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leezzeeSend me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • who the hell put the peeps in the microwave: what the fuck is a peep
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex: NO ONE KURO CAN GO OUT BY HIMSELF
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: lmao Rin
  • who breaks the most phones: RIN
  • who dies first: f ukc uJKDa p robably Rin but if its from natural causes it’s Ryuuji ://///
  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant: Ryubby
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: Neither lmao
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed: Ryuji is at high risk of being gently kicked out of the bed after doing the do if they frick frack
  • who uses the computer most: RIIIIINNNNN
Haikyuu!! Chapter 247: Day 02

I really like the cover for this chapter. It’s a good choice by putting both Kenma and Hinata together. The rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma are truly important for all of them. Ukai pretty much gets it. (While I cannot help laughing at the snickering Kuroo and stink-eyed Daichi, these two captains probably takes the whole rivalry more seriously than the rest)

It is what motivate them to keep going and aiming for the previously impossible dream. I believe that’s not going to change anytime soon with Karasuno facing their greatest hurdle yet.

Inarizaki High School. Previous runner up of the Inter High and Miya Atsumu’s school. Honestly, the way Ukai describes the team really gives us the sense of how formidable this team is. I wonder what kind of strategy Ukai comes up with. But I cannot help be amused by certain people’s reactions.

Kageyama and his matter of fact explanations and obliviousness to the reaction to his words.

The Idiot Duo™ simplistic and optimistic approach (feat. unimpressed Tsukki, that’s one hell of side-eye).

And surprise, surprise, there are two Miyas!

Are that different hair color and parting line intentional I wonder? What’s up with the twins in sports? Daiya has twins as a battery pair too.

While all of those are interesting, the highlight of this chapter for me is the Ukais. I’ve been wanting to see more of these two. I wonder what the old, experienced coach of a grandfather thinks of his unexpected coach of a grandson, who manages to get to the Nationals in his first year as a coach. Now that put it down in words, Ukai is as surprising as his players. The old Ukai even points out how bad he is as a player, but at the same time he notes how good he is as a coach.

While he’s still rough at the edges, Ukai’s really getting the handle of this coaching thing. He can stand his ground as seen from the above panel. He quickly picks up that Takeda is gonna get steamrolled and immediately intervenes. He is likely the youngest and the least experienced coach around, but here he’s asking an experienced coach to help with their warm-up instead. He’s as gutsy as his players, honestly.

What also catches my attention is the championship bracket.

There should be 6 rounds in total CMIIW, and Karasuno will meet Nekoma in third round and Itachiyama in sixth round or in the finals.

Somehow… I doubt Karasuno will get that far. I’m not being pessimistic, I’m just being realistic. The first round against Tsubakihara has pretty much established how high the level of skill of the high school teams in the nationals. While Karasuno managed to win straight two sets, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still scraping by (I’d say the same for Nekoma, too). They have the potential of growth, and they have grown through the matches against strong opponents, but there’s so much growing you can do during matches or even a championship. Then there’s that edge gained from sheer stubbornness and persistence usually in form of momentum or luck.

The third round match against Nekoma will be the most difficult match for Karasuno because of what it means for both Karasuno and Nekoma. The fulfillment of a promise, the long-awaited match, the settlement of the score, and the appeasing of the old coaches. There’s so much riding on a single match that I don’t doubt that both teams will give their all, throw their heart and soul into that game. They are not likely to think to play it safe, and to think of long term. They will push themselves to the limit. Whoever ends up winning the battle of trash heap, they will be completely drained. They will struggle to pick themselves up, not only mentally but physically. If they manage to do so in the fourth round, there’s a chance they can forge ahead, but winning the championship? Well….

That’s just a thought really. I trust Terajima-sensei to have everything planned, and so far Sensei hasn’t led us (or probably just me) astray. So I’ll just enjoy the ride. I wonder how good the second strongest team in Japan is.

