly glossed lips. He smiled even wider, greeting her with a shy, chaste kiss on the cheek that made her stomach do about one hundred backflips, swarms of butterflies quickly fluttering about at the contact. If one kiss on the cheek could make that happen to her, she couldn’t help but admit that she was excited for the time when he would kiss her on the mouth without warning or real reason. She could see herself being with Derek Hale for a long time. 

   “You look-” he paused, searching for a word- “absolutely gorgeous, Y/N. You are truly the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.” She was pleased with the compliment, smiling so hard her cheeks were aching just a little. 

    “Aw, Derek, you flatter me,” she said, nervously playing with her hands whilst not quite looking at him. “You look very handsome, just so you know. But really, you always do.” This time, it was Derek’s turn to smile, his face going red. No one had ever done that to him before. He pulled out a chair for her at the table, which she took, and the date began.  

    Of course, as soon as it began, Scott and his pack infiltrated the loft, strangely going unseen. Derek was too preoccupied with his date than with the rambunctious teens, which was their first clue that something was mostly likely wrong with him. They slipped through the door, Stiles lugging a bucket of water behind him. Scott, in a whisper, yelled at Stiles, “I still think your plan sucks!” He gestured to the bucket of water. “You’re absolutely delusional if you think that’s going to work. There’s no way that girl is a witch, and all you’re doing is ruining their date-” Scott stopped, realizing that no one was listening to him anyway. He sighed, following his pack anyway. He watched from behind them all as Stiles, ever the stealth expert, leaped out from the kitchen with his bucket of water and attempted to throw the entire thing at Y/N. However, the thing was so heavy that majority of the water was dumped on her legs and a bit on her torso, but nothing happened. 

   “Oh, uh, well, um, crap,” Stiles muttered, dropping the bucket and looking at his friends. They all stared at him, wondering why they had agreed to coming here in the first place when Derek looked like he was about to kill. He stood up, took a deep breath and looked at Y/N. 

   “I’m so sorry,” he muttered to her, helping her up. 

   “Eh, it’s fine, Der, don’t worry about it,” she stood up, keeping his hand firmly in hers. “Uh, who are these kids?” She looked around the kitchen, taking in the sight of five random teenagers scattered throughout the room and another one standing up with a dripping blue bucket that had just been poured on her moments ago. “And why did that one throw a bucket of water on me?” 

   He shook his head. “I have no idea about the water thing, honestly,” he huffed. “They’re idiots. Just some kids from the high school that, uh, hang around sometimes.” He looked down at the water dripping from her pants, sighing again. “I’m really sorry, Y/N,” he said. “Here, go into my room and grab whatever pants you want. I know they’re gonna be big but it’s the best we can do for now.” He forgot about the fact that the kids were there and leaned down to kiss her forehead, murmuring another apology. Everyone exchanged a look while Y/N hid her face and walked to Derek’s room. Derek then turned around to face the kids, who all looked particularly ashamed of themselves. 

    “Aw, Der, look, I’m really sorry,” Stiles said, his face red and appearing quite guilty. “We just had this thought that maybe she’s a witch and she’s got you under some sort of… love spell,” he muttered the last part, realizing how fucking ridiculous it sounded now that he was really, truly thinking about. 

   “You’re all really stupid,” said Derek, gritting his teeth. “And you may have just ruined my chance with Y/N in there, the one girl I’ve cared about in a long time. Love spell,” he shook his head. “I’m happy for once, and you all think I’m under a love spell.” He ran his hands through his hair. 

    “For the record, it wasn’t me, and we’re all leaving now,” Scott said quickly, dragging Stiles away from Derek’s harsh, intimidating glare and motioning everyone to follow him out the door. Derek couldn’t believe this. He rolled his eyes at their retreating figures before turning around and walking hurriedly back to his room. He found her with a pair of his cleanest boxers on, sitting on his bed and flipping through one of the books he kept on his nightstand. 

