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Um, no. If you commit a crime, you should not be treated differently or more “fairly” than a man who commits the same crime. You know, equality of consequences or something?

I thought feminism was about equality. Oh, or would that be the bad kind of equality the feminists talk about?

We had a wood shop class, which was fun but often we used slightly dangerous equipment. So, one day we were cutting like wood planks and stuff, but there was this one idiot who kept waving his arms around in stuff and talking, overall just not paying attention. This guy, sliced through half of his finger and it was legitimately the scariest thing ever. He was rushed off to the hospital and somehow they managed to heal the thing??? He came back and was just as distracted as ever, and the school wasn’t sued. Surprisingly.

Advantages Women Have That Men Don’t


  1. When women are aroused, nothing large and hard pokes out. 
  2. Women are widely considered “the fairer sex”, which means if you face-swapped an attractive woman and an attractive man, the woman’s face on the man will almost always look less hideous than the man’s face on the woman. 
  3. They have superior flexibility.
  4. On average, they have longer life spans than men.
  5. Women are less likely to suffer from hemophilia, color blindness, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
  6. Women don’t get testicular cancer.
  7. No one has to ask, “who’s the mother?”


  1. An attractive young woman always has the fallback option of becoming a “trophy wife”, and can do this without being nearly as ostracized as a man would be. 
  2. In most countries, women don’t have to worry about signing up for the draft.
  3. A woman is far less likely to work a dangerous job.
  4. A woman can beat and/or rape a man and still have a good chance of escaping without consequences.
  5. A woman can act “like a man” without the social repercussions a man has of acting “like a girl.”
  6. In most countries, a woman has more freedom to experiment sexually with other women.
  7. A woman has more freedom to cry and express emotions than a man.
  8. A woman has more freedom to dress and accessorize expressively (e.g. dye their hair, wear jewelry, etc.) than a man.
  9. If a woman applies for a position in the STEM fields, she is more likely to get the job than a man applying for the same position. 
  10. Society sees mothers as more valuable to their children than fathers.
  11. A woman can get into clubs for free, and can get free drinks (”Ladies Night”)
  12. A woman traditionally does not have to pay the bill on dates.
  13. A woman can more easily get out of being ticketed by police officers than men.
  14. Women and children get to leave sinking ships first.
  15. Women get to choose whether or not they have children, no matter what the father wants.
  16. Women have more shelters for abuse/domestic violence than men. Also, women are almost automatically assumed to be the victims of domestic violence, whilst men are assumed to be the abusers.

Today in Shit That Didn’t Happen

Why do feminists have to lie about the stuff they go through? If the patriarchy really did exist then there really wouldn’t be a need to lie or blatantly make up stuff or rape cases and hate crimes just to further a cause. The truth would be obvious, everywhere. If an oppressive state exists then it wouldn’t be something one would have to be convinced exists. It would be like a black guy during the height of slavery only realising he’s oppressed when he’s auctioned off. It would be like a Jew only realising he’s oppressed when he’s about to be shoved into an oven in Nazi Germany at its height. The oppression would be apparent. No one would need convincing.

If there was a patriarchy in the west (a system where women are at a constant disadvantage), we women wouldn’t be like “oh yeah, I didn’t realise”. It would be like women in largely Muslim countries only just realising they’re oppressed when they’re stoned for adultery and forced to say at home unless accompanied by a man. The fact that women can thrive in our society proves that we do not live in a society where men are put above all else. In fact, it’s more obvious that we live in a gynocracy since society is catered for the benefit of women: education system from childhood to university, work quotas, television shows (women hosts would never be kicked off if they were talking sexist shit about men), courts especially when it comes to rape charges and child custody hearings, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, the wage gap being blindly believed, the fact that male rape is not officially considered a thing by my own government (for more on that, there is a post on the blog going into more detail).

There is no patriarchy. Only gynocracy.

This post above is also quite insulting to women - are you really this stupid to believe that she left the dorm to get dinner in under 10 minutes? Bullshit.

Helpful Advice

If gender is a social construct…

And women are oppressed and discriminated against because of their gender…

Be a man.

Problem solved.

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❝ ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞

Mmm… Roman chuckles as he takes a slow drag from the cigarette placed between his index and middle fingers. The smoke was held in his throat shorter than his liking as to not hold up the conversation. Politely it was blown up and away from their faces. My dear boy, in my line of work, it would be utterly surprising if I went a day without such a feeling. Though there are far too many idiot in the world for that to be possible. But, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Idiots are good for business.  ❜

overwatch starters // selectively accepting.

“You’d think after having my son I wouldn’t be a total mess of hormones after a doctor’s appointment, but yet here I am crying like an idiot.” She waved her hands at the passerby, who would probably rather not be talking to her. “They’re happy tears, I swear. We finally found out the genders and as soon as we heard girl we both lost it. I guess you don’t really realize how much you want something until you hear it.” She paused, before adding, “Now Jordan will have a little sister and a little brother to grow up with.”