let’s talk about karasuno’s third year first years
  • the 5 of them (the 4 dorks plus yachi) have gotten much closer and they now know each other inside and out
  • they spend practically all their lunch breaks together at their school’s gymnasium (where volleyball practices are always held)
  • no, not to play volleyball. but to eat their lunches and talk
  • the talks are mostly the idiot duo and tsukki arguing while yachi tries to placate and yams is suffering 
  • they play rock-paper-scissors and the loser have to treat everyone drinks from vending machine
  • kags ends up treating most of the time 
  • this is mostly because tsukki and hinata play dirty and sometimes they rope yams in and all 3 agree on which to throw out
  • pork buns after  e v e r y  practice that runs late and celebratory ice cream is mandatory after every match they win (you have no idea how much they spent on ice cream during competition season)
  • during their second year, they celebrated hinata’s birthday by surprising him at his house at midnight with his least favourite flavoured cake as a joke 
  • and it became a tradition. 
  • everyone gets a surprise with their least favourite cake
  • they would eat at least a slice despite the flavour because they lovehate their idiot teammates so much
  • yachi is the only exception to the cake rule because how can anyone make the sweetest girl eat the worst cake
  • exam periods are just them having group study dates during all their free time
  • tsukki is a huge nerd and is literally good in every subject
  • but he only takes over the tutoring when the idiot duo start getting distracted because man, can he be strict

just these first year baby crows being squad goals is all i’m here for

third year first years: part 2 | captain!tsukki | service-specialist!yams

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Okay I really love the Drabble you did of Yama going mom mode on Tsukki when he has a breakdown after forgetting his meds; what about Yamaguchi having a major anxiety attack and Tsukki getting super protective?

Kei can tell something is off with Tadashi as soon as he shows up at his house in the morning. He’s skittish and fidgeting as he waits for Kei to gather his things, and flinches when Kei announces to his mother that they’ll be leaving. He doesn’t mention it, however, knowing it would only further Tadashi’s anxiety. He’s never liked to talk about it. 

Instead, he does small things to try and calm him. He grabs his hand and squeezes on the walk to class, helps him with homework, and speaks softly, never raising his voice, even to yell at the idiot duo. The day is calm, and Kei’s chest swells with pride at the thought that he’d calmed Tadashi down. 

It’s after practice as they’re walking home comes the stuttering of breath he’d been waiting for with bated breath. He sighs, and takes Tadashi’s hand, leading him a little quicker to his home. By time they reach Kei’s room, Tadashi’s breathing hard, and there’s tears pooling up in his eyes. He looks almost as if he wants to run away when Kei sits on his bed and pulls him into his lap, pressing their foreheads together. It takes a moment, but eventually Tadashi’s hand finds his and squeezes. A few moments later, and Tadashi is calming his breathing to a reasonable level. 

“You ok?” Kei asks. Tadashi shakes his head. “You wanna talk about it?” 

Tadashi hesitates, before nodding slowly. He pulls his forehead away from Kei’s, choosing to nuzzle into his side as Kei lays them down. It’s silent a moment, before Tadashi sucks in a breath and speaks. “…My dad is in town.” 

Kei’s eyes widen, and his brow furrows. “Your dad? As in the one that left you when you were two? The dad you haven’t seen in…fourteen years?..”

“That’s the one.” Tadashi says, his voice cracking. “He– He called my mom last night, and said he wanted to see us. Asked if we were still living in the old neighborhood. Tsukki, he wants to see us. Why does he want to see us, after all these years?”

“I don’t know.” He really doesn’t; but the idea of Tadashi’s father, a deadbeat who left Tadashi’s mother with a two year old to provide for all those years ago, wanting to see Tadashi fuels him with rage. “Do you want to see him?”

“I– I don’t know.” Tadashi’s voice is soft, and scared. “I don’t have any memories of him, so I don’t have anything to know of him by but the stories mom’s told me. And there’s not a lot. None that I remember, anyways. I stopped asking bout him at twelve.” 

Kei hums, not sure what to say. “…So…That’s a no?..”

“I do!” Tadashi says, suddenly sitting and looking Kei in the eyes. “I want to see the man that left me and tell for myself if he’s a good guy. Mom says he is, but he– he left us, y’know? I– I just don’t know if I’m st- strong enough–” 

Tadashi gasps for air, and Kei panics, thinking he’s having another anxiety attack. 

“…What if he doesn’t like me? What if he doesn’t– what if he doesn’t like…the way I am? If I’m going to meet him, I want him to know and accept me.” 

Kei clucks his tongue. “Then I’ll punch him.” 

“Tsukki! This is serious!” 

“And so am I. If he doesn’t like you, I’ll punch him. Watch me.” 

