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Can I ask for Kagami and s/o cooking together? Fluff and maybe some making out?

“Babe, you’re cutting the carrot’s too wide,” Kagami pouted.

“Eh?” you whined. Kagami had half a smirk on his face when you pouted. He must think he’s such the cook since he can stir the soup and lecture you about cutting vegetables. “The book says at least an inch. This is an inch!”

Kagami’s laugh was cute. Always cute, even when you were a little bratty.

“Here, like this,” Kagami began. He turned the fire underneath the soup to a low heat and stood behind you, each of his hands over yours.

You let Kagami’s hands take over the knife and carrot and watched him cut the carrot swiftly and evenly. As he reached the end of the carrot, he held up a piece you cut from the carrot earlier and a piece he just cut.

“See, babe? Yours are too big. Try to match this,” Kagami instructed. His smile was too proud for your liking, but it was also too happy and contagious for you to get mad.

“Yeah, yeah,” you chuckled. You brought your small lips to Kagami’s cheek. “Whatever the master says.”

“Master, huh?” Kagami murmured lowly. Kagami smirked to your nickname, bringing his lips at the edge of your lips, slowly kissing it.

“H-Hey, not like that!” you corrected.

But there was no stopping Kagami. You could already feel something hardening against your back. His lips would only be seconds away from your skin, the moist kisses making your stomach warm. The aroma of the soup was delightful, but Kagami’s touch made your knees weak, and your voice lightly moan to his touch.

“Geez, you idiot,” you sighed, turning around to smash your lips against each other.

Somehow, the soup tasted a bit different that dinner. It was left on quite longer than it was needed.

  • arthur: you know wanker my son is the best boy who resembles my strong determination of being gentleman
  • antonio: nope. my son is the one who will rule this world he is amazing yet he is nice with women he can cook like me and he doesn't eat junk food
  • alfred: geez my dad's lame
  • lovino: wrong. my father's the lamer idiot oh geez he's such a trash papa shitshitshit
Emmerdale Live and Organized - June 9, 2017

Happy Friday! Let’s see what everyone is up to today! 

I think Emmerdale needs a new opening. Thoughts?


Rakesh is on his way out? Right? I haven’t heard anything. I’m a bit distracted.

Jai’s ‘told you so’ face just cracked me up. I love him angry. What can I say?

‘Even Jimmy would have been a better choice!’ – HA. Jimmy is just a lovable idiot. Leave him be.

Geez, show. Laying it on thick. WE KNOW. She is about the screw Pete. WE GET IT.

Attic Characters

Kerry is on a roll this week. Beaver costumes. Getting confessions out of people. She is having a great week.  Maybe she needs a better job at the factory? Just something different.  


I love Finn’s laptop cover thing. That is awesome. I need it.

Yes, please, keep Pete out of your stupid plans.  

Doug is going into the pot business. HA! I love this. So stupid but I love it with all my heart.

Spread the word. Leyla is too good for Pete.

All the family secrets are coming out now. It would have been funnier if Pete told them to stop lying about Finn and being an escort.  

Laying it on thick here too. WE GET IT. They are breaking up too. WE GET IT.

Laurel/Thomas Family

Sandy and I have the same idea about sugar. It is the food of the gods.

Though, fruit is good for you. Yes, fruit. (EAT MORE SUGAR)

I’m Team Donuts!


Ronnie giving Lachlan advice? Ok. Sure. Those characters hang out all the time. Whatever. I’ll let it go. Yes, Belle won’t want a bracelet. Just talk to her as a human Lachlan. You know. Being human? Weird concept I know.

Oh, Belle. I hope he doesn’t kill you.  


WHOA. Is this happening already? I thought we had more time. Also, that is all it takes? Two fights and they are already running to each other. Emmerdale. You can do better than that.

Do these two even know each other well enough to have this conversation? That couch is bad luck. Everyone gets into trouble on it.

HELLO. HERE WE GO. I can’t handle that right now. Seriously? SERIOUSLY.


‘It’s Just Speculation!’

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So. The boys are back next week. YAY.  Let’s get this show back on the road. Speculation is killing us. Theories can be fun, but it becomes too much when people pretend their speculation is fact. It confuses people and causes unneeded panic. 

As per usual, STAY OFF MESSAGE BOARDS (Screw it. I’ll call them out) Stay off Digital Spy Message Boards. That is where Emmerdale fandom happiness goes to die. It will only bring you misery. 

What do you think? Tell me below or tweet me @AmandaJ718.  Until next week, I’ll see you around in Emmerdale. 

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How would the GOM + Kagami + Takao + Nijimura react of you showed up at their house at an ungodly time of the night crying??? (I love love love the blog by the way!!!)

thank you!!

Kuroko: He’s tired and feeling a bit disoriented, but he’s more focused on figuring out what made you so upset and resolving the issue as quickly as possible. “Are you alright? Please, come inside and talk to me.”

