idiot ceos


SeaWorld’s future is uncertain, but here’s to the next moms, who won’t have to worry about their future because of idiot politicians and incompetent CEOs!

Also Narnia, though she’ll have to wait for Nord to grow a bit (or AI from wherever, maybe Ocean Kingdom’s big boy is being trained).

Also I wish Marineland would take Shouka back. She has a good life where she is, but they don’t own her and she should have the right to reproduce, and Marineland needs .

my conversation with netflix this evening
  • Your issue is: I am having an issue with the C.E.O. of Netflix
  • You are now chatting with: Angel
  • You:
  • hello angel
  • Netflix Angel:
  • Hey there!, My name is Angel, I am glad you're reaching out to me, here at customer service don't answer questions outside of customer care, for any news related or media refer to our social networks twitter and facebook. Here at Netflix we have workers with different opinions and political views, and our visions don't necessarily reflect those of one individual, I do appreciate you chatted with me, I'll make sure your voice is heard
  • You:
  • okay...
  • You:
  • "chatted"? past tense? angel?
  • You:
  • this chat has only just begun angel
  • You:
  • WHY is your IDIOT ceo cancelling every show??
  • Netflix Angel:
  • Sorry, Typo.
  • Netflix Angel:
  • Are you chatting about Sense8?
  • You:
  • Its okay angel i understand youre a reasonable person
  • You:
  • oh god yes
  • Netflix Angel:
  • I am glad you're reaching out about Sense 8, I will forward your feedback and support for the show through the proper channels and make sure your voice is heard.
  • You:
  • do you want my letter
  • You:
  • i wrote a letter
  • Netflix Angel:
  • I don't have a way to receive files, but if you don't mind copying it on chat I'll make sure to forward it.
  • You:
  • I absolutely cannot believe that you would cancel Sense8, a show that has championed diversity and self confidence for so many, while continuing to make new seasons of Thirteen Reasons Why despite the fact that the show has clearly ended; not to mention, your specific adaptation has caused numerous worries for people with at-risk teenagers throughout the country. To leave a show on a cliffhanger is irresponsible at the very least, and to do so to one that was so masterfully handled and so well-reviewed is beyond foolish. Cancelling your own original TV shows is a horrible marketing strategy considering that Hulu is taking on a great deal of your streaming market by buying up and sharing licenses to shows that were previously only available on your site--and they are beginning to produce fantastic original series as well. As you continue to cancel and abandon licenses to fan-favorites, it is becoming more and more clear where the more financial decision lies between the two choices--do I pay my money to the site that has all the shows Netflix has, great original content, and new episodes of shows on TV currently rather than waiting a year, or do I continue to pay my money to a dying, overbloated, cocky, and foolhardy streaming service that is planning on axing my favorite shows simply because the C.E.O. feels that, "We should have a higher cancel rate over all." Since when is a high hit ratio a problem, IDIOT!? Where is your logic!? If you continue at this pace, you will find yourself at the bottom of a market completely ruled by Hulu and Amazon, and these kinds of decisions will guarantee it. You cannot run a teenaged corporation simply by coasting on namebrand alone--you have to make more coherent decisions. Thirteen Reasons Why will fade, quickly, after its initial message has already resolved, and so, it seems, will you. You're lucky House of Cards had a good fifth season--are you planning on cancelling that, too? Goodnight.
Part 3