And that settles it. Tadashi and his mother agree to meet Tadashi’s father at a local coffee shop, and Kei comes with for moral support– god knows both Tadashi and his mother need it. 

“Sousuke, it’s nice to see you!” Kei watches on with Tadashi hiding behind his back as Tadashi’s mother walks up and hugs a dark haired man sitting alone at one of the booths. 

“Aoi, it’s nice to see you too,” The man replies softly, hugging her back. When they pull away, he looks around the coffee shop. “Where’s Tadashi?”

“Ah, he’s–”

From behind Kei, Tadashi squeaks and rushes off to the bathroom. 

“…Running away…” Aoi sighs, and goes to run after Tadashi, when Kei puts a hand out in a gesture that says “I’ve got it” before rushing off in the direction of the restroom. 


“G- Go aw- way, Ts–” Comes the weak reply, and Kei turns the knob to the bathroom to see it was unlocked. When he pushes it open, he sees Tadashi, leaning against the wall, fanning himself with his hand trying to cool down. 


“I c– can’t see him. No. I– He–” Tadashi gasps for breath, and his knees give out. “I can’t–” 

Kei sits down on the floor, ignoring how horribly unsanitary it was, and pulls Tadashi into his lap. He’s shaking, whimpering miserably, and Kei wonders why he’s making such a huge fuss over meeting his father, but he knows Tadashi’s anxiety is something he can’t control – he has to deal with his own, and he knows how hard it is – so he holds Tadashi tight, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. 

“You’re going to be fine, you can do this, it’s ok,” 

“I- It’s not! It’s not ok!” Tadashi whimpers, trying to breathe, and ultimately failing. Kei feels hands weakly gripping his sweatshirt, and holds Tadashi tighter. 

“You’re doing just fine. I won’t let anything hurt you. I won’t let any one hurt you.” Kei’s hand cards through Tadashi’s hair, and tugs lightly to try and bring him back to reality. “Calm down. I’m right here with you, and I’ll stay with you. Ok?” 

“I– I know–” Tadashi says, still clutching Kei’s sweater. “I know, but– I– can’t–”

“Ok. Ok, Tadashi, you don’t have to. Just calm down and think about this with me, ok?” Kei rubs at his back, rocking him, “Just breathe. Remember, in five, out five. Ok? Good. Good, you’re doing great. Good.” 

Tadashi breathes in, breathes out, and eventually, his breathing is calm and he’s stopped sobbing into Kei’s chest. He’s still shaking, however, and Kei continues rocking him slowly on the dirty bathroom floor until he’s calmed down a bit more. 

“You ok?” He asks softly. Tadashi nods, shifting to look up at Kei. “Good. That’s good.” 

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I– I just saw him there and I panicked, and…”

“It’s ok,” Kei says calmly, “It’s fine. I get it. Do you still want to see him?” 

Tadashi bites his lip, hesitating, before nodding. “…I want to see him.” 

Kei nods, too, and carefully lifts Tadashi off of him, standing and offering him a hand up. “Ok. Let’s go see him, then. Together.” 

Tadashi takes the offered hand, not letting go even once he’s righted, and places a hand on the doorknob. “Together. And if he doesn’t like me…”

“I’ll punch him in the face.” 

Tadashi giggles, and they walk out, hand in shaky hand, out of the restroom, towards the table Tadashi’s mother and father sit. Together. 

Haikyuu!! Hcs: Horror Movies

I’m bored and have been discussing horror movies with the Skype chat (aka the collective in my mind) so have my headcanons about how the Haikyuu!! boys watch horror movies


  • neither Kageyama nor Hinata can stand horror movies, they can’t even make it through Fantasia without screaming. Very loud, and clingy to whoever happens to be the closest to them (which is usually each other)
  • Suga loves horror movies, especially the psychological thrillers. Rip Daichi and Asahi, because both of them hate horror movies of any kind. Suga isn’t allowed to choose the movie when they have movie nights
  • Noya loves them, especially the cheesy B horror movies. Ennoshita likes the particularly good ones for the cinematic value. Every other second year hates them and refuses to go near them
  • Tsukishima can’t stand horror of any kind. The idiot duo must never know; he made fun of them once for screaming during a horror movie. He had his face buried in his phone with the volume turned up the entire time and claimed it was because the movie was boring (lies)
  • Yamaguchi doesn’t like gore, but he can take thrillers just fine. He usually chooses a different genre, though, because he likes watching movies with Tsukki and the rest of the team. 