     The sight seemed so normal to him, so natural. He barely even remembered that this wasn’t something he saw on a daily basis, and when he did, he felt a pang in his chest. He sat down next to her, the mattress dipping significantly. She glanced up sheepishly, placing the book behind her. “Sorry, didn’t mean to go through your things I’ve just been wanting to read that for awhile-” 

    “You don’t have to apologize for anything,” he said seriously, placing his hand over yours. “I’m the one who gave those dumbasses a key to my apartment in case they ran into any trouble, and they go and do that to you.” He gestured to her soaked jeans and socks drying on the heater. He only had it for show, to be honest, since he was never cold, but he was glad it was there today. “I’m-” 

    “If you apologize one more time,” Y/N began, “I’m jumping out the window. For real, Derek. Stop apologizing, the night wasn’t ruined or anything.” She punched his arm playfully, and he fell a little bit more in love with her. “Is it okay if I stay over?”  

    He grinned, teeth and all. “I was thinking the same thing.” Then, he kissed her, his hands falling in her hair as he pulled her into his lap. Just as she had predicted earlier, butterflies erupted in her stomach, and they weren’t going to stop any time soon. Maybe she didn’t have him under any love spells, but she’d be lying if she said that he hadn’t cast one on her. 

so, I had to stand in for a preschool teacher the other day. At one point I was explaining a project where the kids would glue paper apples to a paper tree. The idea was for them to glue as many apples as their age. The following is an EXACT retelling of what happened.

Me: okay, so if you’re three years old, how many apples will you put on your tree?

Kids: THREE!!!!!

Me: very good! And if you are four, how many apples?

kids: FOUR!!!

Me: So good!!! And if you were thirty like me, how many apples???

One kid: TOO MANY!

Me: You keep that fucking attitude up, Melissa. You see where it gets you in life…


Did you know one out of every five LGBQT youth regularly skip school because of bullying?

Did you know 73% of students hear remarks like “faggot” or “dyke” on a regularly basis?

Did you know 80% of trans students feel unsafe at school just because of their gender expression?

Did you know 30% of LGBQT youth have been physically abused by their peers?

Did you know more than 33% of LGBQT students have attempted SUICIDE because of bullying?

Did you know that more than 50% of all trans or gender non-conforming youth will attempt suicide by their 20th birthday?


Bullying is not and should not be just a normal part of growing up. It is not something we should have to PUT UP WITH.

EVERYONE deserves to be treated with the same respect and the same love as everyone else. Everyone deserves to feel special. Everyone deserves to live a happy, hate free life, and everyone deserves to be proud to be who they are.

Dont be afaid to stand up and speak out against bullying. You could even save a life if you do.


Laust walks in circles in his cubby, he’s frustrated about not hearing anything from Mads, he haven’t even been posting anything on his Instragram. “Why would you leave me like this? You knew I wasn’t the most normal of the kids back in school, so why… idiot. You really didn’t care about me at all, did you? All this time… all these years… when you first saw me… you hated me, you wanted to make my life a horrible place.” He stops walking and stands all still. “… you just wanted me to suffer, your real you wasn’t the Mads I fell in love with. The real you is a manipulating, selfish little tyran. Kinda like… the Mads I found after six years.” He sees his bed and sits in it. “You tricked me into falling for you just to see me suffer, you’re a devil, you’re terrible. I… hate you with all of my heart…”

he starts to sob. “Even though… I’m still crazily in love with you. I could stab you in the back while softly hugging you, suck the blood out through your neck while giving you neck kisses or maybe even something more grotesque. Oh Mads, you’re driving me into insanity, hehehe…” he wraps his own arms around his body, chuckling in an uncomfortable manner. “I want to choke him, want to maltreat him, I want to squeeze him… and break his… neck…” he sings slowly. “… I just wanna let you know that I’m about to go… insane, you know that I will soon take… my gun… *crying*” he couldn’t finish the song. He falls down onto the floor, crying into his hands.