“Y/N just hold my hand, okay? You can’t walk up that stairs alone.” Michael said. After three steps, Mikey gave up and said, “Fuck, we’re not going anywhere with this.” Before carrying me up. “Mikey!” I semi-yelled after he swooped me up in the air. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “I could take care of myself Mikey.” “Says the one who cried after getting a splinter.” Mikey snorted. “That was one time! But anyways, I should’ve just called in sick today.” “Nu-uh bitch. You got to show that little CEO that you could handle yourself.” He said before being interrupted by Mr. Hemmings coughing. “Mikey?” Mr. Hemmings asked. “Lukey?” Mikey asked before enveloping Mr. Hemmings in a bone crushing hug. “What are you doing here? I though Jack owned this place or something.” “Idiot. I’m the CEO here.” “Oh. Wait hold the fuck up! You’re the one who did some damage to Y/N?” He asked, getting more mad every second. “U-uhm..” “If only Y/N wasn’t here, me and Ashton would’ve beaten your ass. But even Y/N wasn’t here, only Ashton would because you’re far too precious!” Michael whispered the last sentence. “I’ll treat you some pizza tomorrow. And what did Ashton do to get dragged into this?” “Idiot. Ashton is Y/N’s brother. Y/N? Y/N Irwin? Ring a bell?” “O-oh.” Mr. Hemmings turned pale when the realization hit him whil Michael tried his best to hold in his laughter but failed miserably. “Yeah, oh. Just call me when you’re done with work Y/N. Bye guys!” He said before kissing my cheek. I could feel the tension rising between the two of us since I could feel the gaze of Mr. Hemmings on me. “Meet me at my office. Now.” I obliged and started walking, limping slighly while I prepare myself for the hell that I’m gonna go through. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “So about yesterday.” Mr. Hemming started. “What about it sir?” I asked dumbfoundedly. “I’m really sorry okay? I didn’t mean the words I said. I also didn’t mean to push you. Oh and uhm, I’m sorry for bringing up, uhm you know-…” “Why say words that you don’t mean?” I whispered, not really expecting that he would hear it. “I’m really really sorry.” “Oh okay.” “Are you sure you forgave me? Cause it doesn’t really look like it.” He tried his best not to let her hear his voice filled with hurt. “I didn’t yet.” “If only you knew that I liked you too.” He whispered and you were surprised that it made you stop walking out the door. “What did you say?” Not believing your ears. “I like you okay? And I’m really sorry.” “Then prove it.” You said before walking out the door, giving him a little smile. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “Y/N.” “Mr. Hemmings?” “Come on. It’s break time. I’m gonna take you out for lunch.” “No, really, it’s okay.” I said but deep inside I really wanted to go to lunch with him. “I insist. Now come on!” He said before dragging me. But then I saw the face of Calum with a ‘bitch i told you’ face. And I quickly mouthed, “Details later!” ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ Mr. Hemmings parked his car in front of McDonald’s, the happiest place on Earth. “H-how did you know?” “Michael. Now let’s eat!” ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ We were almost done eating. Mr. Hemmings was just wiating for me to finish my fries and sundae. “Ew. Why do you dip your french fries in your ice cream? That’s gross.” “No it’s not.” “Yes it i-…” You cut him off by shoving a fry dipped in ice cream to his mouth. He moaned and said, “This is the best!” He squealed like a school girl. “Told you sir!” “It’s Luke outside the office.” He finished off with a wink. “Oh and by the way, I have something to tell you.” “What is it Luke?” “I don’t like you.” “Oh.” Nice going, me. I thought to myself. “I love you.” He said before smashing his lips into mine.

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Exo reaction to their gf buying SM entertaiment

I have no idea  what I did so yeah!Sorry!

Sehun:*pround and cocky boyfriend*

Kai:*wasn’t enough that she keeps me on tight leash at home but now she can do it at work also*

Tao:*when one of the other members mock him* Just remember who the CEO is idiots before  you open your mouth!


Chanyeol: Does that means we can have sexy meeting in your office without anyone complaining about?

Chen: Did you really had to put your pics all over the hallway walls? We’re the artists not you!

Baekhyun: *speechless*O-M-G!

Lay: *still trying to proces the new information*

Suho: *ends up with half of the company cause he has  the money and he trained for 7 years*

Kris: That’s right bitches! Revenge is sweet.

Luhan: I won’t get special treatment jut cause you’re the new CEO won’t I? so I still have wake up really early then?

Xiumin: From all the things in Korea why would you buy the SM company?

I need more modern Au SebaCiel


Never using master unless it’s sarcastic or in bed

Going from “omfg why do I have to be stuck with you for eternity?!” to “I love you so much I’m so glad we can spend forever together.”

Ciel wanting to cuddle but cat idiot wont get off his phone so he has to hear the Neko Atsume song for the bajillionith time

Trying to keep up with technology and pop culture

Sebastian being really bored because cleaning takes a fraction of the time it used to

Starting a “When is this queen gonna die” betting pool

Having to move all the fucking time so no one will notice that they don’t age

Blogging random shit after midnight because what the fuck else are they going to do?

Ciel complaining about the somehow still existing Funtom Corp being run by a new idiot CEO and criticizing everything he does

Only making friends with other demons via the internet and playing CAH

Resisting the urge to tell people “We saw The Beatles before they were cool.”