  • Kenma gives absolutely zero fucks about horror movies. They don’t bother him but he also doesn’t actively seek out watching them. 
  • Kuroo is okay if he can science the shit out of the movie. If not, he’s in literal tears. 
  • Kai doesn’t particularly care about horror movie either, so he sits next to Kenma with Kuroo. At least Kuroo cries quietly
  • Every single first year is scared stiff of horror movies except, surprisingly, Lev. As long as there isn’t a jumpscare, Lev is fine (all the built in tension goes right over his head).
  • This pisses Yaku off because Yaku cannot even be in the same room as a horror movie without being in somebody’s lap (usually Lev’s)
  • Fukunaga has no strong opinions, but enjoys watching his usually composed third years fall to pieces


  • Everyone on this team can handle horror movies, with varying degrees of enjoyment (Akaashi and Konoha are the only ones that actively enjoy horror movies, however)
  • Everyone, that is, except for Bokuto. Bokuto is not allowed anywhere near a horror movie. He still has nightmares from ET
  • Kenma and Akaashi sometimes have horror movie dates when they need a break from their boyfriends


  • The meme team loves the crappiest C movies they can find. They actively try to find worse and worse horror movies to watch (Birdemic 2 is currently winning but they’re going to watch Rubber next week)
  • Iwaizumi sort of gets into the better ones. They don’t scare him but the shitty effects on the bad ones annoy him
  • Conversely, Oikawa is fine with the shitty ones, but don’t let him watch a good one. He will not sleep. Iwaizumi has to sleep over and let Oikawa sit in his lap every time Oikawa wants to watch Alien. 
  • Kunimi deadpans through even the most horrifying of movies, and so does Yahaba. Watari, Kindaichi, and Kyoutani had to skip that movie night. Yahaba and Kunimi bonded over the scariest films known to mankind


  • Ushijima likes the better ones. They don’t particularly scare him and he actually enjoys them. 
  • Tendou is weak around horror movies. Absolutely weak. Please see this for a better description of just how weak Tendou is around horror movies. 
  • They try to compromise and watch horror anime to appease Tendou. Little did they know they picked the ONE HORROR MOVIE THAT SCARES EVEN USHIJIMA (it was corpse party)
  • Goshiki, pure swan, is just as useless in horror movies as Tendou. Someone save the future ace
  • Shirabu is unnerved by horror movies, especially thrillers, but no one can ever know. Especially Semi
  • Semi isn’t bothered by them but they’re not his favorites either. He likes watching Shirabu squirm though. He knows. 
  • Yamagata and Reon have no strong opinions, but they do try to protect Tendou and Goshiki from horror movies. Unless Tendou has pulled a particularly good prank on them lately. Then he’s on his own. 

Bonus: Managers

  • Kiyoko and Yachi are both unbothered by horror movies, and Yachi actually likes them. The idiot duo adore and respect her for this.
  • Yukie hides from the horror movies with Bokuto. Kaori can deal though

imagine kageyama having a sister natsu’s age and when they grow up they both end up at karasuno as their big brothers did, both joining the volleyball club and with mounting horror, ukai (who decided to stay as the boys coach) gets to see the idiot duo shine a second time from over in the girl’s vb club; what he thought was a monstrous quick originally has developed into a different, completely brutal version fit to both girl’s abilities. he kinda wishes he could get a better look/have them in the boy’s club instead but alas, the senpai in the girl’s club would sooner murder someone than let their little cute monsters go somewhere else.

the girls get along much better than kageyama and hinata did at first because they grew up together; neither had spent much time away from the other because of their brothers spending so much time together that their friendship basically became a mix of yamaguchi/tsukishima & kageyama/hinata. kageyama’s sister is much more excitable than her brother has ever been where natsu is very similar but is more level headed. still doesnt change the Kageyama Family Habits™ of “natsu-boke!!!!”, violent tendencies and obsession with milk. they both practice constantly because they absolutely love the game and really want to impress their brothers and parents, so they’re a nearly unstoppable duo. they have no idea what will transpire as their years go on with nekoma, fukurodani, aobajousai and shirizorizawa… and so, the legend continues.


Words: 2,116

Pairing: Dean x Reader

A/N: This is part one in a series full of Dean and the reader in a different relationship than typically portrayed - not exactly the dynamic duo. 