“Wh-… what did I ever do to you? I-I gave you everything, my love, my affection, my everything. You just shoved it all in the trash when that stupid YouTuber didn’t arrive to the mall! You betrayed me, you lied to me! Why can’t you be happy with a guy who loves you?? I was a guy and I loved you! I’m never gonna love again! I can’t do it again, I just can’t… Mads… you’re making me upset on purpose… this is what your whole plan was in fucking eight years… you wanted to murder me, but you wanted it to be special… you son of a bitch.” He gets up and opens a drawer. There’s a gun in the it and he picks it up.

“I won’t allow myself to find others than you… I couldn’t care less about my future, I’ll give you my life. Let me finish the job for you.” Says Laust, carefully pressing the snoot of the gun into his head. “I don’t need others than you Mads, you filthy bastard… *sob*” he’s drops a tear to the floor, looking into the wall.

This is a continuation of my “dating high school calum would be like”

Okay so it’s literally the Day of graduation and you and calum have not seen each other yet as you’re hanging with a few of your friends before everyone starts lining up. And as you’re just talking hanging out by the student parking lot for the last time you feel a familiar hand on your waist you turn around to see calum with his gown in hand and shirt half buttoned and your friend jokes about him almost being late to graduation as her and the others excuse themselves leaving the two of you there in silence. “Are you gonna put your gown on superstar or just be the one oddball,” you’d joke as you buttoned up the rest of his shirt and he’d smile at the nickname you gave him freshman year when he became mvp of the soccer/football team. And he’d kinda just sit the gown down on the hood of your car ignoring your scolding of him potentially getting it dirty as he loosely looped his arms around your waist blatantly checking you out glad you hadn’t actually buttoned your gown up yet. And you’d kinda just hit him as you noticed the look in his eyes as he drew his lip into his mouth. “Eyes up here my love,” and you’d just tap his jaw as he brought his attention back to your face. “What can I say. You’re a goddess baby.” and he’d lightly press his lips to yours careful not to smudge your lipstick knowing you’d kill him before pulling back. “M'not ready to graduate.”

And there it was. The thing you noticed had been bothering calum for the last month. And you’d just let him finish as you took his hand in yours giving it a comforting squeeze. “I mean I am but I’m terrified (Y/N). This has been my home for my whole life and high school has been a hell of a ride. After this our life officially starts and I’m so scared. What’s gonna happen? What if I-” and you’d cut him off right there “Hey hey hey. No what ifs baby. Everything’s gonna be fine I promise. Now I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I do know you got me. You’ve got your family, our friends and hell even my family. It’s all gonna work out and I’m so thankful to be ending this chapter of my life with you and starting the next one with you right besides me. We’re going to college together Cal and remember what you said when you have me this ring?” You said holding his face so that he’d be looking you in the eyes and you flashed the promise ring at him. “Me and you? We’re endgame and that means through everything you’ve got me. Besides, we’ve all got this whole summer to still act like idiotic high school kids.”

And those words coming from his favorite person were enough to drown almost all his nerves as he pulled you into a tight hug pressing his lips into your hair. “I love you so much. Thank you” and you’d hug back tighter in response as the two of you stood in silence for a minute. You were the first to break the silence. “It’s kinda bittersweet don’t you think,” as you looked near the overlooking field to see calum shrugging. “Just a little. Honestly I think I’m over this whole high school thing. Let’s go on in? I’m sure it’s about time to start lining up.” He say stepping back to grab his gown and shrugging it over his shoulders before placing his cap on. You followed suit getting your actual cap out your car and placed it on your head a sense of pride filling you because you did it. You’re graduating high school with your best friends in the entire world and the love of your life. “Let’s go graduate so we can skip to the after party yeah?” Calum would say reaching to grab your hand as you two began heading towards the building. “I’m honestly excited to get you out that dress babe because honestly when I first saw you in that it took everything in me to not pop a hard on,” and you’d both groan and smile because who your usual calum was back. “And one last thing baby girl.” “Hm?” “Don’t fall walking across that stage.”

