idiot broad


A gem abroad.

Watched an idiot abroad and did some messy Garnet doodles with my sketchbook in my lap tonight. Sometimes it’s relaxing to draw with little effort. Draw a little shitty…Have a little fun.

I dont get why i keep seeing people saying “ILANA IS GAY, ITS VERIFIED!!”

She has been queer from episode one. Shes been very clear about her sexual openness and the fact that she isnt straight. I mean guys, she spends like half of each episode trying to get abbi to do stuff with her or professing her love to her.

just because she fucks a dude on the regular doesnt mean shes straight and she doesnt need to fuck a woman to prove shes gay.

As a pan girl married to a cis dude I find this sort of shit so fucking annoying. What on earth made you guys think shes no gay??


Since I can’t smile in pictures in Eastern Europe, I guess I will need to perfect the art of the smize*SIGH*.