“You idiot!” you slammed the Impala’s door shut. “You could’ve gotten us all killed!” you shouted at Dean, who was trying to unlock the motel door.

“Y/N” Sam placed a hand on your shoulder but you shoved him aside. Once Dean swung the door open he walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer, “Maybe if you stuck to the plan” he turned and said to you, “I wouldn’t have had to”.

“Stick to the plan? The one you forgot to make?”

“I told you” he pointed accusingly, “to stay downstairs and let me go upstairs to find the shifter. But you decided to go on a suicide mission!” this time he was the one to raise his voice.

“To save your ass!” you spat and turned around, slamming the door behind you. Your chest was heaving and you swallowed the lump that was stuck in your throat.

The convenience store wasn’t far, and you began walking.


“Nice” Dean muttered once you slammed the door. He took a swig of his beer and dropped onto his bed.

“What the hell was that?” Sam grabbed the remote from Dean’s hand and set it on the table. “You know she was right” he said.

“No, she wasn’t” Dean said and sat up, unlacing his boots. “She made a bad decision from an adrenaline rush” he looked up and kicked one shoe off.

“Dean” Sam tilted his head and sighed, “If she didn’t do what she did, we’d both be dead”. Dean clenched his jaw and shoved his boots to the side. “I need some air” he said and grabbed his jacket, heading outside. Dean leaned against the motel wall, and in the quiet night heard paint chips crumble and fall under his jacket. It was not easy for him to fight with you, even though that seemed to be the only thing you both did. Once you got back you tossed him a hard glare and slammed the door shut once more.

“He’s just tired” Sam said once he saw you, “Don’t-”

You raised a hand towards him to wave him off and he sighed, rolling onto his side and shutting off the lamp. If Sam ever left, you were positive you and Dean would kill each other within the hour.

You made bed on the couch and shut your eyes, only to find yourself waiting for the sound of the door opening.

Morning arrived quickly, the bright sun rays peeked in through the curtain someone forgot to shot, and you woke up stretching with a backache you’d need a professional massage to get over.

“Hey” Sam greeted and you smiled.

“I need some coffee” you said and yawned. You grabbed your toothbrush and a change of clothes before heading out to grab breakfast.

The town Dean picked to stay in was busy. Even at seven in the morning, faces passed and people buzzed around the coffee shops and small businesses.

“Here” you placed breakfast on the small table by the window and Sam bit into his bagel.

“Thanks” he said.

“No problem” you answered, taking a sip of your drink. Dean was still just waking up. You sat down by Sam and spoke about the next stop.

“There’s a gas station about four miles out-”

A sharp knock at the door cut Sam off and both of you grabbed your guns. Dean jumped out of bed and grabbed his.

You stepped in front of them and slowly opened the door.

“Y/N?” the man asked, and once he stepped inside and out of the sun, you lowered your gun. “It’s fine” you said, then looked at Dean who still had his off safety.

“Who’s this?” he looked between the two of you, running a hand through his mussed up bed hair.

“A hunter” you said and Dean raised a brow, “And an ex”. Dean’s mouth turned into an ‘o’, and Sam shifted uncomfortably.

“How’d you know I was here?” you asked Jake, who seemed intimidated by the brothers.

“I saw you buying coffee but wasn’t sure it was you until I realized the shifter didn’t kill itself yesterday” he said and you nodded. “Who are they?” he looked at Sam and Dean.

Dean stepped forward, extending his hand. “Dean” he said, “Dean Winchester”. You inhaled slowly once you saw Jake’s eyes flash a familiarity to the name.

“You mean Winchester, Winchester?”

“In the flesh” Dean said, “You can go home now, we took care of it” he continued.

“Dean” you said through clenched teeth.

“What?” he shrugged and grabbed a coffee from the table.

“No it’s fine, he’s right. Well-” Jake placed a hand on your shoulder, and Dean froze mid-sip, “it’s been good seeing you again” he smiled.

“You too” you said and shut the door behind him. “Let’s hit the road” you turned to the brothers who seemed more disconcerted by Jake then any monster they had ever met.

“Uh, yeah” Sam said and grabbed his duffel.


Back at the bunker you found yourself lazing around the library, busy between crouching and standing on your toes to see which book you want to read.