Honestly this was supposed to go in my list blurb thingy but it spewed into its own thing and idk I kinda put some me as in I’m high key ready and scared to graduate idk it’s rambly but I kinda like it and it’s not proofread bc I never do that so pray no insane typos.

jojo0225  asked:

can i have a school bad boy smut for wonwoo where he is a bad boy in school and you are his girlf and someone is flirting with you and he got jealous and waned to show the others that you are his

I’ll be digging my own grave if any of you need me


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Wonwoo wasn’t in class again, not that you expected him to be. Okay, but you hoped he would be because on the days he didn’t show up, one of his buddies always tried to flirt with you. Today the setting of this irritation was the lunchroom.

The lunchroom at your school wasn’t exactly the most appealing place to be hit on, and he wasn’t exactly the most appealing person. Grease stained the lunch tables from what the lunch ladies called a hamburger. You decided that getting an apple was a safer option. You shifted uncomfortably in your seat as you saw him approach.

“Your boyfriend isn’t here today,” he commented, sliding into the seat next to you and prompting you to stand up. “Where are you going?”

“Away from you,” you replied.

“You’re cute when you’re mad,” he laughed.

You turned to face him, apple rolling in the palm of your hand. If you pretended this apple were his head would it make you feel any better when you crushed it? Probably not. You let the apple roll from your palm and into the trashcan, sighing, “I wouldn’t say I was mad, just a little bit tired from your endless attempts to get in my pants. I’m dating Wonwoo, and you know that; you also know he would beat your ass if he ever found out that you flirted with me every time he ditched school because you don’t flirt with me when he’s here.”

He gave you a sideways smile when he heard these words, “You think this is flirting?”

You raised an eyebrow at him.

“It was a compliment. How come girls can never take compliments?” he asked.

There it was. The common thing petty boys did when they didn’t get their way: pushing the blame onto the girl. “Wow, you really know how to be a douche,” you made a sound of endearment, walking the other way. You should go hide in the bathroom but you really didn’t want him to feel like he “flustered” you. You watched the doors of the bathroom go by and frowned.

“Listen,” he grabbed your arm, tugging you to face him and you almost slapped him across the face. “You’re really pretty, but I don’t have time to keep chasing you around. I know you have a thing for me. I always catch you staring.”

“What did you say?” and it surprised you when you weren’t the only one who said it.

Wonwoo had appeared behind him from the boys’ bathroom. So that’s where he was hiding all morning. “You think she wants you?” the way he said it made you hold back a smile. His buddy unwound his fingers from your wrist with a nervous laugh.

“Wonwoo,” you whined, grossly cute—but you knew he loved it. “He keeps flirting with me anytime you aren’t here.”

“Really… we should probably show him that you’re mine then, shouldn’t we?” Wonwoo’s eyes traveled down your body, teeth tugging at his bottom lip. Your stomach did a flip. Wonwoo leaned over, hissing, “Bathroom,” into his buddy’s ear.

Wonwoo grabbed your hand and you gazed to see if anyone was watching as the three of you went into the bathroom. There were two bathrooms in the lunchroom, and this one was inhabited by the idiots who smoked at school or the kids ditching class. People didn’t just wander in here of their own volition. It was almost like it had a “no trespassing” sign on the door.

“You two, out,” Wonwoo told a couple making out. They listened when they saw it was Wonwoo and walked by, the smell of smoke from their clothing was suffocating. You watched them until the door closed.

“I wasn’t flirting with her, seriously,” he tried to explain, but Wonwoo shoved him back. His body hit the bathroom stall door and he crashed to the dirty floor.

You almost felt bad, but something about Wonwoo getting jealous over some boy’s stupid comment was making you heated. “I don’t know if I’d rather have you beat the shit out of him or show him what he’ll never have,” you muttered, wrapping your arms around Wonwoo’s neck, running your lips over the soft skin.

“Either can be arranged,” he turned around, grabbing your hips and pushing you against the stall—bodies blocking his buddy’s exit. You gazed down at him. Pathetic. “But, don’t fucking look at him,” Wonwoo growled.

His teeth ran over your neck before he started sucking at your flesh. You let out a whimper, and he hitched your leg over his hip. Your hand dropped to support yourself on the wall when you were pulled onto your tiptoes. Your skirt slid up your leg, and you stole a glance at the boy still on the floor. His face was aflame and when he saw you looking he said, “Fuck you guys,” and crawled underneath the stall to run out the door.