Kagami: “W-Whoa, hey!” All he did was ask you what was wrong, and you started crying harder! But he was determined to figure out the problem. “Come on now…get inside, alright? I’ll make you something…”

Kise: He already has his arms around you and is rubbing your back comfortingly. “Shh, it’s okay [Name]cchi…Let’s go to my room and sort things out there.” Seeing you so upset was making him upset, too.

Midorima: He’s a bit cranky from being woken up, but he knows that you wouldn’t just show up on his doorstep for a petty reason. “You know you can talk to me about anything. Get inside before you catch a cold, idiot.”

Aomine: “Ah, geez…” Honestly, he wasn’t too good with comforting others, but that didn’t mean he was just gonna leave you there. “Hey, hey, hey…calm down, alright? We can talk inside where it’s warm.”

Murasakibara: He’d normally feel angry about losing precious sleep, but seeing the tears running down your face made him feel guilty…and angry. “What happened, [Name]-chin? Who did this?” He looked menacing. 

Akashi: Akashi is already wiping away your tears with a handkerchief and ushering you inside his house. You were given the best of treatment, because, of course, he cared about you. “[Name], tell me what’s wrong.”

Takao: “Poor [Name]-chan…” Takao mutters as he pulls you into a tight hug. Seeing you like that always brought his his softer side. “Let’s go inside, yeah? We can talk about whatever you want in there.”

Nijimura: He wanted to be angry (and at first, he was), but seeing his partner with tear-stained cheeks made him feel incredibly guilty. “What the hell happened? Is someone bothering you? Come inside, quickly.”

You better come back

Title: You better come back
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Words count: 1,190
Your powers: Reality Warping (shaping reality according to your will) + Telekinesis
Warnings: Language?
Summary: (Y/N) and Peter have been best friends since as far as they can remember, and funny thing, they are in love with each other but don’t know the feeling is mutual.  After escaping the Military facilty guarded by Stryker’s men thanks to Scott, Jean, Kurt and some kind of human beast, they head to Cairo to kick Apocalypse’s ass.
this gif isn’t mine

Your eyelids still seemed very heavy, as you just woke up. Everything was still blurred around you and the first voice you heard was Mystique’s.

- …I told you, I’m not a hero.
- Well, you’re a hero to us. Seeing you that day on TV changed my life.

And that was Jean’s voice. Finally awake, you looked around you. You were probably sleeping on Peter’s shoulder since he was the first one to notice you were awake. He looked at you as if asking if you were alright, the cutest smile on his lips, and you just nodded with a slight smile, entering the conversation, soon followed by Scott and Peter.

- Mine too.
- Mine too.
- Mine too. I mean, I still live in my mom’s basement, but…Pffffft.

Sighting, he shrugged poorly before ending his sentence.

- Everything else is…Well, it’s pretty much the same. I’m a total loser.

Everyone laughed lightly and you laughed along, even though you felt the urge to playfully punch him right in the shoulder you had just slept on.

- Ouch! What was that for?
- You’re not a total loser, dumbass. You’ve still got the privilege to have me as a best friend.
- Oh yeah, that makes sense. You must be some kind of medicine against losers or something that kind…
- Shut up, you know exactly what I meant.

When you turned to look at him, he was already staring, a wide smile crossing his face. You chuckled before sighting with a kind of relief. You were about to fight a group of powerful mutants including one who thought about himself as a god and owned the powers of hundreds of other mutants…‘bit intimidating, even for someone as bold as you were. So being able to let go of all this pressure for a few seconds was something you were really thankful for. But Peter always seemed to make you feel better in every stuation, so you were not that surprised either. Silently, you stood there the rest of the trip, heart beating fast, your eyes closed to keep as much control as possible on your power. You had learned very young to control your powers, but they were really powerful, so they could get out of control sometimes. Which was often a catastrophy if no one could help you like Professer X did.
When Raven stood up you looked at her with curiosity as she explained the plan. Get Nightcrawler in, take Charles inside of the plane. It nearly seemed easy. Next thing you knew, a silver flash passed in front of you and Peter was next to Raven, nodding towards Eric and the metal flying all around him.

- How are you going to get through that?

She looked at him, looking like she was thinking, before he added:

- I can get you in there. I came here for him. Let me help you.

As she nodded, your heart skipped a beat. What if anything happened to him? If he was next to you you could still do something to help, but if he was alone with Mystique and Magneto…

- The rest of you, get Charles on this plane and get him out of here.
- We’re not leaving without you.

You had answered, anxiety slowly makng its way inside you, making your heart beat even faster. But you were a warrior, so you hid your fear as great as you could.

- Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.
- Oh, you better catch up, Peter, because if anything happens to you I’ll kill you myself just to bring you back and kill you again!