“Here” Dean came up behind you and handed you the book you tried to reach.

“Thanks” you said and sat down, opening it instantly.

“So” he said and sat across from you. You raised a brow and shut your book. “Who was Jake?”

“Like I said. An ex” you stated.

“How come we never heard of him?” he asked.

“I don’t tell you guys everything since birth. But if you do want to know, my first blanket was purple, my kindergarten teacher’s name was Ms. Le-”

“Nevermind” he said and pushed his chair away from the table. You let out a soft laugh and watched him retreat back into his room.

“Wait” he turned around and you looked at him in the hallway. “Sam found another case, be dressed by tonight”.

“Dressed?” you asked, “For what exactly?” you shouted into the hall.

“Gala dinner” he said and you slammed the book shut and sprinted towards your room. Positive you had nothing to wear, you still checked every drawer and corner of your room.

“Sam!” you shouted, and heard his footsteps moments later.


“What kind of gala dinner is this exactly?” you asked.

“We’re going to be undercover. Since I know the interior of the building, I’ll be the waiter so I can move freely through the rooms and kitchen. You and Dean will have to be a couple under the name Edwards” he explained, and you liked the sound of it less and less.

“I don’t have a dress” you said.

“Go buy one” he shrugged and you tossed your head back in annoyance. He laughed and shut your door. Quickly you stepped into your sneakers and grabbed the keys to Baby, praying Dean wouldn’t need the car until you were back.


“Y/N?” Sam knocked at your door, and you shouted for him to come in while putting on your heels. A floor length black dress with an open back that dipped until the small of your back.

“How’s this?” he asked, and you couldn’t help but laugh seeing him in a bowtie and vest.

“Perfect” you smiled, and felt the weight of lipstick you weren’t used to wearing.

“Ready?” Dean’s voice echoed through the hallway and he welcomed himself into your room.

“How do I look?” you gave a small spin while holding up the dress a bit.

“Perfect” Dean said quickly.

“Uh, alright. Let’s go” Sam patted Dean on the back and headed outside.

While you followed, Dean was by your side and began to say, “Your name is Layla Edwards, and I’m Scott” he said and you smiled at the ground.

The ride wasn’t long, and with Dean’s speeding you made it in half the time. Couples exited cars in a dreamlike manner. Shimmering dresses lit by twinkling lights and beautiful smiles. Sam came in through the service entrance, obviously going towards the kitchen. Dean linked his arm around yours and you lifted your chin, walking straight towards the entrance.

“Name?” security asked.

“Edwards” Dean said and continued through towards the ballroom. High ceilings were adorned by large chandeliers. Violinists played on the side of the room, and as you looked down the staircase, everyone was dancing.

“We need to find the demons. I think one possessed the host” Dean whispered in your ear. You swallowed and pulled him towards the center of the floor.

“Dance with me”

“What?” Dean said, but placed his hand on the small of your back regardless.

“We’ll find them this way. Keep an eye open and keep turning” you said, inches from his face. He nodded and spun you around so you landed right against him.

“May I have this dance?” the host took your hand and Dean nodded.

“Stay close” you whispered desperately, unable to test this man with holy water. Dean stood aside with his hands behind his back. He continued to look around the room, but found his eyes landing on you more than a few times. You were smiling as the demon twirled you and Dean clenched his jaw involuntarily.

“Honey” Dean came up behind you and you smiled at the man before falling back into Dean’s arms.

“Why did you do that? I was so close to figuring out whether it was really him or not” you whispered sharply into Dean’s ear. He didn’t answer and continued to dance slowly. While he dipped you, you spotted Sam motioning for you and Dean.

“Look” you placed a hand on Dean’s cheek and turned his head.

“Let’s go” he pulled you behind him, trying not to attract attention.

“I found the hostage” Sam began explaining while you struggled to run behind them on the back stairwell. “They’re using her for information about Crowley” he explained, and you tripped over the stair.

“Shit!” you shouted, and reached for the railing, instead you grabbed Dean’s arm. “Thanks” you said and continued running down the steps. You lifted your dress and grabbed your gun from the thigh holster and followed behind Sam towards some sort of closet.

“Don’t hurt me!” a voice came from the door Sam opened.

“We’re here to help” he said and immediately crouched down and began to untie her arms. She couldn’t have been older than twenty.