“He left,” you breathed.

“A pity, he was just about to see that you’re mine,” Wonwoo replied against your skin, leg pressing between yours. You ran your fingers through his hair, yanking his head back and locking his lips with yours. The hem of your skirt had hiked up to your ribs, and Wonwoo gripped your ass. Your tongues were tangled with each other and you were pressed against the wall in his attempt to get as close as he could to you. Close enough to feel each other’s heartbeats.

You dropped one of your hands down his side, stopping at his belt and yanking at it with a whine. He smiled against your lips at your eagerness, but you knew he was having the same thought. This would have to be hot and quick because the lunch period only lasted so long. The kiss ended and he hung onto your bottom lip as he dropped your leg to shimmy your panties down your thighs.

“Aren’t you worried someone will walk in, baby?” he asked, a smug smile on his face.

You let out a moan as he ran his fingers in circles on your clit, “You better make me cum quick then, huh?” Wonwoo chuckled and you undid his belt and the button of his pants. He pressed harder on your clit, and you grabbed onto his shoulder, “Hurry up.”

He lifted one of your legs over his arm and you braced yourself with the bathroom stall, “Are we going to be loud in the school bathroom?”

“Maybe?” you bit your bottom lip, watching him with fire in your eyes as he got closer to you. His other hand dug into your hip and you felt him slid against your entrance. Your nails pierced his skin as he pressed into you, slowly, teasing you. “God, Wonwoo, we only have a few minutes,” you forced out.

And with your words he quickened the pace, muffling your moans with his mouth— why muffle you when he was the one being cocky about fucking in public? You raised the volume of your moans, getting a little tingly at the thought of getting in trouble for this. Imagine if someone walked in: his body pressed against yours, school uniform still covering most of your body, his aggressive thrusts making you shake. You loved when he got possessive.

He had a right to be possessive; he knew you too well. You were unwinding in his hands, mind reeling as he overtook you in the most carnal way. The two of you were too distracted to even kiss. Your swollen lips were moving against each other, but you were busy with wrapping your other leg around him so he could go faster.

You wanted him to eat you into nothing.

Your insides clenched around him because you were getting close, already. Wonwoo groaned, slamming into you and making your back ride up the wall. Your lips slid away from each others’ and your breath caught in your throat as you hit your orgasm. A loud sob echoed through the stalls, and Wonwoo’s hot breath smacked your chest.

The two of you were frozen like this for awhile before he lowered you to the ground, panting and patting the sweat from your forehead. You cleaned yourselves up, and his touches lingered on your skin.

The bell rang. Wonwoo’s eyes were eating you up, “Time for class.”

“We can finish you up later,” you hummed. He intertwined his fingers with yours. You gazed at him, “You should fix your hair,” you told him.

He shrugged and leaned to whisper in your ear, “Everyone will know we fucked in the bathroom.”

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Was he a little salty about the way some of the kids at the school treated him?

Nah.  They were idiots and he just tended to let that roll off of him.  Stanislav Yakovlevich Romanov had his friends, and that was all he needed.  That and his family - smaller in numbers than it had once been but still going strong.

Which caused him to smile when his cousin Anastasia approached.  “Hello, Nastya.  Is it Family Day already?”

daniella-b  asked:

Thank you so much you have really helped me recently, I have been so confused because I noticed I am the white people pleaser at my high school and this isn't who I want to be. I have allowed my friends to treat me terribly and I want it to change but how do I tell them?

This question reminds me A LOT of my family members! Specifically my brother and sister. They would let their white friends say any and everything they wanted to with them and they would just play along in order to not “start trouble” or make anyone feel “uncomfortable” but I find that just ridiculous! As a result my brother had a lot of anger issues he had to work though and my sister battled with depression in highschool about being black. You HAVE to speak up for yourself. You have to let people know your not some walking joke. Now when someone says something stupid I will turn around and say “Whats that supposed to mean.” And let my friends try to crawl their way out of the hole they just dug themselves. Other times when racial jokes seem to be a pattern for a particular person I will pull them off to the side and explain to them privately how it makes me feel when they say racial things to me that they do not understand and that I would like it to end. Good luck to you in High school. High school kids are idiots! At the end of the day, if they don’t knock it off I would just roll with another crew. It might seem hard to do in the beginning, but all the dumb ignorant kids who said things to me and my siblings I don’t even remember their names anymore.