Everyone was now watching the two of you, the two best friends who spent their time throwing cheesy pickup lines at each oher to find out which one of you was the best at ths game. Of course, Jean knew what was up, but everyone else thought about you two as an old married couple too. So every single time you and Peter talked together, all eyes were on you. He gasped, faking a hurt look before asking, his dimples showing through his smile.

- You’d bring me back again after killing me, right?
- I’m not so sure…
- You’d miss me too much.
- Stop it!

You were both amused and annoyed by his behavior. But you could feel your cheeks blushing. He was so confident about this that you started to ask yourself if he knew. Which he didn’t…Right?

- You need me too much to let me die.
- Oh my god, stop!
- You love me too much to let me die.

He stated like it was the most obvious thing ever. Just a friendly reminder that you were supposed to love him, yes. But only as a friend. You crossed your arms, laughing to hide the terrible feeling you had, still playing this stupid little game even though you were really really uncomfortable right now.

- Fuck you, Maximoff!

God, was he so blind? Or maybe you were the blind one…He shrugged with his dimpled smile, turning to the front of the plane to watch the area where Hank was about to land the plane.

- It’s okay, though. I love you too much to die here and let any other idiot have you.
- Geez, could you shut up?
- Make me!

No one said a word, while everything in his behavior challenged you. You caught in his eyes a glimpse you couldn’t quite define until something clicked in you. He wanted you to make him silent? Alright then, you’d make him silent. With a total lack of delicacy, you reached for the collar of his suit and pulled him towards you, your lips smashing against his. The kiss was rough, but surprisingly, he responded to it, moving his lips in sync with yours, a hand shyly reaching for your hips. When you let go, his face was stil showing surprise, and you blushed even more. He stared at you, a few seconds ,totally silent, and you stared back with a face as red as one possibly could be. And then, using his legendary speed, he was the one reaching for your lips, kissing you. His hand was behind your neck while you reached for his waist, to pull him closer to you.

- Alright kids, we’re landing. Stop making out behind my back and sit!

You didn’t even listen to Hank as he talked. You should have, though, because the plane shook, resulting in both of you falling on the poor Kurt, who instantly pushed you off of him, both awkward and offended.

- Ach nein, that is gross!

Laughing, you an Peter rolled on the floor looking at each other. When the plane touched the ground, you stood up and got out to stand next to Jean, who looked at you with a light smile. You rolled your eyes, sighting.

- I don’t need to see inside of your head to know what you think, you know?
- I didn’t say anything!
- You don’t need to!

Looking at a Mystique back in her blue form, you saw Peter placing his hand behind her neck, to avoid the “Whiplaaaash”, and you smiled, throwing him a last “goodbye”.

- I was serious though, don’t die!
- I don’t intend to! Love you!

And with that he ran away with Mystique, letting you mutter to yourself.

- I love you too, asshole…


Sarada is 16 and she’s tired of being seen as nothing, but a nerdy bookworm, so her aunt Ino helps her come up with a plan to wow everyone.
She does a movie montage makeover: sticks contacts in her eyes; wears a form-flattering, kimono-styled ninja dress; lets her hair flow out; dons some ninja heels, and puts on a touch of makeup.
As she struts down the street, all the ninja boys’ jaws drop and all her ex-classmates whisper “Is that dorky Salad?! No way!” Even her buds Shikadai and Inojin have to blush. “Wow. you really look amazing!” She is asked out on multiple dates and is followed by a hoard of fanboys (She inherited both her parents’ extreme good looks and propensity for admirers, but she had just had covered it up for years and kept to herself)

As she turns a corner and sees Bolt, she blushes, but smirks to herself, excited about all the things he’s going to say, “Of all people that dummy is going to blow a gasket!” So she marches towards him, confidence lacing each step.
Bolt is just waltzing down the street with his hands behind his head, gazing up and he sky, and then when he notices her walking towards him he grins hugely.
“Hey Sarada! How’s it hangin’?” …and then he keeps walking.
Sarada is thunderstruck and turns to stone.
He notices her abrupt stop, lack of response, and her disbelieving gawk at him.
“What? What’s wrong?” He turns, looking concerned.
“You’re not even going to say anything?!” She accuses.
“Say anything? Eh?” *Cue classic Uzumaki clueless face with squinty eyes*
She blushes and stutters, but is still irate.
“I-I  changed my outfit, I-I mean I’m not even wearing my glasses! Geez you idiot! It’s just like you to be completely oblivious like this! I mean, everyone else commented on how much better I look! Didn’t you notice I look different today?!”
Bolt get’s a thoughtful look on his face and studies her up and down. She blushes and looks away.
“Nope! You look the same to me. You look beautiful everyday!” He shrugs and continues walking, grinning to himself.
Sarada is left red as a tomato and can’t move.