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Only Takes One Time (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader

Continuation of Only Takes One Time

Thank you all for your interest and love on this, I’m glad you all loved it so much!!!! You all totally deserve this second part, and I hope you like it as much as the first!! <3

Warnings: Lil bit smutty towards the end? Kinda? STEVE BEING AN IDIOTIC DORK.

Word Count: ~3000

You can read the first part HERE.

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  Three years. Three damn years since Bucky literally crashed into your life through your bedroom window. Just one night, and we was gone as quick as he had shown up. Now you were staring at the front of the newspaper, having a face you had only remembered in your dreams staring right into you from the front of the page. Something about blowing things up? You found it hard to believe, but at the same time, you did kind of patch the guy up after whatever he had gotten himself into.

  You shook your head and knew that some deep digging was in order. You needed to find him, and you needed to tell him.

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otp meme   {two out of five} funny scenes 
   ↣ suns and lovers

Well, in the Peacekeepers, it was common practice to, ah, reduce fluid levels.
Fluid levels. Like Valvoline, like brake fluids?
Like sex. We can have sex if you want.

We Need To Talk

a little drabble based on this post i made here. i posted it there, but im gonna post it separately too!

Summary: Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attacks hits the school and Marinette can’t get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected. (adrien is a fucking idiot, basically)

Word Count: 1,251

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Marinette was screwed, to put it lightly.

Screwed. Cornered. Trapped. Fucked.

Normally, she wasn’t the type of person to use such profanity, but in the moment the word “fucked” seemed like the perfect (if not only) label for her predicament. After all, it wasn’t every day that her boyfriend shoved her behind a hedge for her own personal safety—as if she couldn’t take care of herself—while he ran off to do who knows what during an akuma attack, of all things. What did her skinny model of a boyfriend plan to do against a seven-foot tall akumatized poundkeeper, anyways?

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Do you ever just randomly think about

“I don’t count.”

“You’ve always counted.”

and the gravity of it hits you right in the feels and then you can’t help but think about the hallway scene and

“Moriarty slipped up. He made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most.”

and you just sit there your heart torn into a million pieces and gah…

Or is that just me?

*stares into the camera like he’s on the office*

unimpressed ike for shinyv!

“JKMYI” Preferences

“Just Kiss Me, You Idiot.”

Total Word Count: 1,155

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Broken Pieces.

Pairings: Loki x reader

Reader gender: female

Warning: Self hate, Mentions of self loathing thoughts, idiotic Tony.

Word count: 1500

“We need someone to talk to him, someone he will listen to.” Thor turned to face the others, as they stared through the monitors at his brother. He had been doing alright, his brother had been acting as a normal mortal for a while, but then something triggered something inside of him. Something made him change, like a relapse. But they didn’t know what had changed him. They had thought over everything that happened in the last few days, anything that could have pulled the trigger. But they couldn’t think of anything. 

Leaning back in your chair, you sighed. You had become quite fond of Loki over the past few days. You hadn’t spoken to him in person, but just by watching the way he acted around the others, the way he tried to isolate himself and his feelings from everyone around him. Looking through the monitor, you watched as Loki leaned against the glass wall behind him, staring off into the distance before him. You could almost see the pain and anger swimming in his eyes. The self hatred.

You yourself were a mutant, you knew the feeling only too well. Even though your appearance, with your (e/c) eyes and your (h/c) locks, made you seem as normal as everyone else, deep down you knew what you were. A monster. You were exactly what Loki sought himself to be. 

Still staring into the monitor, you listened to the conversations going on around you. 

“There must be something we can do. I mean, it’s not as if he is a danger to anyone.” Thor continued, the others nodded along, but Tony had other ideas. 

“But he is. No matter who it is, a mutant with magic is a threat.” Natasha looked over at you sympathetically, as did Steve, Thor, Clint and Bruce. Only after the initial impact, did Tony realize what he had said.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that-” but you cut him off, after all, you were a danger. 

“Thank you for that Tony. That really made my day.” you looked back at the monitor, before looking at Thor. 

“I’ll talk to him.” A questioning glance headed your way from the blonde haired Norse God. “After all, monster to monster, right?” you threw a sickening smile towards Tony, standing and wandering out of the room, heading down to Loki’s holding cell.

“You just had to say that, didn’t you? You couldn’t think first?” Clint asked, as he stood from his seat, moving to stand by Steve. 

“You know how much she hates herself already, and you just had to add to that.” Bruce added, as he disappeared from the room, claiming that he had things to get on with.

“You’re a real asshole.” Natasha concluded, shaking her head and staring back through the monitor.

*  *  *  *  *

Walking through the corridors, you sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at Tony, he probably didn’t mean it. But it was a sensitive subject to you. 

When you turned into the containment room, Loki was still sat back against the glass wall, staring off into the distance aimlessly, as if by magic something would move unexpectedly. As you moved closer, his eyes shot your way, as if he had sensed the movements, and your presence.

But as he turned, he became mesmerised by you. 

The way your (h/c) hung over your shoulders as you moved. The way your eyes sparkled in the light. The thin hoodie, hung over your figure, concealing it inside, matched with your jeans and converse, you seemed like a casual mortal. But Loki had seen you before. He had seen you around the tower, talking to Stark and the others. But he had never dared to get any closer. Afraid that if he did, that you might disappear. 

You pondered closer, sitting on the floor outside of the cell, knowing fully well that Loki was watching you, as if you were a fish out of water. What were you doing here? Surely his brother and his acquaintances hadn’t sent you? Who would willingly send a beautiful girl to talk to a monster such as himself?

“Mortal? What is your business here?” Loki mumbled absent mindedly, turning back to the glass wall. 