Maybe we wouldn’t have gotten together if we were in high school. That’s because kids in high school are idiots. The only thing that matters is that we found each other, right now, and it’s the best.
—  Andy Dwyer, Parks and Rec Season 6, Episode 18: “Prom”
High School...Does it matter?

Having people over for a Saturday morning brunch makes you feel like an adult. Waking up early to drink mimosas and talk about politics or the weather also makes you feel like an adult. Five years ago, my Saturday mornings consisted of hangover McDonald’s breakfasts and gossiping about what happened at what party the night before. All we cared about was which party we’d be attending that night, what we would wear and whose house we’d tell our parents we were staying at. Looking back, we got away with a lot of things; it’s crazy how invincible you think you are when you’re young. My parents used to say “you kids think you’re invincible” and I thought they were just being dramatic, but looking back, it’s true. I’d be a liar if I said I never got in a car with someone who had been drinking, used a fake I.D. or a liar if I said I never smoked pot or drank alcohol from a cup that had been lying around at a party. That’s just the minor stuff our group of friends did. Sometimes I wish I could go back and slap my teenage self in the face for some of the things I did. One time, I got so drunk after completing a six shot challenge with UV Blue. I followed that up by drinking the water bong instead of the waterbottle. Needless to say, I was not in a great state. After puking my brains out on the side of the house, I decided I needed to go home for some reason. I showed up, crawled to the door, rang the doorbell and let my mom and dad put me in my place. I still don’t know how I got home. The pillows tucked in my bed with my wig from theater class would have worked if I didn’t ring the doorbell after sneaking out. Now that I’m older, I do enjoy getting a little tipsy and having a good time, but my brain doesn’t work the same way. I know my limits, I don’t have the pressure on me to “be cool” and I definitely know the different between water and a water bong. There weren’t a lot of things for us teens to do in Iowa other than party next to cows in a cornfield. I have a lot of stories about my crazy teenage life I could share, but you’d all think I’m nuts and it’s safe to say I’m nothing like that anymore. People do change.

Last night, I watched Palo Alto, James Franco’s film. It was your typical high school movie with kids partying, acting like idiots, making bad choices, and filling their lives up with drama. I believe that the pressure of being a certain way causes most of the choices we make in high school. What we don’t realize is that “the pressure” is usually made up by us. We make ourselves think that others will only like us if we act a certain way, but in reality, no one really cares. The cattiness, the gossip, and the jealousy never really goes away as you get older, but you realize how little it matters and how handle it. I used to cry over what people would say about me or to me, now I don’t make it my business to know what others are saying about me and I get over not being liked by someone in 2.3 seconds. I wish I knew how little high school would impact my life then instead of realizing it now. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many great moments in high school that you’ll never forget, but that’s the positive stuff! I won’t lie, high school was tough, but it’s because I made it that way. I chose to care what others thought about me, I chose to feed into the drama when someone was talking about me, and I chose to cry when I was rejected. If I only would have known that all of those little things would never matter, being a cheerleader, dating a football player, or being friends with the popular crowd would never matter. If there are any high school or college girls reading this, just know that high school is a small phase in your life that soon fade. Instead of focusing on who is talking about whom or who is dating whom, focus on your own happiness and the happiness of others. Don’t go out of your way to spread a rumor, go out of your way to stop it.

Life goes by so fast and letting small negative stuff make an impact on your life will only keep you from letting the little positive moments make an impact on your life. If you’re upset over a little comment someone made about you, you might miss the 100 nice comments others have made about you. No one has time for negativity and if they do, then they are wasting their lives. You can make this world a better place if you focus on you. If you could see the future through the eyes of the present, I’m sure we’d look at life differently.