“Come here” you leaned her up on you, and held her close as you stepped outside the basement exit. This man was rich enough to have an entire floor for his staff, and right now you thanked the economy was working out for him to own this door.

“They’ll find me and kill me” she cried but you covered her mouth with your hand and crouched behind a car.

“No. They won’t. Me and my friends will get them before they find you. Just stay quiet and follow our instructions” you reassured her and felt her calm down.

“Do you think-” she began to ask, but shots were heard inside and you ducked down.

“Stay here” you commanded and ran back into the building.

Two demons pinned Sam against the wall and you grabbed the demon blade from his hand and stabbed it into their backs.

Dean was near you in seconds and your eyes landed on the staircase where the man you danced with appeared.

You lunged at him, “Y/N!” Dean shouted as he flipped you over.

“Son of a bitch” Dean muttered and shoved him off of you and onto the floor where he stabbed him.

“Let’s get out of here” you said and ran back out to the girl. She was in hysterics on the floor, and Dean ran up to her.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Elisa” she said through a sob and he gave her a hug.

“Well Elisa, we’re gonna get you home” Dean said and he nodded. You exhaled in relief and began walking back towards the Impala. Elisa stayed a few steps behind with Sam, who was carrying her. Her ankle was badly swollen.

“Why did you do that?” Dean asked, unlocking the car.


“You shouldn’t have thrown yourself at the demon” he said and sat in the driver’s seat. You landed in the backseat and crossed your arms.

“I can handle myself, Dean” you said and exhaled. “Don’t fight me right now. We have a bigger issue on our hands” you said when Sam opened the door for Elisa to sit next to you.

“Fine” Dean said and Sam threw you a concerned glance. “So Elisa, where do you live?” Dean asked and shoved the key into the ignition before flooring the pedal.

Part Two

Tsukishima Kei and the Unexpected Phone Call

My first Haikyuu fic! About Yams and Tsukki, my favorite volleyball sons, because you can never have enough getting together fics. Tsukkiyama, ~2.2k, also on AO3

Staring blankly at the blurring numbers on his math worksheet, Kei wondered if his pride was worth the effort involved in faking being sick tomorrow. Not acing a test was one thing. He wasn’t a genius, despite the persona he presented to his teammates (and really, anyone but Yamaguchi), so not being perfect in class didn’t bother him. But bombing a test? Walking into the classroom with a surety that he wouldn’t understand a single question?  Kei would honestly rather spend a weekend playing volleyball with the idiot duo without insulting them once than face that sort of humiliation.

The teen groaned, resting his head on his useless homework, ignoring the way his glasses dug into his face. This was all Yamaguchi’s fault. His friend was too shy to admit it, but the boy had an uncanny knack with numbers. Since they shared the class and spent most of their free time after school together anyway, it only made sense that they’d study together too, and wow was it helpful. Even back in middle school, Kei was sure half his reputation as a top level student was because of his new friend’s hidden talent.

Only Yamguchi wasn’t here. Instead, he was off with their captain, working on one of the older boy’s indie films. Kei hadn’t paid much attention when Yamaguchi first started prattling on about being cast as the lead; he’d assumed it was a transitory interest, and therefore not worth his time. That assumption had been shattered when their normal afterschool routine was replaced by excuses; ‘I really need to run lines, sorry Tsukki’ or ‘we have to try on costumes for the first scene, maybe tomorrow?’. Things had gotten to the point where the stupid movie was even encroaching on Yamaguchi’s weekends. In the past week Kei had only seen his friend at school, left to try to figure out what the hell a logarithm was in time for Monday’s test on his own.

Not that he minded his friend’s absence. Kei was fine being alone, absolutely fine. It wasn’t like he kept getting distracted by his room’s uncharacteristic silence, or had found himself telling jokes to empty air. Or started drawing constellations on his homework, busy daydreaming of freckled skin and sunny smiles and perfect afternoon kisses.

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It’s a bit odd that I don’t have any One Piece sketches here, considering that every moment of my fandom life since 2000 can be explained by the fact that I imprinted on OP and Zosan AND NOW I BLITHELY PRETEND LIKE EVERY CANON I MEET IS ACTUALLY A SHOUNEN MANGA AT HEART

But anyway, let’s rectify that! Here is the pre-timeskip idiot duo enjoying a furtive date up on the crow’s nest. Sneaky hormonal teenagersssss