“We were trying to figure out what was wrong with you, what had triggered this sudden change.” you replied, as he furrowed his eyebrows. 

“Who are you?” he asked, obviously realising that he didn’t actually know who you were. 

“Y/N. My name’s Y/N. And you’re Loki.” you answered, turning to face the Norse God. 

“Why would they send you, a pathetic mortal to talk to me?” you chuckled under your breath, earning you a confused glance from the God. 

“I don’t argue with the pathetic comment, but I am no mortal.” you explained, but still the God seemed confused with the statement. 

“If you are no mortal, then what are you?” he hissed from his corner, glaring at your sitting form. 

“Ever heard of a Dream Catcher?” you questioned pointedly at Loki, as he watched you intensely. 

“Dream Catchers. The creatures of the night? Born to feed off of the dreams and pass back nightmares?” you nodded.

“Yep, that’s me.” his eyes widened slightly, but he quickly composed himself. “You see, they didn’t send me in here.” his head tilted to the side like a lost puppy, as he gestured for you to continue. “I chose to come in here of my own accord.”

“Why? Why would you put yourself in the same vicinity as me?” 

“Because I know how you feel. I can see your emotions in your eyes. You hate yourself. You hate that you couldn’t be like a normal Asgardian, that you had to be different from everyone else. You loathe Thor for being the favourite. He was always the golden child, wasn’t he?” Loki diverted his gaze. “I know that he was. You were always in his shadow. Even when you grew older together. He was always the best. You hate that you would never get a chance at the Asgardian throne, because it’s Thor’s throne. It’s not yours is is? It never was. But you hate yourself the most, because you think you are a monster.” his face was covered in anger, as he turned to you, his green eyes glazed over. 

“YOU KNOW NOTHING MORTAL!” he shouted at you, but you just shook your head sadly. 

“That’s where you’re wrong Loki.” you replied. “I know everything, because I have the same thoughts everyday.” he slowly looked up at you, tears streaming down your face. “I hate myself because I am a monster.” he moved closer to you, sitting opposite, parted by the glass wall in between. 

“I have to feed off of other people’s happiness, to keep myself alive.” you sighed and looked down at your lap. “I’m known as a soul sucker, in your dimension. I have tried countless times, to reverse the effects. To feed off of the nightmares instead. But it doesn’t work.” you didn’t bother to wipe away the tears, as they passed down your flushed cheeks. “Loki, you see yourself as a monster, for the things you have done, and because of your species. I am a monster, everyday I am a monster and there is nothing I can do to change that. I will always be a monster.” 

You moved your hand up to press against the glass, and after a few moments, Loki’s blue hand copied your actions, covering yours on the other side of the glass. It was in that moment, that Loki realised there were two broken people in the room, and hopefully, your broken pieces would stick together, and the you could be whole again. Loki vowed that he would make you see what you really were. You weren’t a monster to him. But what monster sees another? What if he only saw you as a mortal because you saw him as one? Loki was going to glue your pieces back together, even if it took him an eternity, because to him, you were the ray of hope he needed, the bright light at the end of the tunnel. He wasn’t going to lose you so easily. 


Screen redraws of random moments from Brunch of Idiots :)

l was tagged by @simon-skinner, thanks bb! 💜

name: Ingrid
nicknames: I don’t think I have any. My sister calls me an idiot does is count
gender: female
star sign: sagittarius
height: 166cm (5′5″)
sexual orientation: who knows
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
favorite colors: white and orange
favorite animal: orca
average hours of sleep: 6-7h
cat or dog person: dog !
favorite tv shows: Hannibal, Twin Peaks, Top Gear
favorite movies: Oldboy, Låt den rätte komma in, Perfect Blue, The Thing, Aliens, The Raid: Redemption, The Good The Bad The Weird, Pacific Rim, Kill Bill vol. 1 etc.
favorite music artists:  Slipknot, Korn, Rammstein, Buck-Tick, One Ok Rock, Dir En Grey, 2NE1, Muse etc.
favorite books:  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my ultimate favourite
fictional characters i relate to the most: psyduck

I’m tired and boring so I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to do this.

Title: On Proposing (And Being an Idiot)
Word Count: 3720
Pairing: Cullen x Arian 
Summary: Modern AU, in which Cullen wants to propose and Arian freaks out.


A big thank you and kudos to @girsdoomette for the prompt idea!! (kisses and hugs)

Cullen’s knee seemed to have a mind of its own as he sat on the sofa in Alistair’s house.

Try as he may, he couldn’t help but bounce in anxiety and anticipation for what was surely to come – as soon as he got his friend’s advice on the matter, anyway.

“So, you insisted I skip my workout to ‘chat’ with you, and here we are, not chatting. Actually, you haven’t said anything since I let you in, Cull. Something up?” Alistair asked, lounging in the adjacent chair with a bottle in his hand.

Cullen sighed, one hand coming up to scratch at the back of his neck. His eyes found their way to his own bottle of Ferelden Grey sitting on the coffee table – still untouched.

“It’s… well, it’s erm…” the man stuttered, enticing Alistair to cast him a curious look.

“Erm?” he repeated, a ginger-colored brow slowly making its way upward. “Dear Cullen, I’m afraid ‘erm’ isn’t the answer we were looking for. Better luck next time.”

Cullen just glared at the other man in response. “This is serious, Alistair!” he hissed, then turned his attention back to the bottle resting in front of him. “This is…” he started again, and sighed, “This is the biggest thing I will likely ever do. But I… I need advice.”

“I feel so honored!” Alistair chirped, his mouth turning up in a smirk. “What can I help you with?”

Deciding he had stalled long enough, Cullen blurted out, “I’m going to propose to Arian,” though in reality it sounded more like “mgointoprosetorian”.

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